Boraie development builds and rebuilds cities

Boraie Development is a real estate development division which deals with the management of property by keeping details and improving their property according to the trends together with sales and marketing. It is a well-established company as it employs;

  • Qualified architects.
  • Experienced contractors who meet deadlines.
  • Well performing financial institutions.
  • Qualified stuff who ensure that the clients are well served.

According to crunchbase, the company comes up with projects and make a follow up till their completion thereby attracting residents and financial partners who are proud to be part of a successful plan. Boraie Development features both Commercials for example hotel assets and Residential units, for instance, the student hostels.

‘Shaq towers’ a skyscraper built in Newark is the most recent project of Boraie in partnership with Shaquille O’Neal, the former NBA superstar. They held a topping-off ceremony which symbolized the completion the construction process. Sam Boraie said that the town is an example of why the private and public entities should come merge to make progress. He concluded by recognizing mayor Ras Baraka and the residents of Newark city for their effort in seeing the project through till its completion.

The tower will have a hundred and sixty-nine rental units and thirty-one stories enabling the residents to enjoy what their city has. Moreover, it would create employment opportunities for the residents.

Murphy, the governor of Newark city who was also present acknowledged that the project is not only a great achievement for the city but also an opportunity for growth for it and New Jersey in general.

O’ Neal was the last to give his remarks. He expressed his affection for the city and termed his mother as the one who gave him the zeal to improve the city. Additionally, he gave the crowd an assurance that the building will remind them of him even when he is not around. The building will be rented out at affordable prices. Furthermore, members can apply for a lease for as early as September. Boraie announced their next project in Newark which they said that the approvals were underway and are looking forward to receiving subsidies. Check out for more details.


Boraie development success is triggered by the unstoppable desire to achieve the best and perceiving every problem as an opportunity. The company invests widely in urban development, cities that have benefited from this plan include the Atlantic City and the Newark city. Boraie Development plans to continue investing in the real estate hence enabling urban development.




State Theatre to Start Showing Free Movies throughout the Summer Of 2016

Film lovers have good news this summer after the State Theatre said that it would bring back the Free Summer Movies Series, courtesy of The Bank Foundation and Boraie Development. Some of the movies to be featured in this series include

  • Frozen to be shown on July 12
  • The extra Terrestrial to be shown on July 19
  • Despicable Me 2 to be shown on July 26
  • Babe to be shown on August 2
  • Monsters University to be shown on August 9
  • Aladdin to be shown on August 16

Since everyone will be allowed to watch the six movies without paying even a cent, young individuals have an opportunity to watch and enjoy some favorite movies with their families. Young people will have a chance to enjoy their summer camps and other groups in the opulent surroundings of the State Theatre. State Theatre has been a historical movie palace since 1921, and it has always been one of the preeminent venues for live performance in New Jersey.

With the support offered by the Boraie Development, State Theatre can now allow local families and young individuals to watch movies without paying for this remarkable historical venue. Even the executives from the Provident Bank Foundation, who sponsored the community access initiative, noted that they are excited to play a role in making it possible for families to benefit from these incredible State Theatre experience for free this summer. Check out Fundacity to know more.

Anna Maria, one of the state theatre executives, says that they are pleased to announce the return of the summer movies series this year that comes with an extended watch list of six movies. As part of its mission, state theatre is devoted to present inexpensive and family-friendly programs. On top of that, they have a year round community access initiative that invites the community to come and enjoy an array of free events at the theatre. With the support offered by both the Boraie Development and the Provident Bank Foundation, state theatre is optimistic to get a large number of families this summer. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a leading real estate company that provides a variety of services in the real estate market including real estate development, property management and marketing of the properties. The company works with a team that is determined to build spectacular features while offering incomparable services to its customers. Since its establishment, Omar Boraie has been partnering with the strongest financial institution and architects who have a vision. Boraie Development works with contractors who are strict on deadlines to make sure that the projects are completed on time meet the required standards.

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Sam Boraie: Performing Real Estate Development and Charity Work in New Brunswick

Sam Boraie is a notable businessman and a philanthropist who is achieving his family’s vision of redeveloping New Brunswick. He is considered one of the town heroes who saved the city from blight in the 1960s – 1970s. This was a very rough time that left burnt out buildings and fearful inhabitants who fled to the nearest suburbs.

Sam Boraie serves as the vice president of Boraie Development, LLC, a real estate company that focuses on various areas of the urban real estate market. At the family business, Sam is tasked with identifying new development projects that will benefit the metropolitan area. Under his leadership, the real estate firm has expanded their projects to Newark and Atlantic City. According to, this incorporates real estate planning and involvement in philanthropic activities that improve people’s lives and encourage economic growth.

Philanthropic Activities

1) State Theatre New Jersey

Despite being interested in the company’s activities, Sam Boraie is also devoted to assisting New Brunswick through charity work. He serves as a trustee of the State Theatre New Jersey which is a nonprofit theater situated in New Brunswick. The theater hosts movies, performances, workshops, artist residencies and other activities. Besides this, the theater is nationally recognized for providing education and outreach programs that touch the lives of almost 3,000 families, teachers, and students.

In 2014, the State Theatre Benefit Gala acknowledged four honorees, one of them being Boraie Development for their joint effort in raising more than $765,000 for the arts center. The theater’s 25th anniversary recorded the highest funds raised since its establishment 25 years ago. The proceeds from the Gala support artistic and educational programs hosted at the State Theater.

2) Elijah’s Promise

Mr. Boraie is also a member of the advisory board at Elijah’s Promise, a nonprofit organization that uses food to alleviate hunger, break the cycle of hunger and change lives in New Jersey. Sam and other members of the board are responsible for providing advice on concerns raised by the management of the organization. They also monitor business performance, offer a social networking platform for the management and the company and provide unbiased ideas and insights from a third party-point-of view.

The organization runs a community kitchen, catering business, and culinary arts school. They strive to fight hunger by providing good food, education and job training for the food sector as well as develop food businesses that help create a better world.

The volunteer-run soup kitchen works in close collaboration with the New Jersey community to organize fun events for families. For example, they host the Annual Race against Hunger & Chili Cook-Off which occurs every November of the year. After the race, attendees are served with great chili dishes from volunteers and staff.