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NewsWatch is one of the most trusted and most sought sources of information on the latest trends in technology, health, travel, and even entertainment. Book a date with both the AMC and ION Networks for exclusive offers and insights.


These shows are hosted by Andrew Tropeano, together with Michelle Ison, and benefits from extensive report coverage by the able field reporters and experts including Chris Vaughn, Eric Forrest, and Scott Steinberg.


NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a television show with three distinct market formats, namely technology, entertainment and consumer-oriented features, with the primary news bordering on interviews with celebrities, consumer reviews, medical and government news. The media house also features SMT interviews and country-wide non-profit awareness campaigns.


NewsWatch is based in Washington DC but runs a number of scattered offices across the United States. It has branches in Denver, Colorado as well as Fairfax, New York City. It is managed, owned and operated by Bridge Communications, a communications and video production company.


Origins and History

NewsWatch began airing its popular monthly program in early part of the year 1990, with the primary segment being the financial issues. It grew departments to include a television magazine segment, intended to cover a wide range of topics of interest to the public.


It currently specializes in entertainment and consumer segments, prominently featuring paid editorials and commercial adverts. Companies promote and market their products through their platforms, after getting approval from News Watch’s Standards and the Practices Team.


Interactive App Innovation

NewsWatch featured AppWatch in May of 2012 as a segment of acquiring and reviewing mobile apps on modern gadgets like the IOS, Windows and even Android-enabled devices. The app runs weekly and is hosted by Andrew Tropeano. Some of the reviews successfully concluded include the AZ Pest Control, MoWeather, and RCN Mobile App.


The Achievements Of The Renowned Oncologist, Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned Oncologist Professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He has a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology as well as a Master’s degree in Internal Medicine. Due to his excellent work in these fields, Mikhail was not only appointed as an Associate Professor of Medicine at New York Medical College but also a Senior Scientist in Ordway Research Institute. Blagosklonny is passionate about research work on therapies that protect normal body cells from targeted cancer treatment procedures and cancer-related tissue damages. He also has an interest in the process of aging and development of anti-aging drugs. Mikhail is known for his tangible contribution and advocating for the use of Rapamycin in order to increase human lifespan. Rapamycin is commonly known in pharmacy market as Rapamune or Sirolimus. It is a revolutionary cancer drug and is also used to prevent rejection of organ transplant.

The drug was first isolated from bacterium sample in Easter Island in 1972. It was originally used to treat a fungal infection until a research was conducted and showed that Rapamycin had incredible antiproliferative and immunosuppressive properties.Rapamycin has proven to be one of the best medicines due to its unique properties that make it outweigh other medications. For starters, compared to other immunosuppressive drugs, Rapamycin has low side effects and toxicity level on the kidney. It is recommended for people suffering from hemolytic-uremic syndrome after a kidney transplant. Besides, it reduces kidney re-infection and is less toxic to the kidney. Mostly, the drug is used to treat Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), coating coronary stent in addition to cancer. Studies showed that Rapamycin prevents the growth of tumor in areas such as the brain, kidney, heart, and other vital organs. As a result, it is also used to treat facial angiofibroma, Alzheimer’s disease, muscular dystrophy, systematic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and lengthening lifespan.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is aiming at finding a way to treating cancer that is cheaper and effective compared to the current expensive and torturing cancer treatment procedures. He is specifically focused on studying both cancer and aging. More interestingly, Mikhail hopes that his progressive work in medicine will be an inspiration to other people around the world to carry on with his research work in order to bring more transformation in cancer treatment. He believes that cancer treatment will be affordable to everyone and not a costly treatment only available for the rich. \Additionally, he hopes to discover a way in which cancerous cells will be eliminated without damaging the normal cells that assist the body to recover from prolonged effects of cancer treatment. He is still carrying on with his medical research and continues to contribute significantly in the field of Oncology. Mikhail Blagosklonny is not only an influential researcher but also an expert who inspires his peers and students with interest in expanding and continuing his research. The interesting medical work of Mikhail Blagosklonny has drawn a lot of attention within the field of medicine, and everyone hopes it will be a breakthrough to cancer patients.

Adam Milstein Changing Perceptions and Maintaining Identity through Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is one of the most accomplished philanthropists and business leaders from the Israeli-American community. He gained recognition because of his efforts to strengthen relations between the US and Israel, uphold the Jewish culture and identity, and developing his home country.

