WIT Press: The Frontier of Sustainability and Innovation

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT), has been leading a charge in the last few years through further investment in education, research and publishing. The institution boasts five internationally renowned journal titles.

A brief overview of the journals:

Sustainable Development and Planning seeks to reach achievable enviromentalist goals amid rapid urbanization and industrialization. Policy planning and implementation is sought through coordination between parties from enviromentalists through policy planners and other actors.
Design & Nature and Ecodynamics proposes ideas of interdisciplinary coordination between the arts and sciences in a bid to harmonize nature and scientific advancement thereby encouraging sustainable development.
Safety and Security Engineering provides a forum through which engineering papers that relate to security issues of any kind may be submitted. Sensitivity is given to interdisciplinary papers due to the integrated world and the subsequent integrated threats.
Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements stresses that simulations are becoming more complex and their improvement hinges on efficiency. Hence the importance of harmonizing computational methods and experimental measurements.  Based on wessex.ac.uk.
Energy Production and Management explores energy consumption and its global effects as the world economy grows and demand for fossil fuels through renewable energy, grows. Renewable and clean energy emphasized.

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