Following the Rise of EOS Lip Balm in an Outdated Market

A few years ago, lip balm was considered a fairly boring and unappealing product. Exciting and fashionable would never have been used to describe the outdated designs that plagued the lip balm aisle at convenient stores. Instead, this product was designed solely for pragmatic reasons. Sanja Mehra and Jonathan Teller, the founders of the Evolution of Smooth, were able to transform lip balm into something that could be interesting and fashionable.

EOS’ new line of lip balm helped to redefine how this product was viewed. The new design and philosophy behind the product created a new understanding of the possibilities of this item. First and foremost, EOS decided to target women specifically as they already comprised a vast majority of the lip balm customer base. Even though lip balm was treated as a unisex product, it was used primarily by women as a part of their makeup regimen.

With their target demographic in mind, EOS set out to create a design that would be appealing to use. They wanted women to enjoy applying their lip balm without worrying what others would think. After considering many different designs, Teller and Mehra decided on a sphere shape. This design felt good in the hands while still remaining functional. They also paid special attention to the colors and flavors of their lip balm.

After successfully placing their product in large retailers and online stores eBay and Amazon, EOS focused their energy on marketing. Understanding their audience to be millennial women, Mehra and Teller were very strategic about their strategies. They were able to convince Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus to feature EOS lip balm in their music videos. As a majority of millennials use social media, EOS collaborated with popular social media icons to advertise their new line of lip balm. EOS also established an impressive following on Facebook and Instagram with millions of followers.

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