Jeremy Goldstein delves into performance based incentive methods

Many corporations have been offering stock options to their employees as part of the employees’ benefits package for a long time. However, this is changing in the current times. Many corporations are now considering alternative means of compensating their workers apart from the stock options.


Corporations that have stopped offering stock options quote saving money as the only reason they have arrived at that conclusion, but further analysis of the issue reveals myriad issues that are associated with the stock options. In this article we will look at the main reasons why stock options are becoming less and less popular. There must be some adverse disadvantages that have made managers pull out of a method that has been used for so long.


A price drop in the value of stock option will lead to inability of the employees to execute their stock options. Since they are not able to execute the stock options, it means that they will not incur any losses on their side. For the company however, there are problems that will be created by such a move. The company will be required to update all the transactions that relate to the stock options. This means that the cost and liabilities are going on the side of the company. This has the impact of creating overhang options. When they overhang. It will be hard to buy the stocks at particular levels.


The business environment has lately been faced with many challenges. Any business that wants to succeed must create a formidable plan that will sustain its business operations. There many factors that need to be put together for a business to perform successfully but the task of bringing these factors together and making them work is not easy. Jeremy Goldstein has worked with the big corporations in the United States and knows that the choice incentive programs is one of the crucial factors that could make a business organization succeed or fail. If the incentive programs are properly implemented, they can lead to significant growth in an organization.


Jeremy Goldstein has lately delved into the matter of Earning per share, a performance-based incentive method. He says that it is an effective method if it is properly used. It can be used to influence the decision of shareholders on whether to sell or buy the stock in a company.


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