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There are people who are in search a little bit of peace and health in their lives. Are you one of these people? There are many people out there who look for ways of making their lives better but they do not know how to do so. With The Midas Legacy, you can be able to realize your dreams and be able to get your life back on track.

There are many reasons why people get desperate and disappointed with their lives. One of them is disease. Another reason could be old age and even retirement on The reality, however, is that at some point in life you will have to grow old. There are ways, however, of mitigating these events and factors and still lead a happy life.

At Midas Legacy they offer a wide range of services. These include research services for anyone who is looking for ways of being successful. They also offer services in relation to advice on how to manage finances better. This service benefits mostly investors and entrepreneurs who would like to see their money grow and bring in profits. They also help those who would like to start a business to know how to invest their money well. If you are someone who just wants to know how to better your life and be a better person generally, they can also help you. They offer advice to their members on issues such as finding inner peace and how to become happier in life.

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At the Midas Legacy, you could also learn how to stay healthy to ways of naturally healing your illness. If you also want to retire soon and do something else, they will advise you on what to do and how to go about it. They have a team of experts who are professionals in different fields on They have authors, speakers and other professionals. They also offer their members several resources which can help you transform your life. Among the resources is a book which is called the Midas Code which helps you find guidance on how to lead a happier life and how to be content. As a new member, you will be given the book for free.

They also organize sessions which are designed to help their members get the most from the various professionals. Their activities help the member know some self-help tips on how to be better and happier.

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Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala Honored

One of the co-founders of Madison Street Capital, Antony Marsala was recognized by an organization known as National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. Anthony is the Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, and his contributions in the company made him to be nominated by NACVA’s 40 Under Forty program.

Every year, NACVA recognizes people who are below forty years and have made significant and extraordinary changes in financial forensics, business valuation, expert witness testimony, litigation consulting, mergers and acquisitions. Last year, all the nominees of the program were selected by NACVA’s executive staff and CTI. The judges in the programs were quite overwhelmed due to the candidate’s success, and choosing the winner was quite a challenge

Both CTI and NAVCA are founded on superior quality and excellence. Both organizations recognize visionary leaders in different industries. This led to the formation of the 40 Under Forty program. The program gives voice and even opportunities to individuals who have proven to be the next generation industry mavericks. The contributions of the nominees in their professions and communities play an important role in the nomination process.

Last year, there were more than one hundred and twenty five nominees. All of them were selected by NACVA’s executive staff and CTI. All of them were nominated because they had accomplished several advances in different fields. The nominees will be featured in various press releases, QuickReadBuzz Blog, NACVA’s association News and many other distributions in the country throughout the year as a way of honoring them.

Anthony Marsala has done a lot for his company since it was founded. As the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, he was instrumental in ensuring that his firm presence is felt in the international community, especially in Africa, Europe and Asia. Antony has also overseen Madison Street Capital’s due diligence and the analytical teams. These teams are responsible for the business valuation for the institution’s Corporate Finance and the M&A customers.

Madison Street Capital is a very popular institution that specializes in investments. The company is based in Colorado, Denver. The company has focused on investing in the undervalued or the overlooked organizations in the market. The company has done very well since it was founded, thanks to the dedicated and hardworking employees in the institution. Madison Street Capital has transformed the lives of many businessmen and companies in the world for the last decade. Learn more:

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Malini Saba: Defining Success As Taking Risks

Investing with an eye on what’s going to happen in five years, not what is happening now, is my philosophy. It’s also Malini Saba‘s method for selecting investments. As the Chairman of Saban, she focuses on retail and real estate in India, getting in before anyone else saw the potential. She predicted a rise in India’s middle class and the returns were fantastic. Saban also invests in tech companies in the United States and fossil fuels in China. Saba is also entering the commodities market. She’s run the company for 25 years, taking risks and going places to seek out investment opportunities where few other women dare to tread.

In a LifeStyle interview, Saba said that she always worked for herself. After living in the U.S., Saba came home to Australia with her young daughter. Never one to sit still, Saba is the new, charismatic CEO of the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce. Back in Australia only a few months, Malini is still running Saban, her own company, and now, she is going to help Ipswich businesses take advantage of an expected population explosion. While she is originally from Perth, Saba doesn’t believe that being an outsider is a negative; she views Ipswich as a startup, poised for growth.

