Roberto Santiago: Mall Tycoon from Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is known to be one of Brazil’s most successful businessmen. Born in the city of Joao Pessoa, he went to the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he earned his business administration degree. After graduating, he decided to start his own business and purchased a barren lot located inside the city. Development began as early as 1987 and from the site rose a newly constructed mall two years later. Manaira, opened in 1989, became Joao Pessoa’s largest mall. The city of Joao Pessoa is known to many tourists for its 20 kilometer beachfront, and also because the easternmost point in the Americas can be found here. The city has undergone drastic changes in the last century, and its economy is continuously rising up. After the construction of Manaira, the local population of Joao Pessoa has another place to hang out to. Visitors from all over the world also try to drop by the mall to see its grandeur, and there are a lot in store for everyone. There is a variety of facilities to choose from that provides entertainment, cuisine, shopping and healthy lifestyle. There is a cinema complex, a concert hall, gaming lounge, food court, department stores, brand stores, banks, gyms, educational institution, and so much more.


Domus Hall, a concert hall located on the roof top of Manaira, is probably the most visited facility inside the mall. The concert hall opened in 2009, and it has attracted the public ever since it opened. It has a spacious area inside, and almost 4,000 people can be accommodated. In events where people are left to stand, it is believed that 10,000 can fit inside. The hall has hosted a lot of musical concerts, conferences, exhibits and fairs from the past, and it also hosts personal events including weddings and birthdays. The hall is sound proof, and it is fully air-conditioned, providing comfort to its guests. International artists visiting the city of Joao Pessoa always look into the Domus Hall whenever they are trying to choose a location for their performance. Roberto Santiago indeed built an edifice that would symbolize the vibrant lifestyle of the city.


Aside from the Domus Hall, Manaira is also offering a lot of attractions for visitors. Just recently, the mall has undergone major renovations. In 2012, the mall’s food court have undergone a major expansion, where in food choices were added and different flavors from all over the world became an option for those who wanted to eat. Two years later, Espaço was opened to the public – a space inside the mall specializing in gourmet restaurants. The mall also opened Tok Stok, a store specializing in locally made products. Roberto Santiago’s dream of creating a business for himself have made his home city an iconic getaway.