Bury Bad Articles Saved My Business

A few years ago my company was all over the news. I remember the day as if it was yesterday. It was shortly after I had given birth to my daughter when I got an unexpected phone call that the person I had named COO of my growing start up company that had just won a huge sum of money from silicon valley’s Facebook had just been arrested for murder, yes murder. Imagine how I felt in that moment. Not only was I devastated that a close friend and counterpart of mine had created such a heinous crime but I was also devastated because I knew the news media would not focus as much on the individual as they would on my company. I had to find a solution and find one one fast.

I had seen many companies go through crisis before but I never expected to deal with such a crisis in my own company. I had a cookie cutter life. I always minded my business and tried to surround myself with people who were very similar. How could I have appointed a murderer? How did I not know he had the tendency to commit such a crime?

I instantly called one of my PR friends and she introduced me to BBA, Bury Bad Articles. Because the news was fairly news it was easy for BBA to bury the articles rather quickly. It didn’t totally eliminate the articles but what it did do was create an opportunity for those articles to be pushed further down the search engine.

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