In 2000, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation began with an objective of helping fellow Israelis understand and uphold their identity. As such, the foundation provides opportunities for people to learn the Jewish history, language, and culture and pass the knowledge to other generations. Also, the Foundation partners and supports various organizations and programs that have a similar mission. For Adam, philanthropy does involve not only monetary donations but also active involvement in advocacy and volunteering time and other resources. He prefers building long-term relationships with partnering organizations to ensure desired outcomes. Adam Milstein also volunteers his knowledge and expertise, assists in creating significant connections and recruiting talents.

Using the life pact impact approach, Adam ensures that the programs will engage the Israeli community at each stage of their lives. Most of the projects undertaken by foundation target young adults and children as he hopes to reconnect them to their Jewish roots and culture. The Sifriyat Pijamana B’America project imitates an Israeli program that provides Jewish books written in Hebrew for children. Through the Family Foundation, Adam also supports campus movements to advocate for pro-Israeli courses. The pioneer annual Campus Maccabees Summit organized in 2015 was a result of the joint efforts of Haim Saban, Sheldon Adelson, and Adam Milstein. The summit addressed pro-Israeli hate and antisemitism experienced in campuses.

Adam Milstein is the chairman and founder of the Israeli-American Council and sits on the boards of the Jewish Funders Network, Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and the Israel on Campus Coalition. The Jewish Telegraphic Association listed Adam Milstein among the 25 Most Influential People on Jewish Twitter in 2016. Adam Milstein commands a following of over 83,700 people on twitter. Together with his wife Gila, Adam received Humanitarian of the Year Award of 2015. For more info about us: click here.

Adam Milstein aspires to inspire others through his work. Being an immigrant, he is passionate about educating others about his roots.

Organo Gold Reigns Supreme

When it comes to gourmet coffee Organo Gold maybe one of the most significant brands in recent years to make the mark. People are thrilled about this company, and it has become a very innovative part of the gourmet coffee industry.

In many instances there are people that buy more than one product from the Organo Gold brand. This originally started as a gourmet coffee company, but over time this became a company that Bernardo Chua to take to another level with the Ganoderma mushroom.

This is a mushroom that has a healing agent, and Bernardo found a way to utilize this mushroom and an assortment of products that were created for Organo Gold consumers. The Gourmet Coffee is one of the top sellers, but this brand also provides consumers with an assortment of teas. This is something that contains the healing agent found in the Ganoderma plant. People that become fans of Organo Gold will also discover that this is a company that has health care products as well.

There are skin care products and there is even a toothpaste that is sold by Organo Gold. People that have become accustomed to drinking the coffee are pleased with the high quality that Bernardo Chua has brought to gourmet coffee so they choose to patronize this brand even more.

This is why he has been able to extend his line. He created a coffee brand that people loved, and now people are getting acquainted with all the other products that he has been bringing to the market in recent years. Organo Gold has become one of the best international brands for coffee and various beverages that are sold online. This is not a product that is sold in stores so customers acquire it through the internet when they purchase it.

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Whitney Wolfe, the Tech Guru Finally Getting Bumbled

Whitney Wolfe is the mindset behind Bumble; a dating app that gives women an upper hand in the dating sector and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. She has her roots back then in 1990, where she was born in Salt Lake City and attended Southern Methodist University. She anticipates launching Bumble Bizz, which is an accessory to the company which spices up the app to be a social network at large from being just a connection app.

The Bumble Bizz is entitled to ensure that people can connect with just a swipe erasing professional power imbalance, in both male and female participants. Being a women empowerment champion, Whitney is positive that this new creation will be a pass of accessibility between like-minded women.

Whitney Wolfe through her business has been able to help many find their better half. It is, therefore, a call for celebration that she finally found her soul mate Michael Herd, Texas oil heir and tied the knot. Whitney wanted a memorable wedding event that was a reward for her hard work. The Bumble queen was privileged to have her wedding ceremony in Positano at the Villa Treville

The beautiful bride was a sight to recall having on a gorgeous embedded Oscar De La Renta gown. The venue was breathtakingly organized to display the sentimental Italian coast having the romantic candle-lit theme. The entire show was spine-tingling to the guests.

