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Ross Abelow Sets Himself Apart As A New York Lawyer


Ross Abelow is a New York lawyer who has been in practice since the early 90s, and he has worked in matrimonial law, entertainment law and commercial law. His resume reads like a fairy tale for some lawyers, and he has served clients across the city who are in need of professional assistance. Ross is one of the best lawyers in the city, and he is available to help people who have a variety of different problems. This article explores the three main areas where Ross is a specialist.

#1: Matrimonial And Divorce Law

Ross gives special attention to his divorce clients who are going through one of the toughest times in their lives. He believes that every client deserves an advocate who will help during the divorce process, and Ross works diligently to prevent clients from becoming embroiled in a legal case that makes headlines. Ross returns calls quickly, and he helps people who are struggling to understand what their next step must be.

#2: Commercial Law

Ross has served many companies as a general counsel, and he helps clients who are in litigation with a large corporation. Ross understands the finer points of working in New York City, and he has helped people successfully win cases for and against large companies. Ross is not afraid of a massive corporation, and he helps companies when they are in need of help.

#3: Entertainment Law

Entertainment law can be complex due to the complexities involved in producing everything from music to movies. Ross is available to read over contracts with his clients, and he will attend contract signings of clients who are concerned about the proceedings they will attend. Ross has quite a bit of courtroom experience, and he is capable of keeping a case out of court. Settlements are preferable to court battles, and Ross will help point his clients in the right direction.

Ross Abelow is a big fish in one of the largest ponds of law practice in the world. Ross has represented some very famous clients, and he has stood up for little people who are in desperate need of help. Ross works with divorcees who are in need of an advocate, and he helps people who have troubles with large corporations of the entertainment world. Every client who comes to Ross for help will instantly see the light at the end of the tunnel for their case.

Here are his Twitter and Tumblr pages. Check them out!

Shaygan Kheradpir Success in Provision of Quality Network Solutions

  1. Shaygan Kheradpir is a visionary entrepreneur who has been in the business market for more than ten years. Kheradpir has encountered many achievements in his lifetime. He has been serving as a senior executive in successful business ventures. Kheradpir is an educated man who holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

The University board of members was impressed due to his discipline and commitments towards his education.

Kheradpir applied his skills in 1987 when he got his first job as a network manager in the GTE group Laboratories. He worked for several years in this Company. Chief Executive Officer of GTE Labs was impressed by his professionalism and expertise in his first job. The scenario earned him a position as the Chief Information Officer in the Labs.

Sir Shaygan conducted all special operations of this Company. He made new derivatives and products to boost the Company performance in the competitive world. Kheradpir has encountered many accomplishments in his career.

Sir Kheradpir has also worked with the Verizon Company where he served as the president. He led all technical operations in this Company. In his era at Verizon Company, he advanced the offering of telecommunications services across the entire world.

Kheradpir was recently appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant Solutions Limited. This appointment was disclosed by Mr. DiPietro, who was serving as the president of this institution before Kheradpir was appointed.

According to Mr. DiPietro, Kheradpir was closely working with Coriant Solutions as the Senior Executive of Marlin Partners. The appointment of Shaygan as the President of Coriant replaced the former CEO DiPietro. DiPietro will now be reporting the Company’s operations to Kheradpir.

  1. DiPietro explained that Shaygan, who possesses excellent skills in the business, will raise the Company’s rankings in the Information business operations rankings. Coriant Solutions offer networking solutions to more than one hundred countries at international level.

For more information regarding the successful tenure of Kheradpir in the Coriant Solutions, visit http://www.fiercetelecom.com/press-releases/veteran-executive-shaygan-kheradpir-brings-deep-industry-experience-and-exp

Finally, efforts imposed by Kheradpir in Coriant Solutions will promote a long time development of the Company.

Managing Your Digital Footprint with Darius Fisher


When it comes to living in the age of the internet you have to take certain precautions that would have been unheard of even ten or fifteen years ago. Now, more than ever, we are living in the unbridled era of information. Every click you take on the internet can be tracked and every bit of information you upload can be stored indefinitely. As a result you’ll often see people create reputations on the internet whether they realize it or not and this can have massive effects on potential employment in the future. Darius Fisher, the CEO of the online reputation management company Status Labs, dropped some helpful tips for people looking to manage their digital footprint.

