‘End Citizens United’ Is the Voice of Millions With the Money to Make Those Voices Heard

SUBHEADING: What Is ‘End Citizens United’ and What Do They Want To Do?


To answer these questions it is necessary to understand what the phrase of just ‘Citizens United’ means.


There was a ruling issued by the Supreme Court in 2010 that had what most consider to be a serious impact on political campaign contributions. Basically; this ruling stated that while direct campaign contributions to any individual candidate still have a limit to the amount of that contribution;any other organization that is legally unaffiliated with any specific candidate or political party may receive unlimited contributions from any individual or corporation. These unaffiliated political groups may do anything they want with that money including ?what would normally be considered massive, negative ad campaigns ?????no longer have any limitations regarding how much and individual may donate to a any political candidate and that money may be used for any type of campaign activity including the funding of negative advertising directed at an individual running for any office.


There is a name for these legally independent political organizations that can receive an unlimited amount of contributions; ‘Super PAC,’ with the ‘PAC’ standing for ‘Political Action Committee.’


‘End Citizens United’ is a ‘Political Activist’ group that was formed in 2016 based and is becoming a powerful political organization stating that they number over 3 million people. As far as the group being funded; they have a grass roots effect that is very effective with small donations of $10.00 thousands of people adding up to big numbers; As in $4 million dollars in contributions From January through April 1st of 2017. End Citizens United has said that 40% of the people who donated within that time period did so for the first time.


SUBHEADING: What is the Purpose of End Citizens United?


End Citizens United is focused on campaign contribution reform. How do they want to go about this and what is the change they are seeking?


Their purpose seem to be two-fold:



  1. They want to overturn or change the Supreme Court ruling of ‘Citizens United’
  2. They are extremely committed to backing democratic political candidates


This seems to be based on the unusual amount of dissatisfaction during the Donald Trump republican administration‘s actions and in-actions during that very important ‘First 100 Days’ in office.


Considered to be traditional type of PAC; End Citizens United cannot accept any donation greater than $5,000.00 from any individual source. However, the grass roots of this organization are not only determined but widespread meaning that End Citizens United expects to raise more than $35 million dollars to be spent during the campaigning build up towards the 2018 midterm elections for Congress.


The bottom line here is that End Citizens United is looking to do what the average person in the U. S. cannot do by themselves; stand up against the powerful and heavily financed Super PACs by all of them joining together. With the total number of contributions approaching 2 million for this year; apparently a lot of people feel there are a lot of good reasons to support and develop End Citizens United by combining their voice with and few dollars millions of others so that their word will be heard.