My Love For FreedomPop Extends To Their Cell Phone And Wi-Fi Service

I took my time searching around for the perfect cell phone company, and I do realize that there is no such thing as a company that’s perfect. I really loved FreedomPop because of everything they were willing to offer me, but the thing that got me the most was their cell phone service. I’ve never had cell phone service that was unlimited because the cost was exorbitant. The amounts of money that were being charged in the area I lived for unlimited cell phone service would go as high as $100 or more, which I would rather spend on anything else but cell phone service.

Even when I had considered getting another cell phone service that was unlimited, the price was lower, but I heard so many people talking about the bad coverage and dropped calls that I changed my mind. I took a chance with FreedomPop, and it turns out that I made the right choice. Not only am I getting great call coverage with FreedomPop but also a price that absolutely no other cell phone company can beat. I’ve even had other cell phone companies call me on my FreedomPop phone asking me to switch, but I absolutely will not switch from FreedomPop.

I also would use my tablet when I went to certain places, so finding out about the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service was a blessing. I found that by only paying five dollars each month, I could sign up for the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service, and I could use the Wi-Fi on my cell phone or on my tablet. I had Internet service before that allowed me to access Wi-Fi at their many hotspots. I realized that the Wi-Fi was not unlimited, especially when my bill came for a higher amount because of the over usage of Wi-Fi on the previous company’s hotspots.

I never worry about my unlimited services with FreedomPop because they truly mean that they are going to give me unlimited services. I have Internet service through Wi-Fi that’s unlimited as well as cell phone service that’s unlimited. I also hear that FreedomPop offers portable hotspots, and I can get Internet service with Wi-Fi for my home too. Although I’m not completely sold on buying a portable hotspot or getting the home Wi-Fi service, I’m very happy with the cell phone service I’m receiving from FreedomPop, and the Wi-Fi service is also amazing as well.

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