Boraie development builds and rebuilds cities

Boraie Development is a real estate development division which deals with the management of property by keeping details and improving their property according to the trends together with sales and marketing. It is a well-established company as it employs;

  • Qualified architects.
  • Experienced contractors who meet deadlines.
  • Well performing financial institutions.
  • Qualified stuff who ensure that the clients are well served.

According to crunchbase, the company comes up with projects and make a follow up till their completion thereby attracting residents and financial partners who are proud to be part of a successful plan. Boraie Development features both Commercials for example hotel assets and Residential units, for instance, the student hostels.

‘Shaq towers’ a skyscraper built in Newark is the most recent project of Boraie in partnership with Shaquille O’Neal, the former NBA superstar. They held a topping-off ceremony which symbolized the completion the construction process. Sam Boraie said that the town is an example of why the private and public entities should come merge to make progress. He concluded by recognizing mayor Ras Baraka and the residents of Newark city for their effort in seeing the project through till its completion.

The tower will have a hundred and sixty-nine rental units and thirty-one stories enabling the residents to enjoy what their city has. Moreover, it would create employment opportunities for the residents.

Murphy, the governor of Newark city who was also present acknowledged that the project is not only a great achievement for the city but also an opportunity for growth for it and New Jersey in general.

O’ Neal was the last to give his remarks. He expressed his affection for the city and termed his mother as the one who gave him the zeal to improve the city. Additionally, he gave the crowd an assurance that the building will remind them of him even when he is not around. The building will be rented out at affordable prices. Furthermore, members can apply for a lease for as early as September. Boraie announced their next project in Newark which they said that the approvals were underway and are looking forward to receiving subsidies. Check out for more details.


Boraie development success is triggered by the unstoppable desire to achieve the best and perceiving every problem as an opportunity. The company invests widely in urban development, cities that have benefited from this plan include the Atlantic City and the Newark city. Boraie Development plans to continue investing in the real estate hence enabling urban development.