Google Yourself
Darius Fisher’s top suggestion is to take a moment to find out what the internet is saying about you or your business. Log out of your Google account if you have one and then search your name or business name on the popular search engine. You will see page after page of results that are associated with your search terms. Do you like what is showing up here? Knowing what is out there will help you identify what you need to remove or update.

Maintain Social Media
Almost by default you will see social media accounts climb to the top of the Google search rankings. So if you want to really maintain your identity then you need to create business accounts on all of these platforms. Control the message you want to send out into the world and you will reap the benefits as a result. Make sure to keep them updated often and to always be on the look out for accounts that could be copying your name as an attempt to play off your own popularity.

Create New Content
The final suggestion that Darius Fisher had was for people to be proactive in regards to creating their own digital content. When you create content that is associated with your brand, you further develop your digital footprint in a direction that only you can control. This is a great way to get your message out and cultivate a strong digital presence.

Choosing A Proficient Lawyer


Are you going through a tough legal situation in Brazil? Trying to find a competent lawyer to handle your case or provide valuable advice? Dealing with legal problems can be very stressful and frustrating. Whether it’s a personal legal matter or a business related legal situation, it’s always advisable to enlist the services of a qualified lawyer.

Choose a lawyer who can certainly work as hard as possible to provide you with the best possible representation in your case. Your lawyer is going to be your champion, so it is important to choose someone you can work well with. Trust is essential for you and your lawyer to communicate and work well together.

Choosing a lawyer may take time, but you need to do your research and ensure that you find the right one for your situation. A quality lawyer will be worth the time and effort, even if it means interviewing and comparing several before you make a decision.

Most importantly, you need to find a lawyer that has great experience in your type of case and is affordable for your. Hiring a competent lawyer is going to give you confidence and peace of mind because you’ll know and trust that they are working hard for your best interests. When it comes to hiring a competent lawyer in Brazil, consider Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a highly proficient lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto is a reputable lawyer in Brazil, with many years experience in business and corporate Law. As a highly reliable and compassionate lawyer, Ricardo Tosto has provided litigation and negotiation services for numerous clients. He is well known for his great litigation skills and he fights fearlessly to get the best results for his clients.

Ricardo Tosto takes the time to review and evaluate his clients’ situation and circumstances and then develops a powerful strategy to litigate and achieve excellent outcomes. Ricardo Tosto understands the difficulties and challenges that come along with business matters and business litigation cases. Ricardo Tosto assures his clients that he will do his best to resolve the situation. Check out Tosto’s Facebook page for more information.

Improving Real Estate Market Deal Sealer For Town Residential


The real estate market in New York City has made vast improvements in the past 5 years. Over the last quarter, it has become even further improved than it previously was. This is a direct result of a rising economy and an influx of new residents within the city. It has been a major driving factor for real estate agencies and has given many the opportunity to flourish where they had never flourished before. It has been a great opportunity for them to cash in on the market and truly improve the business that they had been doing in the past.

Town Residential is one of the real estate agencies that has benefitted from the improving market. This is luxury real estate company that has focused its attention in the neighborhoods of Manhattan. These neighborhoods have been greatly affected by the improvement on the market and have been able to improve with both residential and commercial property. Town Residential focuses its divisions on the residential side of real estate and has worked to help many of its clients get exactly what they want. The ones that it has not been able to get what they want, it has built up in the form of new developments.

As a real estate company, Town Residential has some of the most professionals and best trained leaders in the industry within the New York City area. The people who make up the various teams at Town Residential are both professional and extremely experienced. They have had the best training which has allowed them to provide the best service for the clients they serve in the New York City area. The clients that they work with are a part of the luxury development industry and have proven to be among the best clients in New York City.

Along with the increase in the residential market of New York City, there have been major increases in the commercial market of the area. This real estate increase has been able to not only provide the residents and hopeful residents of the city with something more, but has also given them the chance to improve their business skills. The five boroughs have seen such a large improvement in the city and the way that businesses are able to come about due to the real estate market. This has not only helped the economy, but has helped the residents.

