Brian Bonar Management and Investment Portfolio

Brian Bonar is a highly successful investor and investment manager based in San Diego, California. According to his LinkedIn account, Bonar’s skills set and endorsements span a wide spectrum; they include Strategy, Mergers and Acquisition, Management, Venture Capital, Consulting, Recruiting and Private Equity.

He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services Company and Trucept Inc and is the Founder and Managing member of AMS outsourcing.

Bonar was appointed the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services Company in June 1999, a position that placed him in charge of Sales and Management Strategy. He assumed the position of CEO of the San Diego based PEO, Trucept in June 2011.

The firm is focused on providing temporary staffing services and insurance products and services. The other positions he has held in the past include that of President, Vice President, Sales Manager, Director of Engineering and Procurement Manager of various companies.

Bonar was appointed the President of Allegiant Professional Business Services in February 2008 and served for 2 years until January 2013. He was charged with overseeing sales and marketing of the company’s insurance products and strengthening relationships through outreach.

At Itec Imaging Technologies, Brian Bonar served as VP of Sales from October 1995 to October 1991. He was responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with printer companies from Asia.

He also held the position of VP of sales and marketing at Rastek Corporation from June 1989 to August 1993. While serving at Rastek, Bonar was responsible for overseeing the sale of printing technology across the world.

Before joining Rastek Corporation, Bonar was the Director of Engineering at QMS for a solid 4 years and 3 months. He was tasked with overseeing a team of highly trained software and hardware engineering numbering about 100.

Bonar’s first serious engagement in corporate management circles came in April 1969, when he was appointed the Procurement Manager of IBM. He was responsible for outsourcing motherboards for IBM computers. He served in this position for 16 years until March 1985. Bonar also runs a successful restaurant chain in San Diego.

According to the Crunchbase, Bonar is the owner of the highly successful Bellamy’s restaurant that offers a fine dining experience in the San Diego Metropolitan Area. In line with his long term growth strategy, Bonar acquired a 144 acre property in the same area.

He has successfully transformed the property into a world class 4-Star accommodation and restaurant. Besides holding a string of management portfolios and restaurant investment, Brian Bonar is also keen on promoting education, retail businesses and real estate investments.

In terms of education, Bonar holds a Bachelors Degree from The University of Strathclyde and a Masters in Business Administration and PhD from UK’s Staffordshire University.