Which EOS Lip Balm is Right For You?

EOS lip balms can be recognized by their colorful egg-like packaging. Not only is the packaging cute, but their adorable colorful egg-like structure make them convenient to carry and use. In addition to there There are about eleven main flavors with a couple limited edition versions. All versions of the lip balm are 95% organic and 100% natural, and do not test on animals in addition to being paraben and petrolatum free. From drugs stores to the hands of celebrities, it is loved by many. The reason? It’s easy to use, moisturizes well, smells and tastes delightful,and is cute.

Two of the more popular flavors are the ‘Smooth Sphere in Sweet Mint’ and ‘Smooth Sphere in Pomegranate Raspberry’, shop here at amazon.com. The ‘Sweet Mint’, as it names suggest, is a light minty scent. Although maybe not as effective as chewing gum, this flavor does leave a little tingle on the lips that helps to feel “fresh”. The second flavor, ‘Pomegranate Raspberry’ actually smells like a fruitier version of beeswax. However, the flavor itself is sweet and tastes good. As you can see, the different flavors can serve different purposes. All the lip balms hydrate well, but the fruiter ones might be more ideal for someone who values the tastiness of lip balms while the less fruity ones, like coconut or mint, really soothe the lips so one feels more “clean”. Read more stories here onblogwebpedia.com.

Finding the right flavor has a lot to do with personal preference and trial and error, however, one can not go wrong with any of the flavors even if there is one they prefer more over the others. All the EOS flavors, whether scented or not, are hypoallergenic and contain shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil, making it great for sensitive skin- so there should be no issues with trying the various flavors out.

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