After the wedding ceremony followed a spectacular evening celebration with the bride having changed into new attire. Whitney had on a simple cream-colored silky slip dress. The after party was ushered in with delicacies and drinks for the bridal trail and their guests at the well-embedded reception which was amidst lemon trees that complimented the menus and dinner tables. Not to be forgotten was the well-assorted cake that was accompanied with fresh fruits.

Whitney Wolfe and her newly acquired asset, her groom extended their happiness to a honeymoon which was hinted to have the fun of horse riding and even more. Their romance is dated back to 2014 where they first met, on Valentine’s Day. From them on, they gradually grew fond of each other and eventually were inseparable and only marriage could seal this union. Two years later, Herd made this possible by proposing to his girlfriend. Whitney had approximately one year to make up her mind on wedding destination. After a couple of options, they settled for the Amalfi coast.

Whitney Wolfe’s success story is evidently an example of strong women who despite all odds still work to create a brighter face to the society.

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A Guide to Investing Responsibly

As we advance in age and time, people are getting conscious on the things they purchase. They are ensuring that items they buy are not exploitative. People are scrutinizing where and how the product was made. The practice has made companies give their workers more humane conditions and reduce slave labor, especially in the third world countries. It is now possible for investors to combine the love for investing in companies that share the same desire as them of having a healthy and responsible way of investing. It is also possible to invest in businesses and still be able to make sure that your money supports companies that do not exploit people.

With Netpicks, all this are possible. It provides investors with a guide on how to be socially responsible with your investment capital. Netpicks was founded in the year 1996 with a sole mission of helping the average individuals learn how to trade in a smarter way with their money. They quite understand that to gain investment capital in the first place takes a lot of effort. Investing tips for your goal here.

It aims at helping investor give way for their money to do the work in their place. To achieve all this, Nexpicks offers expert training as well as resources to individuals allowing ordinary people become skilled traders within weeks. Check these informative demo videos here.

What makes Nexpicks the ultimate choice is the fact that it is run by persons who are already participating in the market every day. Also, you are not given theories at Nepicks, by rather practical advice from people who use it every day from this institution.  For additional trading tips, click this.

To ensure that you are a socially responsible investor, always know that upon being broke, your money will not help anyone. With this in mind, you will be careful with where you invest. Secondly, look out for companies that are ETF. They are similar to mutual funds only that they can be traded like the stock. It is also right to not only do right by others but do right by yourself also. Do not eye more than you can stomach. In case there is need to give back with your investment, consider a microloan. Related reading on

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End Citizens United: Requesting For The Electoral Reformation

End Citizens United, an organization founded in March 1, 2015, is aiming to bring the power back into the hands of the American people. The organization was the answer of counter protesters to another group called the Citizens United, which was established years earlier, in November 1988.

The reason why End Citizens United was formed is simply because they wanted to bring electoral reformation in the United States. According to them, a controversial ruling by the United States Supreme Court in 2010 has made corporations more powerful by giving them the right to support the presidential candidate that they wanted at the expense of the people.

What happened before was that the Federal Electoral Council filed a protest stating that corporations and other similar private entities should not be given the right to support the candidate that they wanted financially. However, Citizens United found this unconstitutional and filed a case with the United States Supreme Court. The end result was that the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United, and declared that corporations and similar private entities have the right to support their preferred candidates. This ruling has angered a lot of people, stating that the small group of wealthy families in the United States can now control the outcome of the election. They have been given so many rights, including the right not to disclose how much they have donated.


The organization has been protesting since the ruling has taken effect. They managed to solicit funding from private individuals who believe their causes. End Citizens United states that the number of members that they have has swollen to almost a million, and everyone is requesting for electoral reforms. They wanted everyone to take a stand against the current system, and encourage the people to join them in their protests. The group is currently focusing on three major reformation points – the election of candidates who are pro-reform, addressing the grave problem of corruption with mishandling campaign funds, and to put pressure on politicians that they think are rigging the system.

With millions of people believing in their cause, End Citizens United easily raised $4 million in the first three months of the year. They are encouraging their members to give something to the organization so that they can raise enough money to do something about the system. Experts were surprised at how quick the organization managed to raise such amount, and stated that with this current rate, they can collect up to $35 million in 2018, just in time for another elections in the United States. People who are supporting End Citizens United are hoping that they will be seeing some changes in the future, and that transparency will make a comeback.

