Dr. Saad is a pediatric surgeon primarily based In Eatontown, New Jersey. He is committed to his career to bring up to the medical sector expertise and innovation. He has had the opportunity to carry out surgery for many patients, during his career just because his skill in the medical field has captured the attention of humanitarian groups, other doctors and also that of Saudi Royal family
Dr. Saad has had an experience of thirty-four years now after graduating from Cairo U Med hospital in the year 1971. With children, Dr. Saad treats them as his son or daughter. He has attended thousands of operations /surgeries on patients regardless of their races or social status.
Dr. Saad has conducted many trips to Jerusalem to carry out complex surgeries on needy children without payment. He still carries out research to aid in the advancement of his services .he strongly believes in attaining what you want if only you keep insisting or pressing on. He has subsequently transformed many lives.
Dr. Saad says that he first knew whether he wanted to join the medical profession while in high school. His desire to become a doctor developed as a result of the existence of sweltering summers in his birthplace Kuwait .though he has wanted to be an engineer he has changed to choose a profession where he would work indoors.
His mentor Dr.H Biemann has taught him a most valuable lesson of being hardworking, honest, kind and treating all children in the same way without considering financial status, color, physical or, mental abilities. He has also trained him to be a pediatric surgeon.
Dr. Saad works on making his ideas lively through research since it brings significant results. He has a habit of being efficient, avoiding procrastination of his duties and being organized in his work .this helps him to be more productive in his endeavors .he believes that only our fate is known by God alone. His origin from a humble background has formed a basis for his advice and encouragement to the world.If he has made it if you work hard with perseverance you can make it too.
Dr. Saad has always done successful operations through proper review of the patient’s medical record and confirmation of the type of surgical procedures when preparing for the surgeries. Therefore, he recommends that during operation there should be no noise or people talking to the person doing the surgery to avoid disruptions. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html