Robert Ivy: Noel Polk Award

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects. In Mississippi, there is no one like Robert who is known for making architecture more accessible to the general public.

He has been with the American Institute of Architects since the year 2011. Since then he has made the presence and influence of the organization global and raised its membership level to its highest in one hundred and sixty years.

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters will be honoring Robert on June 2 with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is given to only artists and art patrons who are living and connected to Mississippi who has a lifetime of creating, performing, and/or supporting art. The person receiving this award has to be extraordinary and worthy of this special honor which Robert Ivy has displayed through his years.

Robert Ivy receiving this award does mark a personal achievement for himself as well as the first time an architect has ever won this award. Robert is also a writer, author, and commentator of the architecture field worldwide.

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Before AIA

Before Robert Ivy went to work for the American Institution of Architecture, he was the Editor in Chief of another architecture company, McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. While working for this company, he helped them obtain many awards including but not limited to the National Magazine Award for General Excellence.

Robert also was able to lead his former employer in the design and construction media during their expansion in China and in the Middle East. During this expansion, Robert was able to launch the Mandarin version of Architecture Record.

Robert Ivy has made many great achievements throughout his years as CEO of AIA. The Noel Polk Award shows how much he has accomplished as well as how much he cares for his community and the world around him.

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OSI Group has Come a Long Way from Its Origination

OSI Group got its start in the early 1900s after several German immigrants arrived in Chicago. These individuals needed a way to make money, and all they knew how to do at the time was make meat. However, they did not know their meat would be loved by the whole city. In just a few short years, the individuals who settled in Chicago opened their own store. This store sold several different types of meat, and people came from all over to buy it. In just a short time, this store was known as the top meat supplier for all of America.

After having success in Chicago, the new OSI Group owners tried to search for more of a market in the suburban areas. They searched through different states and cities, but nothing really caught their attention. They then created a plan to supply meat to restaurants that were already successful. This is when the German owners were introduced to McDonald’s. McDonald’s was becoming extremely popular, and the overseers of McDonald’s wanted the meat that was being sold by this company. McDonald’s became the biggest customer and remains the biggest customer today. McDonald’s is also the biggest food supplier to America and the world, and McDonald’s gives a lot of credit to OSI for producing a hefty amount of meat in a short period of time.

Today, OSI Group is the leader in selling meat to McDonald’s and thousands of other restaurants. This company uses the top technology to produce great meat, and they also use all natural methods when producing their meat. The OSI Group also has an amazing staff. All of their workers have been trained to do their job well, and this company has been credited for hiring people from all walks of life, and this helped them win several different awards for helping the community.

The Financial Home Building of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright has for more than 13 years served as a financial and administrative operations leader on the East Coast. He entered adult life by attending and graduating from the University of Notre Dame and Almeda University, attaining to an M.A. in Accounting. After his education, he became the managing fiscal officer for the city of Baltimore. He later served as VP of operations for Tito Contractors. He then served as the VP and CFO of Newark Economic Development Corporation. He then founded Real Property Solutions, which he continues to lead. Find out more about Kevin at Market Insider.

Based in Baltimore, RPS specializes in building and renovating residential properties. During its year’s of business RPS has helped many prospective homeowners make their dreams a reality. He is known for his ability to form business strategies that always deliver huge results. His strategies are particularly favored by general contractors and sub-contractors. The goal of RPS is to improve the communities in which it works. It especially has a passion for making housing more affordable for low-income families. While residential real estate is their specialty, RPS also concerns itself with governmental and public education projects.

While his work is very important to him, it is not the most important thing in his life. As busy a man as he is, Kevin Seawright has always put spending time with his family first. RPS employs a number of experts in the areas of finance, business, and management. These experts form strategies in their particular areas of expertise concerning development, asset acquisition, and management. In his spare time, he also enjoys coaching basketball for the parks and recreation department of Suffolk, Virginia. Through the years he has also sat as an active board member of several different industry societies. Seawright has a considerable presence on social media, with a particularly large one on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Infinit Group’s Personal Finance Trainer Model has Landed Them a Spot in Australia’s Most Innovative Companies

Infinity Group Australia is a financial company that does more than act as a mortgage broker. They educate Australians on how to properly handle their finances in order to reduce debt, pay off their homes, plan for retirement, and even invest their money once they have saved up enough. Their main goal is to educate Australians on finances so that the Australian public takes control of their own financial future. Graeme Holm, the founder of the company states that he got the idea when he was out on a jog with his personal trainer, who also happens to now be his wife.

The thought was that a person can go to the gym by themselves, but if they do not know how to exercise correctly, it will take them a long time to reach their fitness goals because they have to go through a trial and error phase to figure out what works for them. If they had hired a personal trainer, however, achieving those goals would be way easier, since they would have an expert guide them through the entire process. With this in mind, holm set out to create a company that would serve as a financial personal trainer for his clients.

Infinity Group’s process is different yet simple. Once you have your mortgage, the company will provide assistance in every aspect of your finances. They will attempt to teach you how to reduce your debt, pay off your home, and invest correctly. Once you have your loan, they will analyze your household finances and see where you can save and what you can do to reduce your debt. From then on, they will send you detailed progress reports so you can see how well you’re doing and where you can improve.

