Winter Skin Survival Secrets With Shea Butter


The winter cold can strip our skin of its natural moisture and health. Even indoors, heat from your fire or furnace will suck the moisture from your skin. With winter conditions sapping more than 25% additional moisture than during other seasons, steps must be taken to ensure your skin stays healthy.

Originating from the karite nut trees in West Africa, shea butter is considered to be “Women’s Gold”. Shea nuts are removed from their fruit, grilled, then crushed into a paste. The paste is then boiled and the pure shea butter rises to the surface to be collected. Although the methods seem primitive, they ensure that the resulting product is free of any chemicals, preservatives, or impurities.

Not only does shea butter moisturize, it also has anti-inflammatory, UV protection, and anti-aging properties. As for winter healing, shea butter is 5 to 17 times more effective compared to other seed oils. Shea is full of vitamins A and E which keep skin healthy, clear, and combat against wrinkles. Shea also has vitamin F which protects and rejuvenates dry skin and is known to improve conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Not only does shea moisturize, but when added to soaps it helps to both cleanse and heal at the same time.

Eu’Genia Shea is a family run company. Eu’Genia means the origin of goodness in Greek. The company is dedicated to using all natural products to create the highest quality shea butter moisturizers. They practice fair wages and provide equal opportunities to all of their employees. Eu’Genia donates 15% of their profits back to an education fund for their female workers in Ghana.

Eu’Genia started as a mother-daughter duo in 2014. A sudden cancer diagnosis made the pair realize that life is short and not to be wasted. From that moment on this mother-daughter team found their mission and created Eu’Genia. Their unique shea butter formula was derived from a secret old recipe from a Ghanaian midwife. The team utilizes only sustainable sources from farms in Ghana to bring the best quality products to the US.