Taking on Amazon With Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Do you workout often and find that your workout gear or active wear is just not comfortable? Do you feel like your yoga pants feel more like bicycle shorts more than anything else? If so, you might want to try out the yoga pants and active wear offered by Fabletics.


Fabletics is a company that was started by Kate Hudson. You know who she is right? Your familiar with the name? She starred in movies like “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and “Fools Gold”. She has been a staple in Hollywood since she was a little girl. Her parents are Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson. Her and her brother Oliver were raised by Goldie and Kurt Russell.


Anyways, Kate had the brilliant idea to come up with active wear that is more flattering to the woman’s body and offers the woman to be more comfortable than most other brands of active wear. She works out herself so she knows how difficult it can be to move around in clothes that are tight and not comfortable. Because she works out, she had the means to know what areas need to be held in better and what areas needed flexibility in order to allow for someone to breathe comfortably while working out.


Yoga is one of the oldest methods of working out. It is intended to let you relax muscles while strengthing them at the same time. It also is a method of relaxation. You will combine the breathing methods used in meditation with the posses of yoga. Some posses are harder than others and will require that you have flexibility where some posses are simple up and down movements. The more you get into yoga, the more difficult posses will become and the more you will need comfortable yoga pants.


If you spend quite a bit of time at the gym, you see lots of women walking around in active wear that looks like their blood is being cut off from the rest of the body. Do you think those pants are comfortable for them? Do you see people walking around in nice fitting yoga wear? If so, those are the women who shop at Fabletics.


The brand Fabletics is going to be a brand you have to order online or through a customer service agent. You see their ads on the television during your favorite shows. You will start your membership for $25 dollars and will receive the first outfit for that price. Your next shipment is going to be a bit more money depending on the type of membership you choose when signing up. You will continue to receive new active wear until you decide to cancel your membership.