Why the Lock and Walk Strategy Is the Best for Choppy Markets and Netpicks the Best Trading Partner

Having a strategy is key in any trading process, particularly during choppy summers. With a proper strategy, a trader can navigate the tricky trading period and at the very least make a significant profit. Changing trading landscape in Wall Street has necessitated a shift in strategy for many, especially in the aftermath of the tech industry sell-off. The optimism and sometimes over-confidence that traders exhibited before the sell-off has since died off, and many are now alive to the fact that any market can indeed be stopped.

The nervousness in a majority of investors on Wall Street was this year escalated to a level higher. The trading situation over the summer had never been witnessed before. Summers are slow in trading and is mostly characterized by low-volume investments. With the recent changes, however, the volume was expected to go even lower. In such a case, it is only a pro-active strategy that can save the situation.   Check this useful link for an important article.

The Lock and Walk Strategy

Pro-active strategies usually have a proven higher success rate during choppy markets than all the other strategies. The Lock and Walk strategy, for example, has passed the test of time for having yielded magnificent results for traders since the year 2000. Even though traders argue that past success does not necessarily represent future success, 17 years of success in choppy markets can be used as a parameter to measure the probability of future success.

The secret behind the Lock and Walk strategy is the fact that it shuts down immediately the gains hit 67 basis points, only to reopen after a new trading session kicks off. It operates more like a short-term strategy, making it possible to maximize the gains from a choppy market.   Watch and learn from tutorial videos on youtube.com.


Netpicks is a trusted trainer on matters of trading strategies. The company has been in business for over two decades now and has utilized the online space as an avenue to reach out to investors who require a hand in planning and strategizing in their trading endeavors.

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Netpicks operates mostly in the forex and stock markets within Texas and America as a whole. With its longtime experience in the trade and the strong leadership of Mr. Mark Soberman, Netpicks stands out as the best trading partner to run to when in need of help.

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