This business model has earned Infinity Group some fantastic feedback. In fact, Infinity Group Australia Reviews are so positive that they have now earned a spot in the Australia Financial Review’s list of most innovative companies for 2018. This is a prestigious list to be in and Holm is very proud of this achievement. AFR has an audience of about 1.8 billion people, so Infinity Group’s popularity will most likely see a big increase in the upcoming months. Holm states that he wants his company to continue to improve the lives of millions of Australians so that the country can achieve a new level of economic growth. Learn more :

Western Union Merges with ecoPayz PSI Pay Online Wallet

With the recent merging, customers can be sent Western Union dollars in the U.K. Western Union has connected to the EcoPayz platform to be able to do this. This will be Western Union’s first U.K. online wallet. Customers can use the Western Union mobile app, which is available in many countries. This partnership will allow individuals to send money with the application. Both brands are excited about the partnership. Western Union helps people and businesses send and receive money. They have many retail locations all across the world and want to provide convenience for its customers or businesses. Western Union has expanded to more than 40 countries in the world and continues to make money with over $300 billion moved. It supports economic growth, and overall, helps businesses and individuals to send money and receive it, while PSI-Pay is an e-money institution regulated by the U.K. The brand is a member of Visa and Mastercard across the world and can issue payments. As stated before, PSI-Pay is regulated by the FCA and can use Visa and Mastercard. It is a leader for payment to many companies or businesses across the world.

A video on YouTube at the top of their blog reads the difference between E-Money and Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been able to change the game by making people money by investing it into the system both locally and globally. The video acknowledges that Cryptocurrencies is not E-Money. E-money depends on government regulation, while Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not on central regulation. Bitcoins value is by supply and demand while E-Money is on fiat currency exchanged electronically. The video explains later that PSI-Pay is reliable for payments to companies and is regulated. It explains that it is secure and is available worldwide. They pride themselves on Transparency, Efficiency, and Clarity. Customers are able to withdraw and deposit money in 44 countries across 173 countries.

Fortress Investment Group Expands Into New Investment Areas

In 1998, three talented, ambitious young men believed they could create a successful investment management business. It turns out that their faith was justified. Fortress Investment Group, the firm those three men founded, went on to become one of the world’s leading global investment management firms. Of the three young men who founded Fortress, two remain with the company today — Randal Nardone and Wes Edens — the third co-founder Robert Kauffman retired in 2012.

Fortress Investment Group continues to expand its holdings and the investment opportunities it offers to its investors. One of the more recent investment vehicles Fortress Investment Group has made available to investors is the chance to invest in iPass. iPass is a global connections provider. A more everyday description might be that iPass is the operator of the world’s largest Wi-Fi network. If you’ve connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere in the world, it’s likely you’ve connected to iPass. You’ll find their hotspots in train stations, airports, concert venues, restaurants, and convention centers.

iPass’ growth prospects certainly played a part in Fortress Investment Group’s decision to create a USD 20 million loan package to iPass. That growth includes expectations that the number of Wi-Fi hotspots they provide will grow from more than 64 million at present to more than 340 million by the end of 2018.

Another significant investment by Fortress Investment Group is Wes Eden’s Brightline train service in Florida. Wes Eden’s Brightline train is part of the only passenger train service that is both privately owned and operated.

Wes Eden’s Brightline passenger train service currently operates, in both directions, between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. On a light-traffic day, a commuter on I-95 might make that trip in 30 minutes, but on a busy day, that commute time can easily double. Brightline can get that commuter to his location in a consistent 34-35 minutes. Even better that commuter can work, or relax during the commute.

Institutional Investor Magazine bestowed the “Institutional Investor of the Year” award to Fortress Investment Group on June 30, 2014.

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Ara Chackerian Is A Respected Figure In The Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian is a respected figure in the healthcare industry. He has been making a an impact in the industry for many years. Ara is known as an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Together with his business partners they invest in early-stage healthcare companies. Chackerian is the managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings. He also formed his own company known as TMS Health Solutions. TMS Health Solutions is an answer to the growing epidemic that plagues people suffering from resistant depression.


Ara Chackerian’s business techniques have carried him a long way in his industry. He has been a very smart investor who spots trends in the market and looks to improve on a given situation. Chackerian observed a dynamic going on between doctors and patients. Ara studied the issues closely and decided to form TMS Health Solutions. The limited insurance health coverage policies were at the forefront of his decision. TMS Solutions exist to assist patients in getting the kind of care they expect when visiting the clinic. Check out



TMS Health Solutions has gone on to provide great service for many people suffering from depression. The concept has expanded to 7 facilities in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento area. The clinics are constructed with consulting offices and treatment rooms. Each clinic was designed by Josh Heitler. The decor is intended to present a relaxing environment for the patients. Chackerien felt that it was important to present a serene environment for people suffering from mental illness. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Ara Chackerian takes the day how comes to him. He allows his priorities to affect decision-making. Therefore Ara does not bother with to-do-list. Chackerian is very passionate about philanthropy as well as business. However, he does not let his emotions interfere with the decisions that he intendeds to make. Ara is very appreciative of his personal circumstances, understanding that his personal success is due greatly to his lottery in life. You can check out