PSI Pay and Contactless Payments

Whether with your card or a Kerv ring device, you can now pay via contactless payments from PSI Pay. Also, if you wish to deactivate your contactless payments, your card will no longer make contactless transactions, but you still have the option of reactivating it later. Thanks to some new technology from PSI-Pay, payment is now much more manageable.

There is no risk of a fraudulent withdrawal from the distributor, as it is only a means of payment. The microprocessor chip on the PSI Pay card is activated wirelessly by proximity to the payment terminal (up to 1 inch). However, you may wonder: “Is a contactless card secure?” For the customer, the procedure is identical to that of a fixed terminal.

You may also wonder: “How does a contactless payment system work?”, also, “How do I know if a merchant offers a contactless terminal?” This article will help you reassure yourself by dispelling common myths and by showing how this technology works. As an illustration, many customers also wonder: “What if a contactless card is lost or stolen?”

If this happens, you have to call the card issuer just like you would with a regular credit or debit card. You must also immediately report the loss or theft by immediately declaring any unauthorized transactions to your bank branch. In the event of loss or theft, you must, therefore, file a loss or theft report with your bank as soon as possible.

Also, contactless payment is 10 seconds faster than a charge with a pin code to enter, which reduces the waiting time at the checkout. The contactless payment can indeed be used for most purchases, like at the grocery store. I go to the grocery store, I buy some bread, I place my bank card on the box dedicated to the payment without contact, and a little ringing indicates me that the transaction went through.

Slowly but surely, PSI Pay and their contactless payment technology are therefore creating a place for themselves on the market. There is no signature to sign, no PIN code to type on a keyboard, in short, it is swift. Also, the fact that a merchant accepts contactless payment does not oblige the customer to use it. However, remember that contactless payment technology allows you to pay for small purchases by touching the payment terminal of a shop and without inserting your card, thus without a secret code.

All about the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are known for their mix indie, electronic, dance, and pop music. Andrew Taggart joined band member Alex Pall in 2012, and changed the game up for the Chainsmokers. They had their first real live performance in 2014 and their breakthrough began. In 2013, they released their song “Selfie” for free. They started to become known everywhere and they were suddenly on the music charts. Then in 2015, “Roses” was released and it hit the top of the charts. In 2016 “Don’t let me down” was released and was a breakout song for the chainsmokers, but it was also a breakout song for the artist featured in the song, daya. Also in 2016, they released their hit single “closer” which featured, Halsey and topped the charts, hitting number one! The duo group hit 18th spot in America’s top 100 DJs.

In 2017, they released their hit single “Paris” which went gold in Canada and in the US. Also in 2017, their hit singer “Something Just like This” was released, which featured artist coldplay. The group is currently working on another album and they have already released another hit single in January of 2018. In 2018, they also had the honor of landing the number one spot on the dance musicians titled Billboard Dance 100. They have toured, had platinum selling records, and have won several music awards.

It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago, the both of them were just two men with a dream. Alex thought DJing was too much fun to make a career out of it. Andrew was a college student when he was told about the Chainsmokers being short a member. They could have never guessed that they would be here today making music for millions to love all around the world.

The Success of MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental is a great place for dentists to come together and support one another both in the professional way as well as in the financial way. There are some dentists that want to move up and become owners of their own ractices and that requires guidance as well as financial stability. MB2 Dental is a good way for those dentists to come together and receive that stability and support.

MB2 Dental is a good community where dentists look out for one another and care about one another’s dreams and goals. Being part of a company that values you for who you are and still manages to check up o you to see how your goals are coming along is something very wonderful. It makes you feel valued and more confident as a person. When you feel this way, it easier to reach out for help and also it is easier to get to your goal. They have over 200 doctors and out of those 200 doctors 37 of them have their own practice. At MB2 Dental, they motivate you to not settle for anything less than a job. They encourage each one to work hard in their career to reach a point in their lives where they feel happy and satisfied. Feeling happy in your career will help you be happier in life. They help you grow as a person as well as a dentist. Being a good person outside of the dental office has a lot to do with how far and how quick you will achieve your goals and dreams.

Reaching out to MB2 Dental is free and is easy to do. They are family oriented and are very welcoming when it comes to accepting new dentists. It feels as if you are immediately part of the community and it gives you the motivation to continue on reaching your full potential. There are many success stories that come from MB2 Dental. This shows that there have been many successful testimonies that prove that MB2 Dental is a great place to help out other dentists and come together as a community.