Getting Out Alive: Yeonmi Park’s New Book is Motivating Change


Yeonmi Park is the North Korean defector that was born on 4 October in 1993. Her heroic escape from China in 2007 gave her the voice she needed to be one of the world’s biggest human right’s activist. When she escaped from China to South Korea, she got her education and now advocates for victims of trafficking. Her goal is not to only expose the illegal dealings that happen in this common form of slavery, but she also wants to expose the North Korean regime and let everyone know what happens to innocent women and children. Parks new book is touching the masses with her heroic tale on The Guardian of how one child with a strong will to live fought against the bravest elements to find peace and happiness. No one had even heard of her until the 2014 Summit that occurred in Dublin, Ireland. This summit gathers many people from around the world and they use this time to talk about world issues that need to be solved. She gave a speech her that gave her global prominence. People stood with tears in their eyes and their mouths hanging wide open hearing what this child had been through. When she posted her speech on YouTube for the world to see, it had more than 2 million views in no time. Her book was released in September of 2015 and it already has seen record sales. Kim Jong-un is the leader of North Korea and Park want’s to expose his wicked ways to the world. When her father was in prison, her entire family was starved at the hands of this man. She was treated like a criminal, even though she didn’t commit any crimes. She wants people to know that Kim Jong-un is the type of man that would kill people for reading the bible or for watching a movie they weren’t allowed to. It’s nothing for this monster to kill 80 people in a single day. Reading the tale of Park and her families journey will awaken many to the real danger that lurks in every corner of every town.

What Everyone Should Learn About Visual Search Technology


The digital world has availed many benefits that have allowed people to interact ore easily. The internet has been a great breakthrough for many individuals, both in the social world as well as economic fields. How one uses the internet is what matters and this has been made better by the fact that there are many features and applications that have been engineered to help make life better. All this is part of innovations that are geared towards making life better and enhancing the access of information among many levels. Visual search technology is among the few technologies that have been able to make business better and fun to run. This is a system that allows one to search for items online without having to type anything. All that is needed is a photo similar to what one is searching for.

Searching online using words can prove challenging especially if you do not have the correct description of the item you need. This explains the reason visual search has been brought forward to help bridge the gap. You do not need to even remember the name of the product you are searching for. All that is needed is a photo of what you need and the software will avail results that match exactly with the products. This could include stores that stock the item, something that has been seen as a great addition to business.

Slyce is one of the few companies that have invested in the design and implementation of the visual search technology across the world. They have been in business for more than five years offering software development services. The fact that Slyce has been able to offer a system that can be integrated to work with different websites makes it a breakthrough for many individuals. The company has been able to also offer customization options that allow one to choose what is fit for certain applications.

One of the things that have allowed Slyce to emerge as one of the biggest company for the development of the visual search software is the fact that they have been working with focused individuals who are always concerned about availing efficiency and beauty. Their designs are motivated by the need to have the easiest search experience and this has been possible with their visual search system. Businesses are able to celebrate this new technology by allowing their customers to easily access different products.

Coriant Worldwide Telecom Succeeds With New Leadership


The worldwide telecommunications company Coriant was founded in 2013 in combination from Nokia Siemens Network and other companies. Coriant is an independent company under the Marlin Equity Partners umbrella which offers many products including intelligent network management, integrated optical planning solutions and more. Currently the company operates around the world out of headquarters in Germany and the United States of America. Coriant is actively working under the leadership of CEO Shaygan Kheradpir. Robert Leggett is currently the Coriant Chairman and Pat DiPetro is Vice-Chairman.

Shaygan Kheradpir was announced as Coriant’s new Chief Executive Officer in September 2015 as the company changed up leadership to increase it’s worldwide growth. Kheradpir was chosen for the position because he offered experience and showed measurable skill with years of successful leadership in the telecommunications industry. Kheradpir previously worked with Coriant’s parent company Marlin Equity Partners as an Operating Executive and transitioned smoothly into the CEO position with Coriant.

