The History and Current Work of IAP

Ingenuity and Purpose, also known as IAP, is a company that encourages customers to give them their most demanding challenges, and IAP will deliver to them every time. The company’s abilities are solving the problems of their customers resourcefully, quickly and effectively, being matched only by their unwavering commitment to the customers team and their mission. The way that success is defined by not only how their customers are treated, but also by how everyone else is treated. They base their mission is made up of four cornerstones of competencies to their approach.

These four cornerstones include focus, agility, capabilities and commitment. The values that IAP Worldwide Services is committed to is that they will provide an inspirational follower ship and leadership, enabled by empathy, practice intellectual rigor and curiosity, they act with humility and integrity and will act responsibly, nicely and swiftly. And also to allow themselves and others to be successful and happy, partner with customers, colleagues, and community with their mutual success, pursue learning and growth and act with adapting, resolving and embracing change. All of these values together promote trust, positive thought, teamwork, and a passion preserve a virtuous cycle of professional and personal growth. Some areas that IAP service include government services, expeditionary infrastructure, power solutions, engineering and aviation solutions, and communications and IT.

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Started in 1953, IAP has been helping to build the future since day one. This began in 1989, when Pan Am World Services, Inc., started to work on building and operating the first space launch base in America, which was located in Cape Canaveral, FL. Since this time, IAP Worldwide Services has supported the test of over 2,500 launches, this including the manned shuttle program and the early air-breathing missiles. And over 45 years, IAP has began to provide full maintenance for facilities, this including construction management, airport master planning, and engineering services. Between 1990 and 2006, IAP has took steps in energy and management efficiency, supporting troops all over the world, tapping into the emerging markets where they hold contracts for the government that are worth millions, and continuing the tradition, when in 2006, IAP acquired JCWS and it’s wholly-owned subsidiary Readiness Management Support (RMS), as a form for IAP services worldwide. And most recently in 2015, IAP acquired the British engineering company G3 Systems Ltd., the company operates overseas and in the UK. G3 strives to provide its commercial, government, and international clients, with a large
range of services, facilities and solutions. And G3 has the capabilities to deliver, design and maintain and operate facilities on a global basis.

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