SOLVY, an Online Education Platform

SOLVY is a free online learning platform developed by Alexei Beltyukov to connect teachers, students, and schools. With SOLVY, students log into their accounts to access math homework assigned by their teachers. Likewise, teachers assign exercises based on student’s area of specialization and needs.

Interestingly, SOLVY’s alerts teachers when students require extra support. It relates real-world problems to math, creating multiple ways to approach a math exercise. Unlike other online learning platforms, SOLVY provides hints and feedback to students.

Experts across the world credit SOLVY, an online math homework platform as it helps teachers save time. Besides helping teachers use their time efficiently, SOLVY provides a real world context of learning in the classroom. As technology evolves, you can now access SOLVY on lots of devices such as iPhones and Windows.

With SOLVY, students share ideas using graphing tools. Furthermore, teachers monitor students’ progress; therefore, they can pinpoint any errors. Just recently, SOLVY has integrated Algebra to its system.

About Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Betyukov is a renowned Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist behind the success of a series of ventures. Upon graduating from INSEAD University with a master degree in Business Administration in 1997, Beltyukov ventured into the world of business.

He is the founder of A-Ventures, Endemic Capital, New Gas Technologies, and SOLVY. He was named SOLVY’s Chief Operating Officer in February 2015. Driven by the passion for philanthropic efforts, he initiated the formation of Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD University. Throughout his career, Beltyukov pioneered the improvement of the Russian business and education sectors.

As a committed philanthropist, Alexei Beltyukov founded Endemic Capital to help Russian startups meet their personal and professional financial needs. Moreover, he established A-Ventures to provide funding to existing Russian companies and startups during the economic downturn. According to a Slideshare document, Alexei is the brain behind the formation of Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD University. The scholarship program offers financial support to Russians studying at INSEAD University.

With an extensive background in entrepreneurship, Alexei Beltyukov partners with the Russian government in providing financial guidance through the Skolkovo Foundation. As the Vice President of Skolkovo Foundation, Alexei Beltyukov provides grants and job opportunities for Russian technology entrepreneurs as well as extending their professional networks throughout Russia.