Visitors To The US Money Reserve Website Will Now Have A More Interactive Experience

The US Money Reserve recently redid their website making it compatible for both computer and mobile devices. The company has sought to attract customers from all walks of life and inform them on why they should consider buying gold and diversifying their investor portfolios. The website renovation has included several photo gallery additions and enhanced product displays while also making navigation easy. US Money Reserve has sought to make purchasing their products easier through a guided system that uses Client-Connect Advantage, an offline support system for assisting in purchases, troubleshooting system difficulties and even helping customers receive refunds for products they’re dissatisfied with.


The man who helped found US Money Reserve was the 35th US Mint Director, Philip Diehl. He is an accomplished economist and investment expert who helped turn the US Mint into a $2.6 billion profit association. Diehl had several programs started during his time with the US Mint including the Sacagewea gold dollar and the 50 States quarters. More recently he was part of a committee that saw the minting of the US’s first platinum coin. Diehl has also been featured on networks such as CNBC and Bloomberg to discuss the direction of US currency, including his statement that the penny should be done away with due to becoming obsolete.


He helped found US Money Reserve in 2001 because he felt the time was right to invest in precious metals and liked the values that this company held. US Money Reserve has all kinds of information available on the value of gold and silver bullion and the risks and rewards associated with investing. They also have prices listed on all their coins and bricks and have advisors standing by ready to address any customer questions.


One of the main reasons US Money Reserve tells customers to consider investing in gold or silver is those metals are not subject to domestic or foreign market stagnations and are not regulated by central banks. In fact, the US Money Reserve even predicts that as currencies lose value that banks will start buying gold and silver for their reserves and doing so will cause the metals’ value to rise dramatically. Investors are also able to transfer current investments they have into gold and silver assets including IRAs and other major savings accounts. Information on how to do this along with all the other risks and guidelines on investing can be found at the US Money Reserve’s website.


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