Freedom Financial Network Provides Guidance And Tools For Financial Freedom

As kids head back to school and college all over the country, there is no doubt stress for parents as they scramble to get their kids ready. One of the major tasks for parents to get their children ready for school is buying supplies and other essentials. While it may seem minor, buying school supplies, clothes and other items can be a drain on the budget as well as time. Below are some tips that parents can utilize to save time, money and to cut back on the back to school stress.

One word of advice for back to school shopping offered by Kevin Gallegos of the Freedom Financial Network is to get a supply list before you head out to shop. Gallegos states that most schools should mail or email you a list of required supplies before the school year. If you did not receive one you can always request a supply list by contacting your school. As a last resort, you could always contact teachers and ask what will be required or suggested to know in advance what is needed.

Another tip for back to school shopping provided by Kevin Gallegos from the Freedom Financial Network is to create a budget for your back to school shopping needs. Create a budget for various categories such as school supplies, clothing and other items and stick to it. Waiting for sales and checking around the home for any supplies you may already have are additional ways you can cut back on the back to school expenses.

Freedom Financial Network is a financial services company that was created in 2002 by Brad Stroh and Andrew Houser. Services offered by the firm include mortgage shopping, direct personal loans, debt consolidation and debt settlement. Freedom Financial Network now employs over 1,000 and has helped resolve over $6 billions dollars worth of debt through various means such as debt consolidation and settlement.

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