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The summer months are notoriously a low spot of the year for traders, and after the recent sale of technology sector stocks, the aftershock of Summer 2017 can likely generate some trading trenches. Fortunately, certain strategies can help the trader navigate the chopper waters of summer markets to come out on top. One such highlighted method that has shown success is a “lock and walk” practice that most traders may already understand.

This strategy simply implies that the trader stays proactive ahead of and during the summer months. It focuses on the Nasdaq trading index and watching this number carefully when trading through ProShares. The process is similar to any sort of technical analysis of day trading support or resistance. Each trader simply needs to buy near support and sell near resistance but stop if support breaks, which is quite commonplace. Watch tutorial video on

One important factor that sets the lock and walk strategy apart from other trading is that the user is focused on day trading and not long-term positioning in the market. When applied properly, the strategy is designed to stop at a certain level of gains and hold over until the next session begins. This strategy and others can be explained at length by using Netpicks for day trading and online trading solutions.

Netpicks is a trading strategy advisory firm that was established in 1996. Based out of Irving, Texas, the company specializes in online trading platforms and is designed to help regularly active traders understand different markets and become optimally successful. The staff at Netpicks is led by Mark Soberman and consists of experienced professional traders who understand the nuances of creating income out of a modern and constantly evolving market structure.  For updates on their recent timeline activities, hop over to

When using Netpicks for trading, the individual can login to the company’s site and utilize an optimized network of software that handles most of the legwork. The various systems used are easy to learn and will fit according to the individual’s trading style, from supplemental income on the side to a full-time career. Netpicks systems are backed up by expert support services that are available to the trader at all times.  Useful link here.

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