The Future of Technology & How Eric Pulier Has Played A Key Role

There is one thing that’s for sure, technology is here, and technology is here to stay. The world wouldn’t be half of where it is today if technology wasn’t as good as it is. Information technology is one of the most exciting, fascinating and popular industries of all-time. This industry is responsible for the very electronic devices we use on a daily basis. Without advanced technology, the world would be much slower, and it would be less interesting. Technologist Eric Pulier is one of the most brilliant individuals who has helped to make this possible. His very own mind has come up with some of the most ingenious ideas. Money was never the motive with this guy. Helping people has always been the goal as he is the very definition of the word philanthropist.

Eric Pulier has studied at two of the countries most prestigious educational institutions. This would MIT and Harvard University. He has a B.A. in American & English Literature, but he tends to use the majority of his education that was received from MIT. The guy has so many accomplishments, he has so much respect for others, and he is one of the most well-respected individuals in the game. Pulier’s career took off when he moved to Los Angeles back in 1991. Since then, he would go on a company founding blitz. Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Service Mesh, XPRIZE, FLF, Desktone and many more are all founded companies by this man. vAtomic Systems, his newest venture, has taken off as the company is looking to combine the digital world with the physical world.

That’s one of Pulier’s biggest goals as well as one of his biggest aspirations. Technology and mankind compliments one another perfectly. VAR Businessnamed him as one of the top 30 e-visionaries. Technology forums have benefited from Pulier also as he has done plenty of guest speaking. Is there anything this guy can’t do? Well, when it comes to the technology, Pulier is on a whole new level. This industry appears to be running on all cylinders, and for its future, everything appears to be going as planned.

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Rick Smith, the CEO Whose Company Is Reuniting Families All Over America

Rick Smith was appointed CEO of Securus Technologies back in 2008 and to date, his track record remains impeccable. Through the amazingly convenient services that his company provides for families that have a member incarcerated, the customers can communicate, see and even leave messages for their loved ones – something that had been close to impossible for a while now.Through Securus Technologies, the people who have their loved ones locked up can enjoy better, more convenient communication services. Unlike the norm, secures technologies ensure that inmates can enjoy the convenience of having video calls that can connect via any android and apple devices including smartphones, PCs or tablets.

Needless to say, their services are amazing and you can never go wrong using them as they are simple and straight to the point. The company also offers help in video services, jail voicemail, email services, money transfer as well as the best phone services. And under the stewardship of Rick Smith, they have managed to help their customers thrive in virtually everything that they get their hands on. And so far, a great percentage of the families they have helped are satisfied with their service provision. Even though their headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas. The services cover close to over 3,400 facilities including law enforcement, correctional agencies as well as public safety departments.In total, Securus Technologies has served close to 1.2 million inmates across North America and the number keeps on increasing. Needless to say, most of them are more than glad about the kind of services that they get.

Upon visiting the Securus Technologies official website, you’ll get the chance to get all of your questions answered by amazingly informed, highly articulate customer care agents. Whether you would love to make a call or chat live, you will have the same kind of options which is quite the advantage altogether.You will also find some useful pieces of information on their websites about their rates, privacy as well as tariffs. There is even a sitemap if you experience some difficulties during navigation which is a rare occurrence.Thanks to his strict work ethic and dedication to doing what he does best – lead. He firmly believes in teamwork and ensures that it starts from the bottom all the way to the top. And even before Rick Smith rose to the position of CEO, he had the pleasure of learning in two prestigious universities which prepared him for that position.He got his MBA from The University of Rochester and a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering in the State University of New York, Buffalo. Mr. Smith later pursued a master’s in engineering before venturing into the world of business – a field that he is really making a killing.

Be a Super Business Hero with Market America Inc.

Being heroic can mean many things, but today it means being a financially responsible and profitable entrepreneur. Business persons are constantly changing the world with their ability to make money and create new opportunities. This is the type of person that Market America Inc. wants everyone to become. Our goal is to inspire and get others to aspire to greatness. Through a combination of online skills with the right tools, anyone can become someone who creates wealth and makes the world a better place. Living life with pride comes from doing great works and creating something meaningful with everything you do. This is what Market America wants for you.