I admire Saba for saying that she would never do anything differently if her life if she could do it all over again. When you believe in yourself, you can learn from your mistakes and you become a better person. Follow Malini on Linkedin to connect with her.

Marc Sparks, Social Entrepreneurs and Pure Philanthropy

Marc A. Sparks is a businessman who has enjoyed many favorable outcomes throughout his career. He’s a celebrated venture capitalist and entrepreneur who calls Dallas, Texas his home. He’s been behind more than 60 distinctive startup organizations up until this point. These startups run the gamut as well. They have included a few dining establishments and even an agency that specializes in car insurance. Sparks, needless to say, has a well-rounded view of the business realm.

Marc Sparks is perpetually on the lookout for smart business openings and opportunities. He’s currently hard at work on Spark Tank, which is a type of social innovation challenge. Spark Tank is a mission that strives to give social entrepreneurs the ability to do good for society and the planet in general. Social entrepreneurs who wish to make their marks on the planet can submit applications for grants from Spark Tank.

These grants are for a total of $5,000. The organizations that take part in Spark Tank are diverse. Dogs Matter is an in-depth program that offers temporary foster assistance for canines that have been in the care of alcoholics and drug addicts. Dogs Matter aims to aid alcoholics and drug addicts who do not want to be forced to give up the animals they love so much. Metro Relief is another organization that is involved with Spark Tank.

It’s a soup kitchen with a unique twist. That twist is that it’s mobile. The team behind Metro Relief visits homeless persons and gives them access to necessities that may be able to improve their existences significantly. The Metro Relief team also has a reliable recovery auto that can provide people with rehabilitation center transportation. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

House of Eli, last but not least, is yet another organization that’s involved with Spark Tank. House of Eli offers transitional living assistance to young men who are anywhere between the ages of 17 and 21. This assistance is geared toward young men who have recently exited foster care. House of Eli aids young men who need to finish their schooling. It also gives them the chance to reside in a family environment. Read more: @msparks5010

Philanthropy is something that is invaluable to Sparks. He routinely makes donations to charitable organizations that are located in his community. He has in the past given money to a Dallas program that focuses on young people who need to attain high school diplomas.

While Sparks donates money on a regular basis, he also makes a big point to donate an asset that’s just as valuable and important. That’s his precious time. Sparks has been involved with Habitat For Humanity in their efforts to construct residences for impoverished individuals. He also spends a lot of time helping out at The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter.

Wen By Chaz Produces Results

Having beautiful hair is a must for most females. There are so many shampoos and hair products advertised on Youtube that claim to yield great results. Wen by Chaz Dean is one of those products that claims to produce excellent results. Emily McClure recently decided to test this product out to see if it lived up to the hype. Her results are insightful.
Emily chose to use the Amazon Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. She used the product over a seven day period that began when she really needed a shower and hair wash. Emily found that overall she was impressed with the product. She noted that the WEN Cleansing Conditioner is excellent for those with fine hair who are sure to take a shower and style their hair each morning. Her hair was fabulous post-shower.

Chaz Dean is a celebrity hair stylist based in the Los Angeles area. He has worked for some of the biggest names in Hollywood. His career interestingly began with a love for photographs and eventually found it’s way to hair. After years of work he climbed the ranks and today has his own studio The Chaz Dean Salon relocated to Hollywood.

Chaz Dean is a firm believer in natural lifestyle and his products follow this belief. He is dedicated to holistic methods and incorporates them in all of his work. His brand WEN by Chaz Dean [] has become one of the biggest names in the styling industry. With well over 10 million WEN products shipped since 2008, WEN has received overwhelmingly positive response and the product produces consistently high rankings.

The History and Current Work of IAP

Ingenuity and Purpose, also known as IAP, is a company that encourages customers to give them their most demanding challenges, and IAP will deliver to them every time. The company’s abilities are solving the problems of their customers resourcefully, quickly and effectively, being matched only by their unwavering commitment to the customers team and their mission. The way that success is defined by not only how their customers are treated, but also by how everyone else is treated. They base their mission is made up of four cornerstones of competencies to their approach.

