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Learn More About the Achievements of Shaygan Kheradpir


Shaygan Kheradpir is a well-known business and technology specialist. In academics, he has worked hard to achieve a doctorate in Engineering from the Cornell University. His bachelor’s and masters degree were all from the same University. Shaygan Kheradpir had begun his career at the GTE Corporation where he was in charge of control, networking, and management. He worked hard to be crowned the chief information officer at the same organization, and he became highly respected for being able to deliver new products. All these achievements happened even before the firm merged with Bell Atlantic to become Verizon.

At Verizon, he significantly contributed to the establishment of FiOS Fiber Optic and DVR. He was also involved in the diversification of the telecommunication services and also the automation of services. He worked as an information officer at the firm for eleven years, where he managed a team of seven thousand, which supported the systems of information technology. One of his great achievement at Verizon is the development of Verizon one, which was a new product that was developed from scratch. Shaygan Kheradpir was also involved in the development of iobi that is efficient in the management of caller ID and address book among other features. Due to his hard work and close supervision, the firm was able to bring down its IT budget, which was initially at six percent to four percent of revenue. He was able to achieve this significant milestone by promoting negotiations with the vendors, while at the same time outsourcing and utilizing company assets in an efficient manner.

Shaygan Kheradpir later joined Barclays as the chief operations and Technology officer. In a short time, he became the chief operations of the bank, but this time round he was to be in charge of the entire bank globally. It was a memorable achievement because it was the first time, in the bank’s rich history, a person from the IT sector was to be in charge of the executive team. At Barclays, he promoted the cultural change that is important for the bank to be able to transform itself along the line of the industrialization achievements being experienced in the 21st century. At the bank, he worked tirelessly for the establishment of products that are customer related like the transform program and Pingit mobile payment.

Shaygan was put to be in charge of Juniper Networking in 2014 as the chief executive officer. Juniper Networking is a company that is located in Silicon Valley that works in the networking industry. At the company, he contributed to the establishment of an integrated operating plan, whose main idea was to buy back stock, reduce spiraling expenses, and increase company dividends. This helped in the attainment of the company’s mission that was to establish products and solutions that were able to meet the demands of the world that are well connected. Shaygan Kheradpir was able to build teams that are missions driven in his long career. The teams helped him to achieve the transformation that is important to employees, customers, investors and the community.

Shaygan Kheradpir: A Talented Engineer And Businessman


Shaygan Kheradpir has a seeming intuitive understanding of technology. Couple that with his knack for problem solving and his unique ability to turn problems into opportunities and you can begin to get an understanding of what makes him so special. The fact that Kheradpir was born in London, spent much of his formative years in Iran, lived in Switzerland while attending high school, and went to college in the United State, hints at his ability to quickly fit in no matter where he finds himself. That has served him well in his career in business. He knows how to find common ground with co-workers fast and turn that into positive results.

An expert in business and technology, according to fancy.com, Shaygan Kheradpir studied electrical engineering at Cornell University. While there he earned a bachelors, masters and a PhD in the field. While Kheradpir is a quick study, he is also a hard worker. His success is no accident. It is a combination of his fierce determination, enthusiasm, and problem solving skills. Those skills served him well when right out of college he took a job at GTE. Shortly after he got there, GTE merged with Bell Atlantic and became Verizon. For 11 years as CIO/CTO, Kheradpir and his team of 7,000 developed new products like Iobi and Verizon One, supported the company’s IT systems, helped reduce operating cost by 30%, and improved the way IT assets were utilized.

In 2011, Kheradpir decided to take his talents to Barclays and had immediate impact. He was hired as COO of Barclays Global Retail & Business Bank. In short order he helped to create a wide range of new products. The Transform program was among them. One of the most impactful was the mobile payment software called Pingit. Soon the company promoted him to Chief Operations and Technology Officer. He was the first executive that was ever part of Barclays executive committee. That’s how respected and revered Kheradpir was at Barclays in the two years he spent there.