You can be a super business hero with Market America Inc. at your side. Our primary way of doing this is through training event seminars and online access to our business tools. This is how anyone can get started as an independent business entrepreneur and start doing big things to change their life. Being a super business hero is a goal that Market America hopes everyone will aspire to become, because the world needs more heroes. Become something bigger and more successful, so you can spread your wings toward a better way of life.

Freedom Financial Network Provides Guidance And Tools For Financial Freedom

As kids head back to school and college all over the country, there is no doubt stress for parents as they scramble to get their kids ready. One of the major tasks for parents to get their children ready for school is buying supplies and other essentials. While it may seem minor, buying school supplies, clothes and other items can be a drain on the budget as well as time. Below are some tips that parents can utilize to save time, money and to cut back on the back to school stress.

One word of advice for back to school shopping offered by Kevin Gallegos of the Freedom Financial Network is to get a supply list before you head out to shop. Gallegos states that most schools should mail or email you a list of required supplies before the school year. If you did not receive one you can always request a supply list by contacting your school. As a last resort, you could always contact teachers and ask what will be required or suggested to know in advance what is needed.

Another tip for back to school shopping provided by Kevin Gallegos from the Freedom Financial Network is to create a budget for your back to school shopping needs. Create a budget for various categories such as school supplies, clothing and other items and stick to it. Waiting for sales and checking around the home for any supplies you may already have are additional ways you can cut back on the back to school expenses.

Freedom Financial Network is a financial services company that was created in 2002 by Brad Stroh and Andrew Houser. Services offered by the firm include mortgage shopping, direct personal loans, debt consolidation and debt settlement. Freedom Financial Network now employs over 1,000 and has helped resolve over $6 billions dollars worth of debt through various means such as debt consolidation and settlement.

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Netpicks Provides Financial Advice

In order to build long-term wealth, most people will need to invest in the stock market at some point. While many people can try to invest on their own, most would benefit greatly by working with a financial advisor that can provide stock investment picks. One company that has been able to consistently provide favorable stock investment picks is Netpicks

Netpicks is an online financial advisor that can provide people with a range of different services. The company focuses on providing stock picks and investment strategies. This includes providing strategies on how to invest in bull, bear, and inconsistent markets. Over the past few months, many investors have shied away from the stock market because of how choppy it has been. Fortunately, Netpicks has been able to provide tips on how to specifically navigate the markets during these time periods.

Overall, Netpicks recommends that investors follow a proactive strategy when they are trying to trade during choppy markets. One of the strategies that they recommend is commonly referred to as the “Lock and Walk” method. In the past, this has been a very profitable way to invest, although the company has cautioned that this does not necessarily guarantee success in the future.  Be updated with their recent timeline activities, check on

With the “Lock and Walk” method, an investor will focus heavily on investing in index funds and ETFs. When investing in these markets, it is also important that an investor review the technical of the ETFs, which should then provide someone with more insight into its future direction. For those that are looking to develop their portfolio, following these technical at first can seem to be confusing. However, by following financial advice from Netpicks, and other financial advisors, it will be possible to gain an understanding of how they should lock into these funds and make a profit, even when the markets are very volatile.  Connect now, click on this.

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How Netpicks Improves the Life of a Trader through Training

The Wall Street opinions seem to be taking a different turn after the selloff of the technology-sector this month. The arrogant attitude was evident among some investors who thought the market was unchangeable. Today nervousness has transformed the field and developers are conscious about the changing elements. Sentiment changes open doors for a choppy market, especially during the summer months.

Using Proactive Strategies

The approaches aim at enabling companies togenerate margins from variable markets. Lock and Walk model has proven to be lucrative in the past during choppy markets. It respects resistance and support levels. The approach is easy to install in the client structure. Firms that use the technical analysis strategy will comprehend rules used in implementing the policy.


