End Citizens United: Requesting For The Electoral Reformation

End Citizens United, an organization founded in March 1, 2015, is aiming to bring the power back into the hands of the American people. The organization was the answer of counter protesters to another group called the Citizens United, which was established years earlier, in November 1988.

The reason why End Citizens United was formed is simply because they wanted to bring electoral reformation in the United States. According to them, a controversial ruling by the United States Supreme Court in 2010 has made corporations more powerful by giving them the right to support the presidential candidate that they wanted at the expense of the people.

What happened before was that the Federal Electoral Council filed a protest stating that corporations and other similar private entities should not be given the right to support the candidate that they wanted financially. However, Citizens United found this unconstitutional and filed a case with the United States Supreme Court. The end result was that the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United, and declared that corporations and similar private entities have the right to support their preferred candidates. This ruling has angered a lot of people, stating that the small group of wealthy families in the United States can now control the outcome of the election. They have been given so many rights, including the right not to disclose how much they have donated.

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The organization has been protesting since the ruling has taken effect. They managed to solicit funding from private individuals who believe their causes. End Citizens United states that the number of members that they have has swollen to almost a million, and everyone is requesting for electoral reforms. They wanted everyone to take a stand against the current system, and encourage the people to join them in their protests. The group is currently focusing on three major reformation points – the election of candidates who are pro-reform, addressing the grave problem of corruption with mishandling campaign funds, and to put pressure on politicians that they think are rigging the system.

With millions of people believing in their cause, End Citizens United easily raised $4 million in the first three months of the year. They are encouraging their members to give something to the organization so that they can raise enough money to do something about the system. Experts were surprised at how quick the organization managed to raise such amount, and stated that with this current rate, they can collect up to $35 million in 2018, just in time for another elections in the United States. People who are supporting End Citizens United are hoping that they will be seeing some changes in the future, and that transparency will make a comeback.