January 2014 saw Kheradpir start a new job as Juniper Networks Chief Executive Officer. As he had done everywhere else, Kheradpir immediately began addressing the company’s biggest problems. Investors were complaining about the small amount of money they were being paid in dividends. Kheradpir designed and implemented an Integrated Operating Plan that enabled the company to reduce expenses and increase the amount of the money investors received as dividends. The IOP also included a stock buy back program that helped to increase the value of Juniper Networks stock. Kheradpir decided to resign from Juniper Networks in November of 2014.

Most people look at all the impressive work Shaygan Kheradpir has done with Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks and think that was enough for two people. Kheradpir has shared his talent and knowledge in other ways. He worked with the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology’s board for 3 years. Kheradpir was also on the YMCA of Greater New York’s advisory board from 2007 until 2010.

Yeonmi Park Portrays A Cruel Life in North Korea


Reactions to the controversial issues of North Korean atrocities are met with compassion, and sometimes apathy, yet human rights activist, Yeonmi Park’s unfaltering advocacy for her native homeland keeps the stories of suffering in the forefront.

No matter how many UN reports denounce the human rights violations in North Korea, or recognized refugees tell their stories, it doesn’t quite hit home until you hear 22-year old Yeonmi Park of youngvoicesadvocates recount her life in North Korea and her daring escape. The first time she seen a man die, she was nine years old, and her friend’s mother was publicly executed, accused of having seen and circulated foreign films. As Yeonmi tells it, in North Korea, there are no prince and princesses, or a Romeo and Juliet, and North Koreans have no love stories. Yeonmi says television stations report the everyday exploits of their leader and his family, and display beauty in North Korea that the majority of the population never get to see.

Once a part of the middle class, Yeonmi’s family became ostracized after her father was sentenced to 17 years in prison for illegal bartering. Three years later, after escaping a labor camp, the family fled through the Gobi desert, and across the Chinese border, with the help of smugglers. Upon arriving safely in China, 13-year old Yeonmi was forced to watch as Chinese traders raped her mother. Soon after, her father died from cancer.

Few North Korean defectors publicly denounce the atrocities of their former homeland, for fear of washing up on a riverbed. Yet, Yeonmi is confidently defiant to make the world take notice.

Life in North Korea

The dictatorship is known as one of the cruelest in the world, and North Koreans can’t imagine life without repression and hunger. Officially, the government claims that there are scheduled food distributions, but refugees say they hardly ever received anything. Opponents of the regime are tortured, thrown in prison, or executed. Given the disastrous living conditions, it’s astonishing that civil disobedience is stifled. There’s a culture of continuous fear and mistrust, and very few speak openly.

Escaping to China

Statistics reveal there are approximately three hundred thousand vulnerable North Korean refugees currently in China. If caught, China cooperates and returns the refugee back to the North Korean regime. This certainly means torture, hard labor, or both, or perhaps a quick death.

Yeonmi Park remains confident in her conviction to help North Koreans, and adamant that governments around the world must do more to help North Korean refugees, including stopping the repatriation of refugees back to a cruel homeland.

Women in Business – Doe Deere of Lime Crime


Women breaking into business can be tough as it is, but breaking into the makeup industry and ensuring the product is a certified all natural, vegan product is another task in itself.

That’s exactly what Doe Deere did with her cosmetics line, Lime Crime. Having started out with a DIY fashion line in 2004, appropriately registered on EBay as “limecrime”, she found bright and exotic colors were hard to come by. Since she modeled her clothing line herself, creating a makeup line to coordinate with the clothes she created became not only something she did for fun, but a necessity. In the fashion world, branding is everything, and she needed her entire look to be “on brand”, so in 2008 Doe launched the makeup collection, Lime Crime.

She credits her success to constantly reinventing herself, and evolving her brand over and over, while still maintaining her core values. The main focus: keeping her customers happy. To date she feels her biggest success was creating the liquid to matte lipstick, “The Velvetines”, which stays on, doesn’t crumble, and is transfer-proof. The Velvetines, like the rest of her collection, contain no animal-derived ingredients, meaning it is all vegan. Another major accomplishment, Doe says, is getting the entire makeup collection certified by Leaping Bunny, the most stringent, cruelty-free certifier in the industry.

