Ara Chackerian Is A Respected Figure In The Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian is a respected figure in the healthcare industry. He has been making a an impact in the industry for many years. Ara is known as an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Together with his business partners they invest in early-stage healthcare companies. Chackerian is the managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings. He also formed his own company known as TMS Health Solutions. TMS Health Solutions is an answer to the growing epidemic that plagues people suffering from resistant depression.


Ara Chackerian’s business techniques have carried him a long way in his industry. He has been a very smart investor who spots trends in the market and looks to improve on a given situation. Chackerian observed a dynamic going on between doctors and patients. Ara studied the issues closely and decided to form TMS Health Solutions. The limited insurance health coverage policies were at the forefront of his decision. TMS Solutions exist to assist patients in getting the kind of care they expect when visiting the clinic. Check out



TMS Health Solutions has gone on to provide great service for many people suffering from depression. The concept has expanded to 7 facilities in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento area. The clinics are constructed with consulting offices and treatment rooms. Each clinic was designed by Josh Heitler. The decor is intended to present a relaxing environment for the patients. Chackerien felt that it was important to present a serene environment for people suffering from mental illness. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Ara Chackerian takes the day how comes to him. He allows his priorities to affect decision-making. Therefore Ara does not bother with to-do-list. Chackerian is very passionate about philanthropy as well as business. However, he does not let his emotions interfere with the decisions that he intendeds to make. Ara is very appreciative of his personal circumstances, understanding that his personal success is due greatly to his lottery in life. You can check out


Preparing for a Life Line Screening

If you have decided to get yourself tested, Life Line Screening is a great option for you. If might be scary at first and you may not know what to expect, but it’s not as scary as you might think and it could just save your life.


You can prepare a few days in advance for your screenings. There are fairly simple things you can do to help make the experience more fun and better for you. The first thing you can do is find clothing that is comfortable. This means loose pants and a shirt that allows you to be comfortable. You may be tired or even hungry after your screening and you should expect to take Screening easy after. You should be able to do most things, but you want to make sure you have enough to eat and that you are not stressed too much after.

During the Screening

Life Line Screening is a time when you can get different tests. Some will require you to not eat for a certain amount of time and others will want you to have a full bladder. It will depend on the test and what you want to know or that you need to know because of family history or something else.

After the Screening

After you are done with your Life Line Screening, you will need to eat or take it easy. This way you can feel better after you have had the testing. While they are not very invasive, they may make you uncomfortable and not feel good for the rest of the day. You need to take care of yourself after you have your testing and eat, rest and relax as needed to make sure feel okay.

Life Line Screening is a great way to find out what you may need to look for or what you may need to prepare for in the future, but this screening can help you to know and be ready for it. That is why it’s so important to take these tests seriously and do what you need to in order to stay healthy.

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