OSI Group has Come a Long Way from Its Origination

OSI Group got its start in the early 1900s after several German immigrants arrived in Chicago. These individuals needed a way to make money, and all they knew how to do at the time was make meat. However, they did not know their meat would be loved by the whole city. In just a few short years, the individuals who settled in Chicago opened their own store. This store sold several different types of meat, and people came from all over to buy it. In just a short time, this store was known as the top meat supplier for all of America.

After having success in Chicago, the new OSI Group owners tried to search for more of a market in the suburban areas. They searched through different states and cities, but nothing really caught their attention. They then created a plan to supply meat to restaurants that were already successful. This is when the German owners were introduced to McDonald’s. McDonald’s was becoming extremely popular, and the overseers of McDonald’s wanted the meat that was being sold by this company. McDonald’s became the biggest customer and remains the biggest customer today. McDonald’s is also the biggest food supplier to America and the world, and McDonald’s gives a lot of credit to OSI for producing a hefty amount of meat in a short period of time.

Today, OSI Group is the leader in selling meat to McDonald’s and thousands of other restaurants. This company uses the top technology to produce great meat, and they also use all natural methods when producing their meat. The OSI Group also has an amazing staff. All of their workers have been trained to do their job well, and this company has been credited for hiring people from all walks of life, and this helped them win several different awards for helping the community.