The Success Of Timothy Armour At Capital Group

The Capital Group is a top investment management firm that serves various funds in the United States. Timothy Armour was recently promoted by the company to be its CEO and chairperson.

The promotion has made him to also serve as the head of the Capital Research and Management Company. He will be working closely with Rob Lovelace and Phil de Toledo who are the presidents of various section of the enterprise. Timothy will also be coordinating with the committee of the company to ensure that it accomplishes its global objectives.

Mr. Armour was offered the new positions after the death of Jim Rothenberg who formerly served as chairman. He was a skilled and experienced professional who had the ability to make wise decisions that benefited the long-term goals of the clients. The demise of the administrator was a big blow to the company. Capital Group has been striving to achieve its aims by hiring talented employees and associates. The enterprise has an 84 years’ record of offering unparalleled investment solutions to consultants and stakeholders. It mobilizes its 7600 partners to ensure that it retains its reputation. The company recently collaborated with the Samsung Asset Management to establish a stable retirement and asset management plan, which will assist it in accessing the Korean market.

Timothy has spent most of his career life serving the company in different capacities. He has worked at Capital Group for the past three decades and has acquired sufficient information all its undertakings. When the firm first hired him, he was assigned to serve as investment expert at its associate program. He was in charge of overseeing Capital Group’s worldwide telecommunications and business in the United States. Mr. Armour is a graduate of the Middlebury College and holds a degree in economics. His office is based in Los Angeles.

WIT Press: The Frontier of Sustainability and Innovation

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT), has been leading a charge in the last few years through further investment in education, research and publishing. The institution boasts five internationally renowned journal titles.

A brief overview of the journals:

Sustainable Development and Planning seeks to reach achievable enviromentalist goals amid rapid urbanization and industrialization. Policy planning and implementation is sought through coordination between parties from enviromentalists through policy planners and other actors.
Design & Nature and Ecodynamics proposes ideas of interdisciplinary coordination between the arts and sciences in a bid to harmonize nature and scientific advancement thereby encouraging sustainable development.
Safety and Security Engineering provides a forum through which engineering papers that relate to security issues of any kind may be submitted. Sensitivity is given to interdisciplinary papers due to the integrated world and the subsequent integrated threats.
Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements stresses that simulations are becoming more complex and their improvement hinges on efficiency. Hence the importance of harmonizing computational methods and experimental measurements.  Based on
Energy Production and Management explores energy consumption and its global effects as the world economy grows and demand for fossil fuels through renewable energy, grows. Renewable and clean energy emphasized.

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Brazilian Banker Igor Cornelsen Offers Tips on Investing in Brazil

During the last several years, Brazil has emerged as one of the up and coming nations when it comes to economic prosperity. The nation has experienced rapid growth and is therefore one of the most desirable places to conduct business on LinkedIn. With this in mind, Brazil has become a very popular destination for investors. For many investors, Brazil offers lots of natural resources that will enable investors to make high profits from on a regular basis. Along with having an abundance of natural resources, Brazil also offers a robust agricultural sector. It is one of the largest food producers and is therefore a great nation to invest in for agriculture investors at With its large landmass, Brazil is also a nation that offers plenty of opportunities for investment in infrastructure projects. Therefore, Brazil is one of the top nations for investors who are looking to expand to other parts of the world.

While Brazil is a very attractive place for investors, there are some tips that must be followed in order to maximize success. Brazilian banker Igor Cornelsen has said that one of the things that investors must do in order to succeed is to focus on networking and building relationships with the native population. Igor Cornelsen believes that it will be important to meet new people and get to know them on a regular basis. This will enable investors to find out about new opportunities and increase their overall chances of success.

Igor Cornelsen has also said that investors who are looking to expand to Brazil will need to be very aware of its regulatory climate. According to Igor, Brazil is one of the most heavily regulated nations in the world. As a result, investors will need to be patient when looking to complete deals. As well as there being a considerable amount of regulations and bureaucracy, Brazil also has very high taxes which is something that investors need to be aware of as well.

Anyone that is looking to invest in Brazil will also benefit by knowing the foreign exchange currency policies on jusbrasil. In Brazil, exchange rates vary based on the particular type of transaction that occurs. Along with the exchange rate differences, investors must also keep in mind that they can only complete transactions at banks that are authorized to deal with foreign currency.

Sam Boraie: Performing Real Estate Development and Charity Work in New Brunswick

Sam Boraie is a notable businessman and a philanthropist who is achieving his family’s vision of redeveloping New Brunswick. He is considered one of the town heroes who saved the city from blight in the 1960s – 1970s. This was a very rough time that left burnt out buildings and fearful inhabitants who fled to the nearest suburbs.

Sam Boraie serves as the vice president of Boraie Development, LLC, a real estate company that focuses on various areas of the urban real estate market. At the family business, Sam is tasked with identifying new development projects that will benefit the metropolitan area. Under his leadership, the real estate firm has expanded their projects to Newark and Atlantic City. According to, this incorporates real estate planning and involvement in philanthropic activities that improve people’s lives and encourage economic growth.

Philanthropic Activities

1) State Theatre New Jersey

Despite being interested in the company’s activities, Sam Boraie is also devoted to assisting New Brunswick through charity work. He serves as a trustee of the State Theatre New Jersey which is a nonprofit theater situated in New Brunswick. The theater hosts movies, performances, workshops, artist residencies and other activities. Besides this, the theater is nationally recognized for providing education and outreach programs that touch the lives of almost 3,000 families, teachers, and students.

