Western Union Merges with ecoPayz PSI Pay Online Wallet

With the recent merging, customers can be sent Western Union dollars in the U.K. Western Union has connected to the EcoPayz platform to be able to do this. This will be Western Union’s first U.K. online wallet. Customers can use the Western Union mobile app, which is available in many countries. This partnership will allow individuals to send money with the application. Both brands are excited about the partnership. Western Union helps people and businesses send and receive money. They have many retail locations all across the world and want to provide convenience for its customers or businesses. Western Union has expanded to more than 40 countries in the world and continues to make money with over $300 billion moved. It supports economic growth, and overall, helps businesses and individuals to send money and receive it, while PSI-Pay is an e-money institution regulated by the U.K. The brand is a member of Visa and Mastercard across the world and can issue payments. As stated before, PSI-Pay is regulated by the FCA and can use Visa and Mastercard. It is a leader for payment to many companies or businesses across the world.

A video on YouTube at the top of their blog reads the difference between E-Money and Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been able to change the game by making people money by investing it into the system both locally and globally. The video acknowledges that Cryptocurrencies is not E-Money. E-money depends on government regulation, while Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not on central regulation. Bitcoins value is by supply and demand while E-Money is on fiat currency exchanged electronically. The video explains later that PSI-Pay is reliable for payments to companies and is regulated. It explains that it is secure and is available worldwide. They pride themselves on Transparency, Efficiency, and Clarity. Customers are able to withdraw and deposit money in 44 countries across 173 countries.



Anil Chaturvedi Shares His Knowledge of the Banking Industry with the World

One of the Indian bankers that made name globally is Anil Chaturvedi. He has been associated with the banking world for nearly four decades and has worked with many different wealth management firms and banks. One of the top wealth management firms named Merrill Lynch hired Anil Chaturvedi, and he was stationed at the firm as the Managing Director of International Sales and Operation for seventeen years. He was even inducted into the Circle of Champions at Merrill Lynch, which is known to be one of the most prestigious groups within Merrill Lynch. The career of Anil Chaturvedi into the world of the western financial world began when he was asked to join the State Bank of India at its office in the United States.

Anil Chaturvedi worked as the marketing and business development manager at State Bank of India for four years and helped the New York branch to generate business of nearly $500 million. It helped the bank to rise to a prominent position in the world of banking in the West and also helped Anil Chaturvedi get noticed in the banking world. Anil Chaturvedi later joined ANZ Grindlays Bank; where he stayed for two years before moving on to join Merrill Lynch. As the Managing Director at Merrill Lynch, Anil Chaturvedi worked with many different high net worth individuals to help them develop effective investment strategies. Anil Chaturvedi is currently the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank and is helping the bank to establish itself as one of the prominent banks in Switzerland. Many cross-border transactions are taking place these days globally, and Anil Chaturvedi supervises the cross-border transactions that take place via Hinduja Bank.

Anil Chaturvedi has spent his young life in India and went to the Delhi University from where he graduated. He also has an MBA degree from Delhi University where he specialized in finance. He had always wanted to enter the banking industry, and he worked hard to reach where he is today. He is also a regular speaker at different international forums where he talks about the advantages of investing in India and why they should explore the opportunity.