Pinpoint A Bear Market With Jim Hunt’s Wealth Wave

Jim Hunt’s Wealth Wave came out through VTA Publications, and it is the best publication for someone to read when they are tired of trying to bet on stocks or investments that will get more valuable. That kind of investment is usually too hard because no one can know if something will get more valuable, but they will be able to see when something is a out to take a dive. The Wealth Wave from Jim Hunt explains what to do once the bear market becomes obvious.

The bear market means that people have to bet against it in the hopes that it will get even worse. An investment that is about to fall apart is going to be easy to bet against if everyone knows that it is going to drop off. The problem is that people might not even know what a bear market looks like until it is too late. No one can bet against something that everyone already made money on because they know it was going to collapse. Wealth Wave explains what a bear market looks like before it actually happens, and then it shows how to bet against something.

Investors are always looking for things they can bet against because they can see it coming, and readers of Wealth Wave from VTA Publications will make a lot of money just betting against one thing. They can do that every time they find the thing that they think is the next piece of bear market fodder, and they just follow the instructions written by Jim Hunt in the Wealth Wave book. It is a pretty simple theory, but people have to do it at the right time. VTA Publications added this book to their roster because that is how they help more people stay productive and wealthy.