Eli Gershkovitch, CEO, Steamworks Group of Companies

“I’ve always believed in the motto, ‘You grow to meet demand or demand will shrink to meet you.'” Eli Gershkovitch, the CEO of Steamworks Group and Companies “Everybody is talking about craft beer at the moment,” he states.”I’ve been doing craft beer now coming up to 21 years. I’ve seen the cycles. I was the part of the first wave, and now I’m part of the second wave.” Gershkovitch says. Eli Gershkovitch opened the Steamworks Brew Pub in 1995 when such operations were a novel rather than the norm. Eli Gershkovitch has built out floor space at his Gawston location, boosting seats from 184 to which has become 754. He setup shop at neighboring Waterfront station with the transcontinental restaurant before revamping it into the rogue kitchen and wet bar. “I just kept growing piece by piece, adding elements to Steamworks as they became available.”, he stated about his organic revolution (CalgaryHerald). But Eli Gershkovitch’s steady flight plan took a dramatic change of course when he expanded with the opening of a full-scale brewery in November 2013.

The 40,000-hectolitre capacity of his brewery off boundary road dwarfs his brew pub’s 2,000-hectolitre output. With the brewery operating at full capacity, business has now achieved record altitude with revenue up 50% according to Gershkovitch. At the moment Steamworks is now selling products in many Canadian provinces and 14 U.S. states along sides in many countries like Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. There is no middle ground for Eli Gershkovitch when it comes to either his business and his personal life or passions. He is singularly focused and all-in consumed on things that grab his interest. And the thing which is most important, he always needs the pilot seat. Due to his fascination with flying since childhood, Eli Gershkovitch got his pilot license in 1993. Then he flew from Vancouver to Europe and back in his single-engine Cessna 182 in the year of 2009. Eli Gershkovitch got his initial Steamworks partner, architect Soren Rasmussen, in 1997.

The advice Eli Gershkovitch has passed on for the new brewers is,”I think my advice to new brewers would be to really focus first and foremost on your local market. Work your taprooms- that’s going to be your highest margins and where you’re going to get your most reliable source of repeat customers. Certainly, that’s what I did at Steamworks. Ken Beattie, executive director of BC Craft Brewers Guild addresses El Gershkovitch as “a pioneer” who has set a good example for others by committing to a fixed path.” Eli Gershkovitch hasn’t changed his plan from 1995 to now. As he gets more successful he continues to keep that original vision.”Eli Greshkovitch has been successful in the operation and construction of the brewery (https://ca.linkedin.com/company/steamworks-brewing-co.).

He has set himself deep into the things that excite him that are branding, concept development, market expansion and new products. “The real attraction of this business is that it is so varied. [When I was young] it was a real toss up between wanting to become a creative director to an AD agency or a lawyer. What I do with Steamworks really does allow me to do both” says the CEO of Steamworks group.