Kheradpir, a Cornell University Ph.D. graduate, accepted the CEO position at Coriant after reviewing the companies comprehensive portfolio. The CEO believes Coriant will continue to grow and excel in networking solutions with precision automation, service flexibility and programmability. With 28 years of applicable experience working with Verizon and other companies, Kheradpir will guide Coriant with his extensive operations knowledge.

Coriant recently announced the successful demonstration of multi-vendor interoperability in the first Wireless Transport SDN Proof-of-Concept event. The international event was sponsored by the Open Networking Foundation, hosted by Telefónica and IMDEA Networks Institute, and had support from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Coriant participated in the event with it’s Coriant® 8615 as the routing infrastructure in a flow-based case.

With it’s new leadership and product development, Coriant continues to successfully supply networking solutions to more than 100 country’s network operators. Coriant is currently deeply entrenched in the telecom industry, serving 9 of 10 global tier 1 communications service providers. The company has been busy with innovation since its conception, now holding 1,800 patents including a record high transmission of 57.6 Tbps with hollow core fiber. The current customers of Coriant benefit from the combination of Nokia Siemens Networks Optical Networks, Tellabs, and the Sycamore Networks.

Beneful Has Succeeded Because Of The Smart People Behind It


Beneful is the kind of brand that cares about what it is doing. It’s the kind of brand that has been working honestly since it began, and that is determined to keep giving good products to all of those who have come to depend on it. Many people have come to choose this brand over all others when purchasing items for their pets to eat because they know that it is good. They know that the quality of the ingredients that are put into the pet food made by Beneful are unbeatable, and they love the company for that. Beneful had to put in a lot of work to make itself into all that it is today, but all that it has done has been great for the company. It’s been able to take off well and see many people come to trust it. It has done all that it could to be a brand that provides healthy food for pets, and that is something that people love it for. There aren’t a lot of brands out there that operate in the same kind of way that Beneful does. This brand is special in that it cares so much about the things that it is doing and the products that it is making, and many people have come to see that. If there is one brand that they are going to trust to give their dogs healthy food to eat it is this one. So what has Beneful done to become one of the best brands on Youtube? How have they succeeded so greatly? It was all through the smarts of those behind the company. They knew that they would have to work hard in order to make the company into something great, and so they have put their all in each day.

CipherCloud: A Gothic Tale


As a little girl, I did not aspire to be a dainty doll like Shirley Temple. However, I did like some of the cool wardrobe combinations that Punky Brewster had. Much to the chagrin of my parents, I was more like Wednesday Addams. No, I did not guillotine my dolls, have a pet lion, or have a disembodied hand as a servant. However, that would have been awesome! I just thought the spooky family and Gothic setting made me feel at home.

When I became a teenager, I found that there were many other people who shared my passion for all things dark. The punk movement that started on the West coast did a lot to inspire the Gothic culture we have today. I always knew that it was an absolute fallacy that all followers of Goth are mentally unstable and too creepy to trust

Goth style is as different as the folks who adopt it. I like styles of classic movie Goths like Morticia Addams. I also like the creepy edge of characters like Elvira, Lily Munster, and the iconic Bride of Frankenstein. There are Gothic styles to fit any taste and lifestyle that a person wants. It is beautiful to be able to follow my heart and be myself.

After I got my MBA, I decided to go into some business ventures. One of the first jobs I had was managing a prestigious tattoo studio. I loved meeting all of the different clients we had and seeing what made them tick. They inspired me on many levels, especially in some of the Goth jewelry I was creating on the side.

It started as a hobby; however, several people started to ask me to make jewelry for them. The owner of the tattoo studio loved the necklace I made her so much, she asked me to create my own jewelry line for the studio to sell. I got so busy and sales were so good that I had to go part- time in the studio.

Today, I am a partner in the tattoo studio and spend most of my time creating unique jewelry and Gothic art. We even hired three assistants to keep up with our orders. Our local customers have told so many people about us that we decided bring the jewelry business online. True to my formal business training, I wanted a web security system that would keep our customer information and files secure.

We chose Cipher Cloud, because it is a top-rated security company that is trusted by thousands of high-end businesses. Their professional staff helped us with set-up and maintains the security of our cloud-based data. Thanks to Cipher Cloud, our customers continue to haunt our web site securely for new items.