When you’re in business for yourself, challenges are not a new concept. You face challenges daily as a woman in business. One of Doe’s biggest challenges so far was a security breach to their website in 2014. Cyber thieves hacked into the Lime Crime website and stole customer information, and though Doe was not at fault, she takes personal responsibility for what happened. Gaining her customers trust back was something of a challenge in itself, and she and her team have worked tirelessly to get that trust back. She says that restoring that faith her customers had in her and the company was the hardest thing she’s ever done. They took extra steps to care for their customers and get back up and running, including setting up a FAQ, a call center, an email account for handling inquiries, and hired extra customer care representatives to respond to customers rapidly on social media. They also brought in a team of security experts to ensure their website was extremely secure for their customers use.

She calls her mentor and friend, Kimberley Gordon of Wildfox, another creative clothing company, her role model. Both companies launched at a similar time, and both have similar styles. Doe and Kimberley love all things whimsical, so being there for each other is important as women in business.


The Rise and Stay of Susan McGalla


The world of business has gone through a major paradigm shift. There are businesswomen with major credentials that have broken barriers in several industries. It is important to open one’s eyes to the bigger picture and acknowledge how things have changed over the years. There was once a time where women had no choice but to operate under men in the workplace, and accept that it’s, “A man’s world”. Oftentimes, behind those men, were the brainpower of an exceptional businesswoman. However, today is a new day and we have women breaking many existing barriers. It may be hard, but it can be done. However, that alone should not be a driving force. Women have to be focused on the main goal of success for self, and not zone in on the gender of the next. We have women as business owners, executives, board members, chief operating officers, and so on. To see a businesswoman in a position of power is no longer strange, but it is now a common reality.

In a case of standing out for your intellect and not gender is what every businesswoman should strive for. Surrounded by men in the business world can either overtake you or be a motivation. Never wanting a handout nor special treatment, only to be recognized as a professional, Susan McGalla is the perfect example of a woman on wikinvest on a mission. Susan was raised in a household with brothers and parents that instilled in her a driven work ethic, regardless of her surroundings. Her competitive drive and ambition just made her focus on the goal to be one of the best, and not worry about the gender of her own, nor others. Susan McGalla has earned her BA in business and marketing from Mount Union College, where she also serves on the Board of Advisors. Afterwards, she started her career at the Joseph Horne Company. Throughout climbing the ladder of success in her career, Susan has been American Eagle’s division merchandise buyer. She has worked in several managerial positions within the company before becoming the president and chief merchandising officer (CMO) of the flagship company, and later the entire company. After parting ways in 2009, Susan was appointed to the Board of Directors of HFF Inc., and later founded P3 Executive Consulting. Susan is now the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan is definitely of woman of tenacity and perseverance.

All-in-all, the movement of women being recognized and elevated in the workplace, is a substantial growth. Not only being sheltered within the workplace, but the business world as a whole is benefiting greatly from the bold and new approach of remarkable women. Now, realizing that gender doesn’t matter when it comes to great business and brilliant minds, yet remembering that women have come a long way.

We Are Our Own Enemies


We have those people around us who believe so much in their capabilities they forget that the world is rational and does not lie in predictions. Women are known to have the sixth sense and for some time Kyle Bass; the founder of Hayman Capital Management thought he had the gift that alluded most men; intuition. So he chanced to predict the subprime mortgage crisis that catapult him to the light and the star struck fellow forgot that lightning never hit the same place twice.

At 46 years of age, he is infamous because of the choices he makes. Take into account the case of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner; a woman whose policies are seen as being preposterous and far flung. Despite the fact that she has been criticized Bass has put upon himself to support her views.