Otto Kolschowsky’s Little Butcher Shop Was The Beginning Of The OSI Group

One of the worlds biggest food providers is the OSI Group. They operate 65 facilities located in seventeen countries while providing employment for 20,000 people. The business began during the turn of the 20th century. The German immigrant community of Chicago included a man named Otto Kolschowsky. He opened a little meat market in 1909 to serve the community. When the First World War ended he had expanded the business into the wholesale sector. In 1928 the company was rebranded Otto & Sons.

The expansion of the suburbs led to the founding of McDonalds in 1955. The first McDonalds in Des Plaines, Illinois was opened by Ray Kroc. He had an agreement with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons to use Otto & Sons as his fresh beef supplier. He became the McDonald’s corporation CEO when he bought out the business. This made Otto & Sons the supplier for a business about to become one of the most widely recognized in the world.

During the next two decades McDonald’s core product was their hamburger. This pressured Otto & Sons to provide affordable and consistent products that were able to be transported lengthy distances. Cryogenic food processing using flash freezing was a breakthrough towards the end of the 1960’s. This provided cost reduction and product expansion opportunities. Otto & Sons constructed the first plant just to supply McDonalds in 1973. In 1975 the company was renamed as The OSI Group.

Due to the need for international expansion Sheldon Lavin became a partner in 1975. To keep up with McDonalds growth The OSI Group opened their first plant outside of Chicago in Utah. Additional facilities in North America continued during the late 1970’s and early into the 1980’s. Once McDonalds entered the international market The OSI Group followed. In 1978 they entered into a joint venture in Germany followed by Spain in 1980. The OSI Group was becoming a multinational corporation.

The international growth led to Sheldon Lavin becoming the CEO and Chairman during the early 1980’s. This triggered a growth phase still continuing today. The OSI Group has become one of the United States biggest companies. On the Forbes list for 2016 they ranked #58 for private companies with $6.1 billion in sales. The current position of The OSI Group is based on international expansions during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Everything began when Otto Kolschowsky decided the time was right to open a little butcher shop in Illinois.


NetPicks Creating Awareness Concerning Simple Trading

Simple trading is a good trading strategy that results into better results. Simple trade involves having proper strategies with edges and controlling the risk management. However, simple trading is always overlooked by businesspeople. The availability of squawk boxes, trading indicators, news releases, and trading forums have increased information overload thereby making these information ineffective. Trading decisions are therefore developed after seeking reliable information from all the indicators. These trading indicators are usually have the same information that in the end piles up to the already available information.

Every trading indicator should not be deleted since some of them provide information about frame price action and context in the market. Traders should practice simple trading simply by doing away with trading indicators that re redundant. By doing so, traders will be making their trading simple and at the same time retain only the required information in the trade. Using many variables for any trading plan makes staying consistent in the market a difficult thing. According to NetPicks, the best trading strategy is ensuring that there is a verifiable edge in the business and it should be used for consistent planning every now and then.

There exist simple steps for developing a simple trading approach. These steps include Markets trade in a trading range, markets breakout of ranges and trend with momentum, and reversion of the mean when prices tend to go too far or too fast. Having many lines in a business chart is not beneficial. For this reason, many traders often use both horizontal and diagonal lines in their analysis. Overusing support and resistance has the same impacts as having many trading indicators. Traders can decide whether using a simple trading approach is wise or not based on their results and profits reaped from other trading strategies (

NetPicks has been offering extensive trading education to traders since its establishment in 1996. The company specializes more on several trading areas include Forex trading, Stocks, EFTs Options, among other areas. The company has its headquarters in Irving, Texas. NetPicks more than 25 years of experience in personal trading and an additional 17 years of experience in trading education.

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Netpicks: Simple Trading Leads to Better Results

If you really want to succeed in business try simple trading. With simple and the right trading strategies, getting into your dreams will be as easy as a pie as long as there is proper risk management. Nowadays, there is easy access to news releases, squawk boxes, trading forums, as well as trading indicators. This has resulted in an increase of unproductive information and it’s one of the reasons why many traders overlook simple trading, which is bad.

