Infinit Group’s Personal Finance Trainer Model has Landed Them a Spot in Australia’s Most Innovative Companies

Infinity Group Australia is a financial company that does more than act as a mortgage broker. They educate Australians on how to properly handle their finances in order to reduce debt, pay off their homes, plan for retirement, and even invest their money once they have saved up enough. Their main goal is to educate Australians on finances so that the Australian public takes control of their own financial future. Graeme Holm, the founder of the company states that he got the idea when he was out on a jog with his personal trainer, who also happens to now be his wife.

The thought was that a person can go to the gym by themselves, but if they do not know how to exercise correctly, it will take them a long time to reach their fitness goals because they have to go through a trial and error phase to figure out what works for them. If they had hired a personal trainer, however, achieving those goals would be way easier, since they would have an expert guide them through the entire process. With this in mind, holm set out to create a company that would serve as a financial personal trainer for his clients.

Infinity Group’s process is different yet simple. Once you have your mortgage, the company will provide assistance in every aspect of your finances. They will attempt to teach you how to reduce your debt, pay off your home, and invest correctly. Once you have your loan, they will analyze your household finances and see where you can save and what you can do to reduce your debt. From then on, they will send you detailed progress reports so you can see how well you’re doing and where you can improve.

This business model has earned Infinity Group some fantastic feedback. In fact, Infinity Group Australia Reviews are so positive that they have now earned a spot in the Australia Financial Review’s list of most innovative companies for 2018. This is a prestigious list to be in and Holm is very proud of this achievement. AFR has an audience of about 1.8 billion people, so Infinity Group’s popularity will most likely see a big increase in the upcoming months. Holm states that he wants his company to continue to improve the lives of millions of Australians so that the country can achieve a new level of economic growth. Learn more :