The Work And Ways Of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions. This practice was put into place to help those who are faced with depression and in need of a new kind of solution. He is a board member and partner for that practice. He is deeply involved in the work of TMS Health Solutions and he cares about the way that the practice is impacting individuals. He works hard to make sure that everyone is educated as to how that practice works.

When Ara Chackerian was asked about advice that he would be happy to give to his younger self if he could, he had something that he wanted to share. He shared that he wishes that he had been more careful in choosing his partners. He would tell his younger self to think about what he is doing as he is choosing someone to be his partner and to work with him. Chackerian shared that he has had some bad experiences with the partners that he has chosen and that he has ended up hurt by those partners. He wishes he could have advised his younger self to be more careful so that he would not have had to go through what he has gone through. Check out Medium to see more.

Ara Chackerian knows that there are many obstacles that a person like him will face as they work to bring their dreams to life. He feels that it is easier to deal with obstacles when he is calm and at peace. He likes to take time away from the office to clear his head so that he can deal with the hard stuff that comes up in his life. One of the things that he likes to do to get away from the office is to spend time surfing. He enjoys getting outside and clearing his head in that way. Visit his website

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