Nutrient Rich Beneful Healthy Puppy Food

Beneful Healthy puppy food contains only the best ingredients and it is ideal for a growing puppy since the food was created with that specific purpose in mind. With chicken as the number one ingredient, this food is delicious and appetizing enough to keep even the pickiest of puppies interested in its flavor. I tis also accented with carrots and peas to add additional nutrients and keep your puppy feeling fuller for longer. Beneful Healthy puppy food also boasts a high protein content at 28 percent so this is a great choice for active or large puppies that are rapidly growing and developing.

With the combined small kibble size and high protein dog food , this food would be great for any dog. Breeds all the way from salukis to labradors will enjoy this food and thrive on it. The nutrients are filled with calcium in order to promote the health and growth of bones. This is incredibly important food for growing puppies so that they can be healthy and have a proper skeletal structure when they are full grown. The DHA in the Beneful Healthy puppy food also ensures that the puppy’s brain and vision develop properly. The Beneful website has options for coupons.