UsefulStooges shows that Kyle Bass’ lack of compassion is appalling. One wonders at his judgment. He is a man who forgets about what lies around him when he knows he is going to lose his precious dime. This is what happened at General Motors; a company he had invested in. it got into an accident where some passengers lost their lives but instead of mourning or finding out the cause of the accident in order to remedy the situation, Bass blurted out that the passengers were at fault for not wearing seatbelts. Yes he was right. It might have reduced the impact but how was that supposed to have prevented the accident?

Kyle doesn’t seem to carry the aura of bad luck alone but it is like he is able to transfer it to his comrades. For starters, Chris Kyle’s widow has filed a lawsuit against Hayman who is Bass’ subordinate.

He has proven to not have any qualms left when it comes to people’s lives. The love for money has not only clouded his judgment, but hardened his heart to the point that he would rather risk people’s lives by stepping up policies that cannot work like lowering the price of medicine. That would sound like good news but when the prices for a product lower what happens? The stocks also fall for that product. So what does Kyle do? He buys them at a lower price and eventually the prices for the medicine will go up and who pockets a couple of millions? You guessed it right.

Due to his consistencies in wrongful judgment, Bass has lost over 30% of his funds and to top it all up when business men are busy running to the hills because of the oil crisis, Bass is still hopeful. Well, there goes our man. Will his intuition work this time or will he plunge into self-destruction?

Turkey Welcomes Organo Gold


Facebook told that a lover of fine hot beverages is sure to have heard the name Organo Gold. There are a lot of brands of gourmet coffee out there. Some of those brands are really exquisite and then there are brands that fail to deliver. Organo Gold most assuredly is a brand known to leave coffee lovers really happy. Not all that happy were people in the great country of Turkey. Although they wanted to make buying Organo Gold a priority, the product was not for sale in their territory. All that has changed now. Organo Gold is available in Turkey as that country has become the 39th territory to open its doors to the great brands.

That means a lot more people are going to have the option of enjoying some really classic gourmet coffee. Actually, they have the ability now to enjoy more than that. With Organo Gold, a host of other beverages are available. A nice selection of tea can be chosen from along with really superb hot chocolate and even lattes. Enjoy the beverages when they are either hot or cold. The grand choice selection definitely creates a lot of ways to enjoy what the brand presents.

Bernardo Chua really does deserve a lot of praise for the success Organo Gold has achieved. It was his vision as CEO of the company that allowed the brand to grow to the heights recently achieved. Chua was a driving force behind opening up the Turkish market for the popular brand. Turkey is the 39th land that Organo Gold is available in. Look for that number to continue to grow as Chua works hard at further expansions.

The expansion is part of the company’s Global Footprint Initiative, a strategy intended to connect Europe, China, and Africa into a cohesive unit to help distributors and customers. By crafting a cohesive strategy of this nature, no one involved with the company – be it a distributor or a consumer – has to feel left out of the loop in any way. Distributors are better able to acquire product and this means customers end up being able to easily buy it.

The health benefits of Organo Gold have also helped boost the popularity of the coffee and other beverages. Customers are not just getting a gourmet brand, they are getting one with health supplement ingredients. That is another plus Bernardo Chua should be proud of.

Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf Help Guide Company Into 21st Century


Brazilian-based manufacturing company, Eucatex, is still thriving after nearly 65 years in the business. It is a global leader that is at the top of the field in manufacturing wood panels, ceiling and floor tiles, as well as paints and varnishes. Eucatex has seen tremendous success over the years. In the last 20, most of the successes can be attributed to CEO Flavio Maluf. He was installed as CEO in 1997. He has made a variety of changes, which have in turn elevated Eucatex to its global power status.

Maluf isn’t only interested in the quality of product his company turns out, he is equally concerned about Eucatex’s carbon footprint. The company has take on several initiatives in the last few years to call attention to recycling and the importance of forest conservation. Eucatex reuses wood pulp and biomass to lessen the environmental impact and reduce pollution. Maluf is pleased at the position the company is now in.