The Future of Technology & How Eric Pulier Has Played A Key Role

There is one thing that’s for sure, technology is here, and technology is here to stay. The world wouldn’t be half of where it is today if technology wasn’t as good as it is. Information technology is one of the most exciting, fascinating and popular industries of all-time. This industry is responsible for the very electronic devices we use on a daily basis. Without advanced technology, the world would be much slower, and it would be less interesting. Technologist Eric Pulier is one of the most brilliant individuals who has helped to make this possible. His very own mind has come up with some of the most ingenious ideas. Money was never the motive with this guy. Helping people has always been the goal as he is the very definition of the word philanthropist.

Eric Pulier has studied at two of the countries most prestigious educational institutions. This would MIT and Harvard University. He has a B.A. in American & English Literature, but he tends to use the majority of his education that was received from MIT. The guy has so many accomplishments, he has so much respect for others, and he is one of the most well-respected individuals in the game. Pulier’s career took off when he moved to Los Angeles back in 1991. Since then, he would go on a company founding blitz. Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Service Mesh, XPRIZE, FLF, Desktone and many more are all founded companies by this man. vAtomic Systems, his newest venture, has taken off as the company is looking to combine the digital world with the physical world.

That’s one of Pulier’s biggest goals as well as one of his biggest aspirations. Technology and mankind compliments one another perfectly. VAR Businessnamed him as one of the top 30 e-visionaries. Technology forums have benefited from Pulier also as he has done plenty of guest speaking. Is there anything this guy can’t do? Well, when it comes to the technology, Pulier is on a whole new level. This industry appears to be running on all cylinders, and for its future, everything appears to be going as planned.

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Rick Smith, the CEO Whose Company Is Reuniting Families All Over America

Rick Smith was appointed CEO of Securus Technologies back in 2008 and to date, his track record remains impeccable. Through the amazingly convenient services that his company provides for families that have a member incarcerated, the customers can communicate, see and even leave messages for their loved ones – something that had been close to impossible for a while now.Through Securus Technologies, the people who have their loved ones locked up can enjoy better, more convenient communication services. Unlike the norm, secures technologies ensure that inmates can enjoy the convenience of having video calls that can connect via any android and apple devices including smartphones, PCs or tablets.

Needless to say, their services are amazing and you can never go wrong using them as they are simple and straight to the point. The company also offers help in video services, jail voicemail, email services, money transfer as well as the best phone services. And under the stewardship of Rick Smith, they have managed to help their customers thrive in virtually everything that they get their hands on. And so far, a great percentage of the families they have helped are satisfied with their service provision. Even though their headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas. The services cover close to over 3,400 facilities including law enforcement, correctional agencies as well as public safety departments.In total, Securus Technologies has served close to 1.2 million inmates across North America and the number keeps on increasing. Needless to say, most of them are more than glad about the kind of services that they get.

Upon visiting the Securus Technologies official website, you’ll get the chance to get all of your questions answered by amazingly informed, highly articulate customer care agents. Whether you would love to make a call or chat live, you will have the same kind of options which is quite the advantage altogether.You will also find some useful pieces of information on their websites about their rates, privacy as well as tariffs. There is even a sitemap if you experience some difficulties during navigation which is a rare occurrence.Thanks to his strict work ethic and dedication to doing what he does best – lead. He firmly believes in teamwork and ensures that it starts from the bottom all the way to the top. And even before Rick Smith rose to the position of CEO, he had the pleasure of learning in two prestigious universities which prepared him for that position.He got his MBA from The University of Rochester and a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering in the State University of New York, Buffalo. Mr. Smith later pursued a master’s in engineering before venturing into the world of business – a field that he is really making a killing.

Be a Super Business Hero with Market America Inc.

Being heroic can mean many things, but today it means being a financially responsible and profitable entrepreneur. Business persons are constantly changing the world with their ability to make money and create new opportunities. This is the type of person that Market America Inc. wants everyone to become. Our goal is to inspire and get others to aspire to greatness. Through a combination of online skills with the right tools, anyone can become someone who creates wealth and makes the world a better place. Living life with pride comes from doing great works and creating something meaningful with everything you do. This is what Market America wants for you.

You can be a super business hero with Market America Inc. at your side. Our primary way of doing this is through training event seminars and online access to our business tools. This is how anyone can get started as an independent business entrepreneur and start doing big things to change their life. Being a super business hero is a goal that Market America hopes everyone will aspire to become, because the world needs more heroes. Become something bigger and more successful, so you can spread your wings toward a better way of life.