Netpicks was established in 1996 as an online trading to provide business education. It trains learners on forex futures, signals, ETFs and stocks options. The gold standard firm focus on assisting regular dealers accomplishes success in markets throughout the year. The entity specializes in investment education.

NetPicks has its headquarters in Irving, Texas. Mark Soberman works with a term of trained and committed trading professionals to help clients achieve their goals. The organization has experience in both personal trading and trading education. The coaching team comprises of traders who are familiar with both the peak and low seasons. They will take you through the appropriate process to follow to succeed.

The trading applications have specific goals and you have the power to choose your objectives for the system to complete the rest of the work. They are easy to use and it will take you few minutes to understand the system. NetPicks offers video training to increase the number of audiences who get the information.  Watch and learn from this informative link on

NetPicks will walk with you to provide white-glove support. They always honor their pledges and you will never regret hiring NetPicks. Tools and trading systems available will help you acquire skills to learn to carry out business successfully. The stock trading courses equip learners to swing trading and day trading of options and stocks. Their experts combine a branded system, market support, and complete training.  Get connected, click on this.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America-Introducing Clinical Pathways

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is implementing a new technical solution. Nanthealth is enabling eviti, which is a support solution for clinical decisions. This support solution will allow access to clinical workflows in the Allscript electronic health record. The Clinical Pathways program is intended to inform the cancer treatment process. Clinical Pathways provides all treatment options that are available. The Clinical Pathways system was designed to keep patients first in mind; therefore, the system incorporates the latest cancer research that is available. The system provides information such as: custom treatment plans, comparisons, computer entries, treatment maps, access to guidelines, clinical data, and functionality. The Clinical Pathways system focuses on therapeutic selections and care delivery, with the intentions of improving quality. Not only does it speed up the process with treatment options, but the system can also accelerate the approval process with insurance providers. With this system, patients and their teams have the opportunity to discuss and compare available treatment options. With the incorporation of the eviti system, physicians are now able to gather information from an Evidence-Based Medical Library. With all of the technology, physicians are now able to provide better care from prognosis all the way to diagnosis.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is located in Boca Raton, Florida. CTCA is a network of five different hospitals. The center provides service to adults who are fighting cancer. The center provides services such as: cancer treatment, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy.

CTCA provides care to patients all over the United States. It is one of the hospitals that is continually rated for delivering the highest quality of care. In conclusion, the center provides patients and their families with information about treatment options and encourages their participation in treatments.

Madison Street Capital Offers Innovative Financial Advisory And Valuation Services

Madison Street Capital offers professional financial advice to businesses worldwide. The company, which is headquartered in Chicago, assists organizations to navigate complex deals, gain access to credit, and make shrewd investment decisions. Madison Street Capital reputation is anchored on its ability to offer innovative solutions to their clients’ challenges.

In the beginning of 2014, Madison Street Capital announced that it had provided advisory services to an Illinois-based company, Vital Care Industries. It assisted the medical supplies manufacturer to select the right lender and secure a commercial loan. The chief executive officer of the company posited that he was pleased by Madison Street Capital’s services. Since the mid-1980s, Vital Care Industries has been producing sterile medical supplies.

Subsequently, Anthony Marsala, the co-founder of Madison Street Capital, was selected by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts for the 40 Under Forty awards. The program honors business leaders who have succeeded in different fields such as mergers and valuations. Marsala works as Madison Street Capital’s COO. He is a holder of a master’s degree. The executive has rendered his services in the finance industry for more than 14 years.

In the summer of 2016, finance experts named Madison Street Capital as a finalist in M&A Advisor Awards. Corporations receive the coveted award when they carry out commendable restructuring, acquisition, and financing deals. Experts proposed Madison Street Capital as the year’s leading boutique investment banking firm. Moreover, they selected the investment company as a finalist for facilitating the finest industrial merger valued at under $100 million.

Moreover, in January 2017, Madison Street Capital won a turnaround award. This recognition highlighted the company’s role in facilitating the best restructuring transaction of 2016 valued at less than $25 million. Madison had to contend with more than 300 companies to qualify for the annual award. Notably, the president of the M&A Advisor’s heaped praises at Madison Street Capital.