These four cornerstones include focus, agility, capabilities and commitment. The values that IAP Worldwide Services is committed to is that they will provide an inspirational follower ship and leadership, enabled by empathy, practice intellectual rigor and curiosity, they act with humility and integrity and will act responsibly, nicely and swiftly. And also to allow themselves and others to be successful and happy, partner with customers, colleagues, and community with their mutual success, pursue learning and growth and act with adapting, resolving and embracing change. All of these values together promote trust, positive thought, teamwork, and a passion preserve a virtuous cycle of professional and personal growth. Some areas that IAP service include government services, expeditionary infrastructure, power solutions, engineering and aviation solutions, and communications and IT.

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Started in 1953, IAP has been helping to build the future since day one. This began in 1989, when Pan Am World Services, Inc., started to work on building and operating the first space launch base in America, which was located in Cape Canaveral, FL. Since this time, IAP Worldwide Services has supported the test of over 2,500 launches, this including the manned shuttle program and the early air-breathing missiles. And over 45 years, IAP has began to provide full maintenance for facilities, this including construction management, airport master planning, and engineering services. Between 1990 and 2006, IAP has took steps in energy and management efficiency, supporting troops all over the world, tapping into the emerging markets where they hold contracts for the government that are worth millions, and continuing the tradition, when in 2006, IAP acquired JCWS and it’s wholly-owned subsidiary Readiness Management Support (RMS), as a form for IAP services worldwide. And most recently in 2015, IAP acquired the British engineering company G3 Systems Ltd., the company operates overseas and in the UK. G3 strives to provide its commercial, government, and international clients, with a large
range of services, facilities and solutions. And G3 has the capabilities to deliver, design and maintain and operate facilities on a global basis.

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Michael Zomber: Antique Arms Expert, Author And Philanthropist

You’ve probably seen Michael Zomber before on the History Channel, if you have ever watched Tales of the Gun series. He is an internationally recognized expert on antique arms and armor, which he sells to people that he hopes will maintain them in pristine condition for future generations to appreciate. Zomber is also an avid collector; at one time, Zomber’s collection featured weapons owned by prominent historical figures, including Simone Bolivar and George Washington.

Zomber is also an expert on Japanese samurai swords. He shares his knowledge through storytelling; his film Soul of the Samurai is an acclaimed documentary about the philosophy of Bushido in the Edo period The film was by Renascent Films, a company owned by Zomber and his wife Andrea. Zomber is also making good use of his master’s degree in English Literature; he is the author of seven historical novels. He wrote several of the books while he was falsely imprisoned for two years. The conviction was reversed, now Zomber is enjoying his exoneration.

Despite Zomber’s fascination with arms, he avidly supports philanthropic organizations devoted to finding peaceful methods of resolving conflicts throughout the world. He also supports Unicef, Doctors Without Borders and other respected aid organizations. Zomber, his wife and their two children live on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pa.  Follow Michael on Facebook.

Beauty Entrepreneur Doe Deere And Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is the founder and creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics which was launched in 2008. The Lime Crime Cosmetics range is for those individuals who are looking to express themselves unapologetically. The brand is all about its customers freedom. Freedom is given when customers can express themselves in a way that is unique to them and the way they wish to do so. Lime Crime cosmetics mainly caters to those looking for thrilling colors.

Doe Deere was born in Russia but soon moved to the United States where she grew up in the city of New York. The idea for the launch of Lime Crime came to Doe Deere when she could not find colors that went well with her clothes that she was manufacturing and selling on the internet through the Ebay Platform. The Lime Crime cosmetics range took a radical approach when in 2009 they launched the first line of crazy lip colors called the Unicorn Lipsticks. In 2012 Lime Crime went on to launch Velvetines which was the start of a very popular trend. Matte to liquid lipstick trends were very popular at the time.

The main focus for Doe Deere and her cosmetics line was to be cruelty free from its inception as well as vegan. The complete range was formulated to meet these vegan standards in 2012 in order to be true to the customers and those vegan conscious. Doe Deere is very involved in every step of the development and creation of her products. She has her Unicorns in vision which provide her with the necessary inspiration. Doe Deere is very well known in the beauty community because she has taken her idea and run with it which has inspired many other women around the globe to pursue what they are passionate about. Doe Deere tries to encourage other women entrepreneurs to walk a similar path that she has taken. Simply by being brave and going after her day dream, Doe Deere was able to create this inspiring line of animal friendly and vegan cosmetics.

