Bruno Fagali’s Legal Transformative Agenda

Bruno Jorge Fagali is one of Brazil’s rising legal representatives. Bruno is aiming at providing a different dimension to his home country’s judicial system. He has an in-depth understanding of administrative law. Using this knowledge, Bruno hopes to change the current terrain of Brazil’s legal framework to bring justice even to those who can’t afford it. When taking a look at his country’s incomes disparity, it is true that most Brazilians aren’t able to pay for quality legal representation which has led to most individuals being exploited.

During his career, Bruno Fagali has been able to establish an excellent name for himself as an individual who is always ready to champion for people’s rights. After graduating, Bruno has been working with some law firms and has also been able to serve under various disciplines and positions. Through working on multiple issues with some clients, Bruno has been able to gain unrivaled experience in laws. Using this expertise, Bruno aims at being able to provide legal assistance to clients ranging from everyday persons, companies and even the state itself if need be.


As of now, Bruno works serves as the Corporate Integrity manager at a firm called Nova/SB. He practices his profession as an independently hired contractor. He outsources for various corporate responsibilities using Fagali Law Firm, a legal agency he founded. Bruno has dedicated his efforts towards the establishment of his legal profession. Unlike most independently run law firms, Bruno’s Fagali Law Firm has been championing for the education of the general population with the aim of familiarizing the public with relevant legal options to be followed when it comes to administrative law.

Bruno Fagali hopes that his firm the Fagali Law Firm will be exceptional at handling their clients to ensure that justice is always served promptly. He is focused on proving the status quo wrong while bringing an end to the notion that Brazil as a nation that has several legal personalities while at the same time has one of the slowest judicial systems. He acknowledges that Brazil has been facing a corruption issue over the years. Bruno Fagali however, believes that using the right legal framework corruption in his country can be a thing of the past.

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