Your Passion is your Driving Force

It takes passion and interest to choose a career path. A career is something you will wake to every morning and sleep late at night after your day’s accomplishments. It is, therefore, crucial that you make the right choice and choose that which you love doing. Making the wrong choice will give you less motivation, and hence you will not go far in the venture.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez contributions
Jose’ Manuel Gonzalez made his chose to venture into the business and entrepreneurial world; he has since risen to great heights all for making the right decision. Graduated with M.A in economics from the Columbian University, Gonzalez has worked tirelessly in a bid to fulfill and make use of his passion in the financial world. His investments may not be quite a thing to talk about, but we can’t evade saying of his advisory roles in the major international organizations and his country as well. His career varies and shifts with the interest at hand from an advisor to bank decision-making, social responsibilities just to mention but a few.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has made major contributions in the banking world, given that he has acted as the advisor to among others, IMF and World Bank. In 2004 upto2012 he served as a member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank (ECB), taking part in policy formulation and implementation of monetary and market operations policies. His contributions and love for economics have enabled him to go places and accomplish a lot in his life. Passion is the driving force for any accomplishment, more so in the financial and economic world. Being a leader in international organizations requires a proper evaluation of decisions one makes bearing in mind that they affect the lives of a lot of people in the world. It is his carefully and calculated decisions in economics that have propelled him up the ladder to places he even never thought he would reach.

What’s your motivation? What would make you give up everything in its pursuit? This are questions one ought to answer before making the decision to venture into any business or choosing the career within the right motivation so will you accomplish your dreams and ambitions.