In 2017 alone, Madison Street Capital has carried out several merger and investment deals. The company kicked off with a merger deal involving DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. Subsequently, it acted as the sole advisor of ARES Security Corporation. In addition, they carried out a sale-leaseback transaction for WLR Automotive Group valued at over $13 million. This information was originally mentioned on GC Report as outlined in the following link

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a privately held company. It has been in business for more than a decade. The corporation is renowned for offering sound financial advisory services, valuation, and merger and acquisition solutions to their clients. The company has opened offices in Asia, Africa and North America. Over the years, they have learnt how to match the financing and capitalization structures of each client. Learn more:


State Theatre to Start Showing Free Movies throughout the Summer Of 2016

Film lovers have good news this summer after the State Theatre said that it would bring back the Free Summer Movies Series, courtesy of The Bank Foundation and Boraie Development. Some of the movies to be featured in this series include

  • Frozen to be shown on July 12
  • The extra Terrestrial to be shown on July 19
  • Despicable Me 2 to be shown on July 26
  • Babe to be shown on August 2
  • Monsters University to be shown on August 9
  • Aladdin to be shown on August 16

Since everyone will be allowed to watch the six movies without paying even a cent, young individuals have an opportunity to watch and enjoy some favorite movies with their families. Young people will have a chance to enjoy their summer camps and other groups in the opulent surroundings of the State Theatre. State Theatre has been a historical movie palace since 1921, and it has always been one of the preeminent venues for live performance in New Jersey.

With the support offered by the Boraie Development, State Theatre can now allow local families and young individuals to watch movies without paying for this remarkable historical venue. Even the executives from the Provident Bank Foundation, who sponsored the community access initiative, noted that they are excited to play a role in making it possible for families to benefit from these incredible State Theatre experience for free this summer. Check out Fundacity to know more.

Anna Maria, one of the state theatre executives, says that they are pleased to announce the return of the summer movies series this year that comes with an extended watch list of six movies. As part of its mission, state theatre is devoted to present inexpensive and family-friendly programs. On top of that, they have a year round community access initiative that invites the community to come and enjoy an array of free events at the theatre. With the support offered by both the Boraie Development and the Provident Bank Foundation, state theatre is optimistic to get a large number of families this summer. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a leading real estate company that provides a variety of services in the real estate market including real estate development, property management and marketing of the properties. The company works with a team that is determined to build spectacular features while offering incomparable services to its customers. Since its establishment, Omar Boraie has been partnering with the strongest financial institution and architects who have a vision. Boraie Development works with contractors who are strict on deadlines to make sure that the projects are completed on time meet the required standards.

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Preparing for a Life Line Screening

If you have decided to get yourself tested, Life Line Screening is a great option for you. If might be scary at first and you may not know what to expect, but it’s not as scary as you might think and it could just save your life.


You can prepare a few days in advance for your screenings. There are fairly simple things you can do to help make the experience more fun and better for you. The first thing you can do is find clothing that is comfortable. This means loose pants and a shirt that allows you to be comfortable. You may be tired or even hungry after your screening and you should expect to take Screening easy after. You should be able to do most things, but you want to make sure you have enough to eat and that you are not stressed too much after.

During the Screening

Life Line Screening is a time when you can get different tests. Some will require you to not eat for a certain amount of time and others will want you to have a full bladder. It will depend on the test and what you want to know or that you need to know because of family history or something else.

After the Screening

After you are done with your Life Line Screening, you will need to eat or take it easy. This way you can feel better after you have had the testing. While they are not very invasive, they may make you uncomfortable and not feel good for the rest of the day. You need to take care of yourself after you have your testing and eat, rest and relax as needed to make sure feel okay.

Life Line Screening is a great way to find out what you may need to look for or what you may need to prepare for in the future, but this screening can help you to know and be ready for it. That is why it’s so important to take these tests seriously and do what you need to in order to stay healthy.

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