Lovaganza To Be Released Across The World In 2020

Slated to begin in 2020, Lovaganza is an ambitious initiative celebrating many of the different cultures, races, and ethnicity around the globe with a “world’s fair” type of tour. Touted as ” A Bohiemian Adventure”, there will be locations for simultaneous celebration in Asia, Oceania, America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The international celebration will run from May to September 2020 and will be promoted starting in 2017 with Bohemian traveling shows emphasizing Lovaganza’s mission and goals.

In close coordination with the traveling show, Lovaganza is currently shooting three cutting edge 3D movies that can be watched without any special glasses. Lovaganza was initially going to be opened in 2015, but the organizers wanted to wait until they could incorporate the new 3D “IMMERSCOPE” filming technology. The series of movies, called “The Lovaganza Convoy” are being shot now in the United States, Spain, and France with plans to resume shooting in other countries soon. This film trio will be shown in traveling pavilions prior to the 2020 start date on YouTube. The goal of the movies is to show all the different cultures of the world and to celebrate diversity.

When Lovaganza starts in 2020, they will be highlighting each country’s culture by having interactive displays, shows, and exhibits for an immersive feeling to the event. The Lovaganza community’s goal is to spread a sense of joy and belonging, and to highlight that humanity is the same regardless of cultural differences. At the end of the four month instillation there will be the first ever “Hands Across The World” ceremony in which event goers can participate.

Lovaganza’s mission is to inspire unity and peace in humanity through entertainment, exhibits, and displays. There are two parts to Lovaganza. Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise provides entertainment meant to enlighten and provide wonder about different cultures and ethnicities through movies, songs, and shows. Next there is The Lovaganza Foundation. The foundation is not for profit and uses the popularity of Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise to help support regional and international peace initiatives with a positive message. The Lovaganza Foundation will officially perform duties starting in 2018.

To find more on the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise or the Lovaganza Foundation including updates leading to the opening ceremony can be found here.

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Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.