According to NetPicks, correct trading decisions can only be made after consulting each indicator. Nowadays, new traders rarely chart and they end up making the same mistakes hence failing to succeed. It is also important to understand that gathering a great deal of information is not a guarantee for a successful trading (

Out there, there is a common saying that says doing business is simple, but it is not easy. Some traders approach the market with this information in their mind. As a trader, you should try as much as possible to come up with simple ways of trading. If your trading plan has lots of unimportant pieces of information, staying consistent can be challenging.

The way markets move

To develop a simple trading approach you’ll need to know how the market moves. The three views that describe how a market moves include trading ranges, Mean Reversion, and breakdown and momentum

 Support and resistance

Having many lines on your chart does not increase your chances of being successful. Many business people do this as they try to use horizontal lines as well as diagonal. Overusing support and resistance can have similar effects to those of many trading indicators. In this case, the simplest approach is to not over-using support and resistance.

The right trading strategy

To get the type of profit you deserve, you’ll need to simplify your trading approach. If your business is not doing well, look at the most recent runs of the trade to find out whether you applied unnecessary pieces of information from your chart. If you did, consider downsizing your approach and you’ll have better results.

About Netpicks

NetPicks was founded in the year 1996 when online trading, as well as day trading, emerged. It concentrates on helping traders adopt the right trading techniques. Its headquarters are situated in Irving, Texas. NetPicks has highly trained staff members who are always ready to help interested traders reach their trading goals.

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Netpicks is a trading company which works to ensure that investment channels mark their successful goals. It works with different organisations and companies to give them limelight in business to be on the right track. The company is specialised in many sectors such as Forex, Futures, Stocks and Options among other aspects of an investment.

For the company to reach the level of achievement, it has currently, it has taken a lot of effort. The company works with a team that is equipped to know how to tackle the needs of the clients ( They are skilled and knowledgeable since all the team members have undergone the same experiences as the clients in trade. Therefore, the company is a reliable one to depend on when it comes to assistance in trade.

To work effectively, Netpicks has outlined a series of systems which make the operations be done in smooth manners. It holds down their systems which operate on some goals which are to accommodate all traders in mind as they work with them. For this reason, it works flexibly for both full-time and part-time traders at the same time. It has worked on different trading issues regardless of the challenge which makes the company more reliable and wins more trust among different companies and organisations.

Netpicks is known to pave the way for many traders and enhance their growth. The company is a supporting pillar to many is attributed to the way they operate things. For any trader who joins the Netpicks Company, he or she gets the opportunity to be guided in all steps taken till the final result is realised. Therefore, this makes the company a suitable option for any business investor to work with.

Also, the company gives a chance for forex trading where the companies get the opportunity to trade currencies despite the location. It gives investors the charts and analysis of the way to go in trading. Therefore, the company get to know the options available on the table leaving them to choose although it keeps track, check For a record, many investors take the risk in the making of future trading.

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OSI Food Solutions Set to Become America’s Leading Meat Product Manufacturer

Barely a few years after OSI Food Solutions won the 2016 Globe Honour Award by British Safety council courtesy of the firm’s exceptional management of environmental risks, the firm is expected to become America’s leading meat products manufacturer with its meat production capacity expected to double in near future.

The world’ leading provider of custom solutions and quality products for the food industry was issued with the prestigious award after beating 18 other organizations that were also nominated for the award. While presenting the firm with the prestigious award, British Safety Council’s CEO Mike Robison congratulated the group for demonstrating excellent management of worker health and safety, and for its extemporal management of environmental issues. He further noted that the firm excellent management has been witnessed in many areas, ranging from offices to shops. Speaking on behalf of the council, the CEO said that the council sincerely congratulated the firm for winning this prestigious award, noting that the firm has successfully adopted an integrated approach towards environmental protection. To qualify for the award, an organization needs to get the maximum 5-star rating by British Safety Council’s department of environmental management Again, the organization needs to demonstrate to a panel of experts that it has excellent environmental management skills.

OSI Food Solutions is also expected to become one of America’s leading meat products manufacturing company, having recently announced their planned acquisition of the Baho Food, another privately owned meat products manufacturing company. The group’s president David D. McDonald stated that once the group finally adds Baho Food to the company, the firm will have a wide presence especially in Europe. He added that the move will not just create room for more brands and products, but it will be crucial for broadening the firm’s capabilities to meet the specific needs of its global clients. Its meat products include bacon, pizza, meat patties, poultry and pork among other meat products. Currently, OSI Food Solutions operates in the US under the name OSI Industries, LLC. Its US plants are situated in West Chicago, Illinois, Iowa, Oakland, Utah and California. Besides supplying a variety of meat products in the US and Europe, the firm has also ventured in Asia-Pacific region including China.