The name Lime Crime came about purely by accident when Doe Deere was trying to register a name for her line of clothes she was selling on Ebay. This handle was available and it rhymed with her favorite color lime green so the name was absolutely perfect and has since stuck. The name has stood for color revolution.

Whether It’s 3.5 lb or 44 lb Bags of BENEFUL® Dry Dog Food Is Full Of Nutrition

Each to their own preference be it little or be it big dogs, BENEFUL® will satisfy their longing for great taste, and you’ll know they are getting the nutrition they need. The ingredients are made with real beef and whole grains and amazing hints of vegetables. BENEFUL® Original dry dog food is still an Amazon best seller. Dogs love the taste and owners love knowing they found something that makes their furry friend (FF) happy.
Puppies are a heartfelt favorite and that’s why BENEFUL® offers a special Healthy Puppy dry dog food. With real chicken, whole grains and bits of peas and carrots. Puppies are fun and are learning what they like to eat and what not to eat, like the nice pair of expensive sneakers left just sitting in the living room. Puppies don’t care about nutrition, they depend on you to make sure they get what they need.

When you puppy is in its tween year, you know bigger than a puppy but eats more and is like really active. BENEFUL® has got you covered with Playful Life dry dog food with amazing real beef and eggs. To make it just right BENEFUL® added hints of blueberries and spinach for that homemade flavor. Playful dogs need extra nutrition.

You know what it feels like to be a few pounds overweight, your dog feels the same way. It hard on your dogs heart and once again BENEFUL® offers a solution to help keep your furry friend (FF) as healthy as it can be. Healthy Weight has the number one ingredient that is made with farm raised chickens and flavored with a hint of apples, carrots and green beans. With 100% nutrition that still taste great and you don’t have to keep up with what they need to maintain a healthy weight.

BENEFUL® Original made with real salmon and has that hint of sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots. It’s the amazing blend of whole grains and veggies that make this a salmon delight. It will certainly become a favorite of your pet. Beneful products are available on supermarkets like Wal-Mart, local pet stores and online.

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JustFab for the Summer

Beating the heat is on everyone’s mind this summer. With temperature’s rising, new trends are upon us that will not only keep you cool, but have you looking stylish while doing it. Bright colors and airy fabrics seem to be the biggest progression this summer, especially in more humid areas such as Florida. JustFab has many separates and dresses that will fit this bill, as well as keep your wallet happy.

Flowy blouses are a big seller at JustFab, and with their beautiful designs and lovely fabrics on, it is easy to see why. There are many sultry tanks to choose from that may bring you back to the 1960s with their retro flair, or keep it simple and chic with a plain silhouette. Boyfriend button-ups are also a popular piece, and go great with just about any bottom. These are perfect for a day in the sun, and keeping the rays off of your shoulders. All of these shirts layer extremely well for cold nights, ensuring that you really get a good use out of them all summer long! Check this:

Bottoms up! Shorts are a must for the beach, and the high-waisted variety are certainly making a comeback. JustFab also carries flared jeans for a sweet date night outfit, and some cute cropped capris that would look great with a loosed cardigan. Although a fitted skirt may not be beach-appropriate, it would sure look great for a day of window-shopping and sightseeing. Don’t forget the bucket bag to match!

Every summer wardrobe needs a good sundress, and JustFab has them in spades. Whether you dig a sweet crocheted dress, or a plain cotton maxi, there is something for everyone. They also carry some figure-hugging frocks that are sure to turn a few heads around town. The best part is, most of these designs can be paired with almost any shoe. This means much more versatility in your wardrobe, and less time trying to put together outfits.

Speaking of shoes, lace up sandals are so in style this season. While they are super cute with shorts and a tank top, a simple sundress is also complimented by these adorable shoes. From walking the beach to the boardwalk, JustFab will keep your feet covered. They also carry sneakers and high heels that would be great for more formal occasions. Stilettos are not for the beach, though, girls! See:

Keep your fun in the sun going with swell swimsuits and cute coverups. This site provides everything but the water. Don’t forget the sunscreen!