Facebook shows that under Maluf’s leadership, Eucatex continued to grow over the years and the company now exports to 80 countries. The two main manufacturing plants in Salto an Bocateca were completely revamped and outfitted with new machinery. The company built its own laboratory to manufacturer paints and varnish.

Flavio Maluf was born and raised in Brazil. After graduating from high school and spending some time abroad, he returned to his homeland and began working for Eucatex in 1986. The engineering degree he received from FAAP came very much in handy. Maluf is married with three children. Two of his children hold engineering degrees.

Eucatex has deep roots in the community and give back generously. They have enacted many socioeconomic initiatives to give children to opportunity to play a role. They have a number of evironmental education programs that include donations, food collections, Christmas sponsorships and relationships in the community.

Plymouth Rock Assurance Introduces A New Online Tool: Prime



Prime is a new online tool that Plymouth Rock Assurance has put in place for the ease of consumers and shows their intention of working hard and keeping up their standard of excellence and reputation in consumer service.

In fact, Prime has gotten a lot of attention and positive reviews. The Insurance Journal covered Prime. You can enjoy the article here. If you have questions or are just interested in Prime and Plymouth Rock Assurance, you can reach them here. Also, here is their offline contact information: 95 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02111 Phone: (617) 720-1620.

A brief description of what Prime does for the consumer: The new tool gives consumers the ability to purchase and manage auto insurance policies online. It also allows them to stay in touch with local independent agents. The versatility doesn’t stop here. I urge you to read the article for complete details.

James M. Stone was born 12 November 1947, in New York City. He is an American business executive. Stone is the founder and CEO of Boston-based Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation and chief executive of its holding company, The Plymouth Rock Company. Stone has lectured in Economics at Harvard University in the early 1970s. He was the Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance from 1975 to 1979. President Jimmy Carter appointed Stone as chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Stone was on the Commission until 1983. He is also a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Stone’s drive and personal ethics have stood him well. For instance: Even while teaching at Harvard, Stone consulted in the insurance industry on a part-time basis as much as he could. During this period, he completed in total six examinations for admission to the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS), and his 1973 paper on the insurance of catastrophic risk became a standard requirement of the CAS syllabus.

Stone married the lovely Cathleen Douglas Stone, a lawyer and environmentalist and the widow of Supreme Court Justice, the Honorable William O. Douglas. They have two children. They currently live in Boston.

Developer’s High Aspirations Are Inspiring To New Brunswick



The most recent urban redevelopment project by the Boraie Development Company, the Aspire Luxury High Rise Apartments in New Brunswick, NJ, were designed to fill the needs of a growing segment of New Brunswick’s population. The 238 unit high rise will meet the requirements of those individuals who are interested in more than an ordinary place to live. The intent of this ambitious development is to provide the finest upscale living accommodations along with the finest amenities residents might hope for in New Brunswick..

The location of this premium high rise is one of its best attractions. The new Aspire project will offer residents convenient access to the New Brunswick Railway System and a direct link to NYC, Philadelphia and the entire east coast.

The apartments themselves are an inspired blend mix of aesthetically pleasing studio, one and two bedroom apartments with a variety of floor plans featuring visually pleasing high ceilings and outdoor terraces which add even more to the to the desirability of the Aspire. The building will also feature an exciting new restaurant and a number of upscale shops to go along with its 24 hour doorman and on- site parking privileges. The level of service will remain at a high level according to vice president of operations, Hiam Boraie.

The Aspire is one more jewel in the crown of top rated projects instituted by New Jersey’s Boraie Development. The company has taken on a number of significant redevelopment projects in New Jersey. The firm has been recognized for its role in promoting interest in the construction and redevelopment of other neglected NJ inner city properties by encouraging more developers to do the same with the many other downtrodden properties in urban pockets of New Jersey.

The Aspire promises to be one of the company’s highlight achievements.

Interest is also coming from areas outside of New Brunswick, as the word has spread to residents from neighboring states and communities where people recognize the advantage of living away from the busy big city metropolises of Manhattan and Philadelphia and beyond.