Dr. Jennifer Walden Succeeds In Male Dominated Career

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a major success story. She is a woman that has carved a path to success in the field of plastic surgery. Certainly, this is a male dominated profession that was highly competitive. In addition, very few women chose to enter the highly competitive and male dominated profession. Now, thanks to the success of Dr. Jennifer Walden, more young women will choose to enter this field and create more of a balance in this profession. The Texas native grew up in Austin. She received her education at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Dr. Walden completed her fellowship in New York. She also had a very successful practice in the city. However, she later returned to her hometown to open a new practice.

Plastic Surgery Specialties

More and more women are opting for plastic surgery. Often, it is for aesthetic purposes or to correct a medical issue. Some women are more comfortable with a female medical professional because they are more understanding. Certainly, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon that is very caring and compassionate about her work. Dr. Walden specializes in breast augmentation to your very common nose job. She also specializes in several minimally invasive procedures that are generally requested by women.

Dr. Walden’s Thoughts On Her Male Dominated Career Choice

Dr. Walden believes that the main reason that women do not consider a plastic surgery career is because they would like to start a family. Certainly, a plastic surgery education might delay starting a family. In addition, most men in the profession are not very welcoming to women. Therefore, the pressure is on for a woman to keep proving that she is just as good or better than her male counterparts. However, Dr. Walden states that being a female plastic surgeon has one big advantage. She quickly discovered that the majority of women patient’s were more comfortable talking to her than a male plastic surgeon.

Dr. Saad Saad: Helping Rich And Poor Children With Innovative Surgical Procedures

Dr. Saad Saad is a world-renowned pediatric surgeon. The Palestinian native is also an innovative medical professional. He has invented several medical devices designed to reduce the pain patients endure during medical procedures and to make it easier for doctors to perform those procedures more effectively. Raised in humble circumstances, Dr. Saad has made regularly doing needed technical surgical procedures at no cost for poor children part of his practice. He has done medical missions to poor communities in Jerusalem, Palestine and the United States.


After getting his MD with honors from Egypt’s Cairo University, Dr. Saad Saad went to England where he did an internship. He then completed his residency in the U.S. and became board-certified in pediatric surgery. Dr. Saad, who has lived in the United State for over 40 years, is fluent in English and Arabic. That led to him being chosen to go to King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia to serve as the Saudi, Bahrain and Persian Gulf royal families’ personal pediatric surgeon for 41/2 years. During that time he also performed complex surgical procedures on poor children as well.


Once back in the United States, Dr. Saad Saad worked with the Hackensack Meridian Health Care System in New Jersey. He was co-medical director and surgeon-in-chief at K Hovnanian Children Hospital for many years. Dr. Saad credits Dr. H. Biemann Othersen for mentoring him and ingraining in him the importance of treating all patients equally regardless of the religion, culture, social standing or ability to pay.


Married for over 40 years and a father of two, Dr. Saad Saad is retired and lives in Red Bank, New Jersey. Throughout his career he enjoyed sharing his knowledge. When he performed surgery on the youngest baby to be treated for an aneurism, to educate others, he published details of the delicate, intricate procedure in a top scientific journal. He also created a surgical residency program for medical students in Saudi Arabia in connection with England’s Royal College of Surgeons. The program allows students to receive surgical training in Saudi Arabia and receive certification in the United Kingdom.


In addition to helping patients all around the world, Dr. Saad has created surgical protocols to help train young surgeons. They include closely reviewing the patient’s medical history, carefully going over the steps of the planned procedure and studying information from the latest textbooks on operative pediatric surgery before complex pediatric surgical procedures. Dr. Saad Saad also teaches young surgeons the importance of being well-rested, focused, organized and efficient to be their most productive.


Dr. Saad says if a poor Palestinian refugee like him can use hard work and perseverance to become successful, anyone can do the same. Learn more: http://medicaldailytimes.com/doctors/hard-to-swallow-advice-from-dr-saad-saad/3663/


Igor Cornelsen Investor With A Mindset That Can’t Be Rivaled

Investing for the future is critical for anyone who wants to build wealth. Many people are excited about the growth happening in Brazil. In just a few decades, Brazil went from a developing nation to one of the best economies in the world. With all of the investment opportunities in the country, many people are investing capital in various industries.

Igor Cornelsen is an investor who has spent his entire career in Brazil. He is proud of the growth in the country, and he wants the nation to continue developing. He focuses on both residential and commercial real estate. He has acquired several commercial properties in Brazil. With the economic growth, many people can invest for the future.


The population of Brazil is growing rapidly due to immigration. Many people are moving to Brazil from other countries in South America. Some nations are having trouble with economic issues. For example, the economy of Venezuela has virtually collapsed. Even with higher oil prices, the people in Venezuela are struggling to survive.

Igor Cornelsen believes that immigration is a huge positive for Brazil. He also thinks that demand for real estate is going to increase in the future due to the population growth. He has an extensive real estate portfolio of single-family homes. He started buying homes when he began his career, and that decision has helped him tremendously with his finances. He is the type of person who is continuously trying to improve his finances.

Commercial Investments

Investing in commercial property is another way that Igor generates income. He is a firm believer that economic growth in Brazil will continue in the coming years. With economic growth trending higher, many middle-class people have the disposable income to spend. He built a large shopping mall in one of the largest cities in Brazil. He receives monthly rental income from companies that pay to sell in the mall.

