PSI Pay and Contactless Payments

Whether with your card or a Kerv ring device, you can now pay via contactless payments from PSI Pay. Also, if you wish to deactivate your contactless payments, your card will no longer make contactless transactions, but you still have the option of reactivating it later. Thanks to some new technology from PSI-Pay, payment is now much more manageable.

There is no risk of a fraudulent withdrawal from the distributor, as it is only a means of payment. The microprocessor chip on the PSI Pay card is activated wirelessly by proximity to the payment terminal (up to 1 inch). However, you may wonder: “Is a contactless card secure?” For the customer, the procedure is identical to that of a fixed terminal.

You may also wonder: “How does a contactless payment system work?”, also, “How do I know if a merchant offers a contactless terminal?” This article will help you reassure yourself by dispelling common myths and by showing how this technology works. As an illustration, many customers also wonder: “What if a contactless card is lost or stolen?”

If this happens, you have to call the card issuer just like you would with a regular credit or debit card. You must also immediately report the loss or theft by immediately declaring any unauthorized transactions to your bank branch. In the event of loss or theft, you must, therefore, file a loss or theft report with your bank as soon as possible.

Also, contactless payment is 10 seconds faster than a charge with a pin code to enter, which reduces the waiting time at the checkout. The contactless payment can indeed be used for most purchases, like at the grocery store. I go to the grocery store, I buy some bread, I place my bank card on the box dedicated to the payment without contact, and a little ringing indicates me that the transaction went through.

Slowly but surely, PSI Pay and their contactless payment technology are therefore creating a place for themselves on the market. There is no signature to sign, no PIN code to type on a keyboard, in short, it is swift. Also, the fact that a merchant accepts contactless payment does not oblige the customer to use it. However, remember that contactless payment technology allows you to pay for small purchases by touching the payment terminal of a shop and without inserting your card, thus without a secret code.