Sightsavers Fights To End Conditions Like Trachoma That Cause Preventable Blindness

Sightsavers is an organization that strives to eliminate unnecessary blindness and fight for a world where blindness for reasons that were completely avoidable is eliminated. Sightsavers also promotes the equal participation in society of people with disabilities.

The organization does invaluable work in some of the poorest regions of the globe and provides treatment for eye conditions including cataracts. Sightsavers also strives to provide opportunities for the disabled to learn and earn a living. This is accomplished by working with governments and providing training for children with disabilities. Sightsavers strives to enact long-term and permanent changes in the communities that it works in.

Trachoma is one of the oldest known diseases in the world and it is also the number one cause of preventable blindness. The good news is that this devastating disease could be only a few years away from being completely eradicated from the earth. The condition is documented in historical records as far back and the civilization of ancient Egypt and there are in excess of 182 million people who currently suffer from the condition. It is most prevalent in the most poverty-stricken regions of the world and greatly diminishes the ability for infected children to be able to learn, thus affecting their long-term prospects. The worst part of this issue is that the disease is preventable.

This is an issue that Sightsavers, along with the International Coalition for Trachoma has become highly involved in. There is good news on this front as there are six countries that have historically had high rates of Trachoma that appear to be on the verge of eliminating the disease. Collaborative efforts between organizations like Sightsavers along with the support of communities and health and pharmaceutical companies are making all the difference. Sightsavers spoke about the details of this issue recently at TED2018 as well as speaking on the Audacious Project which is leading the charge for the elimination of Trachoma. At this point it seems clear that the only thing stopping this age old disease from being eradicated forever is simply coming up with all the necessary resources.