Igor Cornelsen Investor With A Mindset That Can’t Be Rivaled

Investing for the future is critical for anyone who wants to build wealth. Many people are excited about the growth happening in Brazil. In just a few decades, Brazil went from a developing nation to one of the best economies in the world. With all of the investment opportunities in the country, many people are investing capital in various industries.

Igor Cornelsen is an investor who has spent his entire career in Brazil. He is proud of the growth in the country, and he wants the nation to continue developing. He focuses on both residential and commercial real estate. He has acquired several commercial properties in Brazil. With the economic growth, many people can invest for the future.


The population of Brazil is growing rapidly due to immigration. Many people are moving to Brazil from other countries in South America. Some nations are having trouble with economic issues. For example, the economy of Venezuela has virtually collapsed. Even with higher oil prices, the people in Venezuela are struggling to survive.

Igor Cornelsen believes that immigration is a huge positive for Brazil. He also thinks that demand for real estate is going to increase in the future due to the population growth. He has an extensive real estate portfolio of single-family homes. He started buying homes when he began his career, and that decision has helped him tremendously with his finances. He is the type of person who is continuously trying to improve his finances.

Commercial Investments

Investing in commercial property is another way that Igor generates income. He is a firm believer that economic growth in Brazil will continue in the coming years. With economic growth trending higher, many middle-class people have the disposable income to spend. He built a large shopping mall in one of the largest cities in Brazil. He receives monthly rental income from companies that pay to sell in the mall.

In the coming years, Igor has plans to sell off some of his assets. He wants to donate more money to charity and take a more administrative role in his company.