In the coming years, Igor has plans to sell off some of his assets. He wants to donate more money to charity and take a more administrative role in his company.

Sightsavers Fights To End Conditions Like Trachoma That Cause Preventable Blindness

Sightsavers is an organization that strives to eliminate unnecessary blindness and fight for a world where blindness for reasons that were completely avoidable is eliminated. Sightsavers also promotes the equal participation in society of people with disabilities.

The organization does invaluable work in some of the poorest regions of the globe and provides treatment for eye conditions including cataracts. Sightsavers also strives to provide opportunities for the disabled to learn and earn a living. This is accomplished by working with governments and providing training for children with disabilities. Sightsavers strives to enact long-term and permanent changes in the communities that it works in.

Trachoma is one of the oldest known diseases in the world and it is also the number one cause of preventable blindness. The good news is that this devastating disease could be only a few years away from being completely eradicated from the earth. The condition is documented in historical records as far back and the civilization of ancient Egypt and there are in excess of 182 million people who currently suffer from the condition. It is most prevalent in the most poverty-stricken regions of the world and greatly diminishes the ability for infected children to be able to learn, thus affecting their long-term prospects. The worst part of this issue is that the disease is preventable.

This is an issue that Sightsavers, along with the International Coalition for Trachoma has become highly involved in. There is good news on this front as there are six countries that have historically had high rates of Trachoma that appear to be on the verge of eliminating the disease. Collaborative efforts between organizations like Sightsavers along with the support of communities and health and pharmaceutical companies are making all the difference. Sightsavers spoke about the details of this issue recently at TED2018 as well as speaking on the Audacious Project which is leading the charge for the elimination of Trachoma. At this point it seems clear that the only thing stopping this age old disease from being eradicated forever is simply coming up with all the necessary resources.

About Sean Penn’s Intriguing Novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

“Truth, like light, blinds. Falsehood, on the contrary, is a beautiful twilight that enhances every object.”

― Sean Penn, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

After building a successful career as an actor and filmmaker Sean Penn decided to dive deeper into a writing career coming up with his first book this year called “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”.

The author touches a series of present sensitive humanitarian dilemmas that are affecting our modern society reflected in a mix of poetry, fulminating and stories about a fictional character that sometimes gives you hints that the main character reflects author’s vision about certain situations that are occurring in today’s society and politics. He also makes conspicuous references to the ongoing president and other people that aren’t involved in politics.

Sean Penn in his novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff expresses his thoughts through dynamic prose that feels heavy sometimes. This is the type of book you can’t read quickly, you have to contemplate over the expressions to get some of the conspiracy references along with the metaphors used to convey some of his ideas. The social issues that Penn is more likely to care about are appearing clear in his book. With slight criticism he references about a series of real-life events like Russian hacking, net neutrality, the mass shooting in Las Vegas and the civil conflict in Yemen. He also indicates that Scientology would be a solution to these issues.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/0IcDgZTgJ58” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>



Considering Sean’s personality and interest in helping people in distress, we can mark some similarities in between him and the protagonist, Bob Honey in his book Bob Honey Just Do Stuff. When you see the similarities between these two you can perceive that the ideas and values Bob Honey has mirrors Penn’s own values and ideas.


Frequently in the book you can notice the protagonist sharing ideas that are connected to some actual social movements. He clearly makes references to the current president and his comments on Twitter towards certain people which is being considered bullying.


The absurdity of modern social issues described in this book would definitely interest someone who’s touched directly or indirectly by these sensitive topics that follow us nowadays. You have to dive deeply into the phrases Penn uses in his book to catch the actual meaning behind them. As Sean Penn mentioned in his CBS interview, some people will love the book while others will detest it, and he is fine with that.

Being preoccupied with today’s society problems, Sean Penn gave up his acting career for a while to write Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, he also mentioned that in the future he’s planning on coming up with a more cheerful novel if things get better for the American society.




NGP VAN Makes Dialing for Dollars Easier on All

Dialing for dollars isn’t necessarily a hard task. It is time-consuming and most people don’t like it because of the negative connotations that come along with it. When politicians use it to their advantage, it can actually be a really helpful tool. If people know how to use it the right way, they can try things that will keep getting better and they will make a choice to do everything that will make the process easier. In fact, most politicians are always looking for an answer to problems like this they have on a regular basis.

Between working with others and giving them opportunities to do the best job possible, NGP VAN found out they can do a lot to help make dialing for dollars easier. In fact, they felt good about giving people things that would continue growing and continue helping them. They always wanted others to try things that could help and try things that made more sense for people to do. With this software, Democratic politicians could actually even do the dialing themselves. It makes things go much faster and people have a chance to do things that will get better.

Even though the software might change the way people do things and it might make things easier for those who use it, they can take advantage of it. They can make sure they’re doing everything right and they’re coming up with opportunities for people to try new strategies for block walking. Thanks to the campaign options that people have, others will be able to experience more based on the options they can use. The companies want more people to try different things and grow with the options they get from dialing for dollars. It makes more sense for everyone who’s a big part of the company and who knows how to help other people.


Between working with others and doing business the right way, NGP VAN knows what they can do to make a difference for everyone. They also know the company will keep getting better and people can keep trying things on their own. With the help of many different tests and trials, NGP VAN made sure their software was actually good for politicians. More people will be able to dial out more numbers in a more timely fashion. Because the software works so well, many new politicians will have a chance to reach the people they might not have been able to reach before.