Doe Deere and her Success

Doe Deere is an influential woman who is known for her social media presence on sites such as on Instagram where she has put together bright and vibrant looks that have stood out to individuals around the world and that have changed the way that individuals wear makeup. Doe Deere is a female entrepreneur who believes that makeup should bring out a positive attitude on both the inside as well as on the outside. Doe Deere currently specializes in bright colored makeup which reflects the name of her decade old company which is known as Lime Crime to individuals all over the world.


Doe Deere created her company in 2008 as a business that would reflect her love for using bright colors. Doe Deere created Lime Crime by creating her first lipstick product that soon took off and became in high demand to influence her to later start her company. Doe Deere is a popular entrepreneur and has even been recently recognized for her influences within the makeup industry. Though makeup is her full-time job, Doe Deere often feels as though she never works an actual job because she loves what she does so much. As a female entrepreneur, Doe Deere has gained a wide range of respect and love among individuals that have even named themselves to be the unicorns.


In recent news, Doe Deere decided to sit down in an interview with a magazine that is based off of the internet that is known for the magazine’s influential advice about fashion. Doe Deere discussed not only her company in present day, but talked about her motivations to starting the company in the first place. With distinction to her company name, customers of Doe Deere were eager to learn more about this successful woman and her bright colored lipsticks, eye shadow, and blush.


During this interview, Doe Deere talked about her motivations behind starting the company. Though she has not always been a makeup creator or a makeup artist, Doe Deere has always been a creative individual and has translated this creativity to clothing lines as well as to her most recent success of Lime Crime. Doe Deere hopes to continue the growth of the company and hopes to one day own a brick and mortar shop that can become a part of a community and that can influence the lives of each and every individual within the community.

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Helane Morrison gaining your Trust

Helane Morrison began her professional career by practicing law at Howard, Rice, Nemorovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin from 1986-1996. In this law firm, she was eventually promoted to partner in 1991. Her work here included business litigation, defense of private securities, and SEC matters. Eventually, she moved away from law practice and joined regulatory committees that governed how the financial industry operated.

In 1999, Morrison led the San Francisco Office of the Unite States Securities and Exchange Commission. She was in this position until 2007, where she enforced securities, litigation matters, and regulatory compliance within her jurisdiction. At the peak, she handled the matters of up to five states in the Northwest surrounding California. The most notable cases she handled were fraud cases that involved top executives at major companies such as Google, Hewlett-Packard, NextCard Inc, and HBO. In addition, she exposed the malpractices of an insurance company called American Amicable which served over 50,000 military personnel.

Using her prior experience, Helane eventually moved on to Hall Capital in 2007. Hall Capital is one of the largest advisory firms in San Francisco. In this firm, Helane Morrison holds a position as a member of the company’s Executive Committee and is the Chief Compliance Officer.

Throughout her time in the industry, Helane Morrison has gained in-depth knowledge of what happened following the economic crash of 2008. People began to lose faith in the financial industry because of the way the top executives and leaders of the biggest firms handled their money and the situation at the time. People began taking back the money into their own hands, leading to a stagnant environment.

Helane Morrison has made it her personal mission to fix this issue. She entered into the ring to rescue the public and enforce accountability, integrity, and regulatory compliance. She is sharp, firm and hardworking. She puts her unique skill set to work for her clients by ensuring that they are working with only the most safe firms that she offers. She and her team personally comb through brokerage firms, financial advisers, and mutual fund advisers in order to make sure that they are legitimately concerned with her clients well being.

Overall, Helane Morrison is personally involved in the best financial decisions for her clients. She understands where the industry went wrong eight years ago and is determined to gain back the trust of the public. She dedicates her time to this mission.

Malini Saba: Defining Success As Taking Risks

Investing with an eye on what’s going to happen in five years, not what is happening now, is my philosophy. It’s also Malini Saba‘s method for selecting investments. As the Chairman of Saban, she focuses on retail and real estate in India, getting in before anyone else saw the potential. She predicted a rise in India’s middle class and the returns were fantastic. Saban also invests in tech companies in the United States and fossil fuels in China. Saba is also entering the commodities market. She’s run the company for 25 years, taking risks and going places to seek out investment opportunities where few other women dare to tread.

In a LifeStyle interview, Saba said that she always worked for herself. After living in the U.S., Saba came home to Australia with her young daughter. Never one to sit still, Saba is the new, charismatic CEO of the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce. Back in Australia only a few months, Malini is still running Saban, her own company, and now, she is going to help Ipswich businesses take advantage of an expected population explosion. While she is originally from Perth, Saba doesn’t believe that being an outsider is a negative; she views Ipswich as a startup, poised for growth.

I admire Saba for saying that she would never do anything differently if her life if she could do it all over again. When you believe in yourself, you can learn from your mistakes and you become a better person. Follow Malini on Linkedin to connect with her.