OSI Food Solutions is dedicated to offering quality products together with innovative solutions for the growing food industry. Having won the 2016 British Safety Council award and now in the process of increasing its meat products production, the group will definitely take its operation to a new level in the near future.


Talos Energy (TALO) and Stone Energy (SGY) Merger

Located in Houston, Texas, there is one United States company that by its own accord has ownership of 33,000 miles worth of seismological information related to the layout of oil wells below the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico. Founded in 2012, the company named Talos Energy conducts business in the Gulf of Mexico between Louisiana and Houston; The company uses this information and data to more accurately predict the best way of producing oil from the ground and drilling it out. For about 70 years, the advancements in technology have dramatically gone up, and also the methods that most drilling companies maintain their findings and drillings have as well. These brand new and clever methods have yielded results with much more successful productivity levels in the exploration and drill processes. [This is specific not only to Talos Energy, but to all drilling companies.]

Having taken advantage of the benefits related with this advancement in age and capability, Talos has year-over-year been hand-chosen as one of the best companies to work for in the city of Houston according to their largest newspaper, the Houston Chronicle. Talos Energy was founded in 2012 and has been receiving the awards ever since 2013 up until 2017 last year.

A majority of the business interactions that Talos Energy has with respect to drilling occur just off shores of New Orleans and Houston: Virtually all of the gas and oil companies are familiar with each other in the region. Talos has created relationships with companies around, such as Stone Energy, and in fact have merged with Stone in a 1.9 billion dollar acquisition and merger. Trading under the symbol SGY on the New York Stock Exchange, Stone Energy has merged into a brand new Corporation titled Talos Energy Incorporated. Talos Energy Incorporated will soon be tradable under the ticker TALO.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Talos, Timothy Duncan, this acquisition and merger will place the company in a position to sustain a higher level of exploration, Drilling, and petroleum production that has not been seen before. When the two companies merge, this unity will allow both of the companies to operate synergistically and more effectively at a higher rate of speed while also covering more ground in terms of more production and discoveries. Present-day Talos shareholders in the stock will own 67% of the newly formed company, and previous owners of the Stone Energy stock will receive 37% percent of the new stock.

Boraie development builds and rebuilds cities

Boraie Development is a real estate development division which deals with the management of property by keeping details and improving their property according to the trends together with sales and marketing. It is a well-established company as it employs;

  • Qualified architects.
  • Experienced contractors who meet deadlines.
  • Well performing financial institutions.
  • Qualified stuff who ensure that the clients are well served.

According to crunchbase, the company comes up with projects and make a follow up till their completion thereby attracting residents and financial partners who are proud to be part of a successful plan. Boraie Development features both Commercials for example hotel assets and Residential units, for instance, the student hostels.

‘Shaq towers’ a skyscraper built in Newark is the most recent project of Boraie in partnership with Shaquille O’Neal, the former NBA superstar. They held a topping-off ceremony which symbolized the completion the construction process. Sam Boraie said that the town is an example of why the private and public entities should come merge to make progress. He concluded by recognizing mayor Ras Baraka and the residents of Newark city for their effort in seeing the project through till its completion.

The tower will have a hundred and sixty-nine rental units and thirty-one stories enabling the residents to enjoy what their city has. Moreover, it would create employment opportunities for the residents.

Murphy, the governor of Newark city who was also present acknowledged that the project is not only a great achievement for the city but also an opportunity for growth for it and New Jersey in general.

O’ Neal was the last to give his remarks. He expressed his affection for the city and termed his mother as the one who gave him the zeal to improve the city. Additionally, he gave the crowd an assurance that the building will remind them of him even when he is not around. The building will be rented out at affordable prices. Furthermore, members can apply for a lease for as early as September. Boraie announced their next project in Newark which they said that the approvals were underway and are looking forward to receiving subsidies. Check out for more details.


Boraie development success is triggered by the unstoppable desire to achieve the best and perceiving every problem as an opportunity. The company invests widely in urban development, cities that have benefited from this plan include the Atlantic City and the Newark city. Boraie Development plans to continue investing in the real estate hence enabling urban development.