The Success of MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental is a great place for dentists to come together and support one another both in the professional way as well as in the financial way. There are some dentists that want to move up and become owners of their own ractices and that requires guidance as well as financial stability. MB2 Dental is a good way for those dentists to come together and receive that stability and support.

MB2 Dental is a good community where dentists look out for one another and care about one another’s dreams and goals. Being part of a company that values you for who you are and still manages to check up o you to see how your goals are coming along is something very wonderful. It makes you feel valued and more confident as a person. When you feel this way, it easier to reach out for help and also it is easier to get to your goal. They have over 200 doctors and out of those 200 doctors 37 of them have their own practice. At MB2 Dental, they motivate you to not settle for anything less than a job. They encourage each one to work hard in their career to reach a point in their lives where they feel happy and satisfied. Feeling happy in your career will help you be happier in life. They help you grow as a person as well as a dentist. Being a good person outside of the dental office has a lot to do with how far and how quick you will achieve your goals and dreams.

Reaching out to MB2 Dental is free and is easy to do. They are family oriented and are very welcoming when it comes to accepting new dentists. It feels as if you are immediately part of the community and it gives you the motivation to continue on reaching your full potential. There are many success stories that come from MB2 Dental. This shows that there have been many successful testimonies that prove that MB2 Dental is a great place to help out other dentists and come together as a community.

How Avi Weisfogel is Aiding Sleep Apnea Research

Sleep apnea is one of the most destructive medical conditions. For the past few years, medical professionals have been trying to come up with means of unravelling this mystery. Research indicates that there is a correlation between the condition and other medical disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and diabetes. The findings of this research highlighted the need for professionals to come up with means of treating the condition. Dental Sleep Masters’ founder, Dr. Avi Weisfogel is among professionals who are trying to come up with interventions for the disorder.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been leading efforts aimed at finding the best diagnosis and treatment measures for sleep apnea. Typically, up to 90 percent of individuals who are affected by the disorder are never diagnosed. With the understanding that early diagnosis and treatment is significant, Avi has been raising awareness about this medical condition in the hope that more people will come forth to get diagnosed and consequently, treated. In line with this, Dental Sleep Masters has come up with a model that seeks to rope in physicians, sleep labs, and sleep experts.


The Sleep Apnea Model


This innovative program seeks to create a community that will make sleep apnea treatment accessible to all those who are affected. Sleep physicians and physicians will be joined by dental practitioners so that comprehensive clinical support can be offered to patients. With such models, it will be easy for more breakthroughs to emerge within the field. New treatment devices are likely to be developed, something that will boost clinical care. Already, devices such as THN Sleep Therapy have already received approval from the Food and Drug Administration.


Dr. Weisfogel in Brief


The New Jersey based dental practitioner and sleep expert is one of the most prolific and successful physicians in the US. Since 1999, he has been involved in the operations of highly successful dental clinics such as Old Bridge Dental Care. During his career, he has been named Best Dentist severally. Dr. Weisfogel’s main area of interest is the correlation between dental conditions and sleep disorders. This interest led him into establishing Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. Avi graduated from Rutgers University and the New York University.