Bruno Fagali Awareness Alert; TSE Focuses Its Spotlight On Fake News And Internet Abuse

Bruno Fagali is a corporate Integrity Lawyer who has spent most of his life trying to rally the public and the corporate sector to make sure that they observe the ethically accepted standards in their business dealings with both clients and staff.

Bruno has worked with various high flying organizations to instill the practice of ethical observance. He is the ethics and compliance executive with Nova/sb; a leading advertising firm that seeks to set an example of how corporate affairs can be run while fully complying with the accepted ethical standards. Mr. Bruno Fagali also happens to be the founder of the Fagali Advocacy firm which pursues public awareness regarding corporate ethics compliance requirements. The lawyer has also initiated an online public awareness program intended to update the public regarding new developments in corporate ethics compliance and general information.


TSE is Fighting Fake News

The Fagali online advocacy initiative reports that TSE has begun fighting back the proliferation of fake news. Notably, Fagali Press takes note of the influence that fake news has on the American electoral process and the world in general. The analysis is especially focused on the role of fake news in influencing the outcome of the last presidential elections that saw president Donal Trump carry the day. TSE has sought to establish mechanisms that will curb the influence of fake news by preventing its spread altogether in Brazil. TSE, in its recent effort to stem fake news in Brazil, has launched Consultative Forum on Internet and Elections. The mandate of the new entity revolves around creating rules to govern the use of the internet and elections, to offer advice on matters submitted to it and to suggest the rules that can help to improve the quality of elections in Brazil. The efforts are in tandem with the Bruno Fagali Advocacy efforts to ensure ethical compliance.

The Evolving Nature of the Fake News Threat

Bruno Fagali run Press reports that the influence of fake news has been a reality in elections in America since 2010. Interestingly, another recent study, according to Fagali Press, in 2014, 1200 automated fake news booths were started by the leading thee candidates. The politicians use the automated booths to create false content about their opponents, with the intention to gain the much-needed edge from the unsuspecting public. The analysis, further observes that the fake news phenomenon has been more rewarding in the last eight years than ever before. The report notes that fake news has been around much longer than elections but it has gained new traction that is proving dangerous to democracy.

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