In 2014, the State Theatre Benefit Gala acknowledged four honorees, one of them being Boraie Development for their joint effort in raising more than $765,000 for the arts center. The theater’s 25th anniversary recorded the highest funds raised since its establishment 25 years ago. The proceeds from the Gala support artistic and educational programs hosted at the State Theater.

2) Elijah’s Promise

Mr. Boraie is also a member of the advisory board at Elijah’s Promise, a nonprofit organization that uses food to alleviate hunger, break the cycle of hunger and change lives in New Jersey. Sam and other members of the board are responsible for providing advice on concerns raised by the management of the organization. They also monitor business performance, offer a social networking platform for the management and the company and provide unbiased ideas and insights from a third party-point-of view.

The organization runs a community kitchen, catering business, and culinary arts school. They strive to fight hunger by providing good food, education and job training for the food sector as well as develop food businesses that help create a better world.

The volunteer-run soup kitchen works in close collaboration with the New Jersey community to organize fun events for families. For example, they host the Annual Race against Hunger & Chili Cook-Off which occurs every November of the year. After the race, attendees are served with great chili dishes from volunteers and staff.


Securus Technologies Sets the Pace

For 25 years Securus Technologies has been at the forefront of institutional communications, linking inmates and families together along with law enforcement agencies and other legal institutions.

Currently, Securus serves over 3,400 institutions and over 1.2 million inmates all over North America with sophisticated and up-to-date communications capabilities. When families and inmates can stay in touch with one another, it provides a sense of purpose that is invaluable in keeping people who are incarcerated more in the mainstream of society because of the ability to connect with the outside.

Securus offers a suburb phone system, linking with Android and Apple smartphones, tablets, PCs, and standard landlines. Several phone plans are available from direct billing plans to the families, collect call plans to families, debit plans where inmates pay the bill and prepaid calling plans.

Along with phone capabilities, there is email, jail voicemail, and chat. For people on the go, which includes families and inmates, these features are very convenient for leaving a message or idea which can be followed up with at a later time.

There is a money transfer service where funds can be transferred to inmates so they can purchase items such as toothpaste, toiletries, books and other items that make it easier for them to get by on a day to day basis.

The Securus model has always emphasized excellent communications capability because of the superior techniques, methods, and equipment that serves customers. The fact that when families can stay in touch with one another, the stress of incarceration is lessened to a significant degree over time.

When an inmate is released, he or she has a better idea of what life is like outside of prison because of the communications that have taken place over a period of years. There is no doubt that the results speak for themselves in this category.

The Future of Skincare Lightening Products

As a person of color, there weren’t too many legitimate products on the market that dealt with my skin issues as well as the skin issues of my people until now. Our skin contain high amounts of melanin. Everyone race has it, but people of color have the most, which gives us that beautiful brown hue. Unfortunately our skin have issues like other races in the form of hyperpigmentation, discoloration, stretch marks, acne marks, and dark spots.

One of the best ways for clearing up these inconsistencies is (via) Makari. Makari de Suisse is the leading skin whitening cream for clearing blemishes and lightening the skin. Makari achieves such great results from it’s use of fine natural ingredients such as citrus, licorice, mulberry root, argan oil, carrot oil, and caviar. These are some of the very best “proven ingredients” in the world.

If you want skin that is much more radiant, brighter, and smoother then try using Makari products. The products are safe to use on a daily basis and they lack any and all chemical additives, unlike it’s competitors. This luxurious brand of innovative products is changing skincare as we know and Makari has a long list of satisfied customers as proof. Visit for more information.


Winter Skin Survival Secrets With Shea Butter


The winter cold can strip our skin of its natural moisture and health. Even indoors, heat from your fire or furnace will suck the moisture from your skin. With winter conditions sapping more than 25% additional moisture than during other seasons, steps must be taken to ensure your skin stays healthy.

Originating from the karite nut trees in West Africa, shea butter is considered to be “Women’s Gold”. Shea nuts are removed from their fruit, grilled, then crushed into a paste. The paste is then boiled and the pure shea butter rises to the surface to be collected. Although the methods seem primitive, they ensure that the resulting product is free of any chemicals, preservatives, or impurities.

Not only does shea butter moisturize, it also has anti-inflammatory, UV protection, and anti-aging properties. As for winter healing, shea butter is 5 to 17 times more effective compared to other seed oils. Shea is full of vitamins A and E which keep skin healthy, clear, and combat against wrinkles. Shea also has vitamin F which protects and rejuvenates dry skin and is known to improve conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Not only does shea moisturize, but when added to soaps it helps to both cleanse and heal at the same time.

Eu’Genia Shea is a family run company. Eu’Genia means the origin of goodness in Greek. The company is dedicated to using all natural products to create the highest quality shea butter moisturizers. They practice fair wages and provide equal opportunities to all of their employees. Eu’Genia donates 15% of their profits back to an education fund for their female workers in Ghana.

Eu’Genia started as a mother-daughter duo in 2014. A sudden cancer diagnosis made the pair realize that life is short and not to be wasted. From that moment on this mother-daughter team found their mission and created Eu’Genia. Their unique shea butter formula was derived from a secret old recipe from a Ghanaian midwife. The team utilizes only sustainable sources from farms in Ghana to bring the best quality products to the US.

Brad Reifler The Financial Guru

PR Newswire got a summary from Brad Reifler about the recent film known as The Money Monster. In his review, he compared the similarities between real life investors and the film putting emphasis on how the market can be dangerous especially to the unprepared folks who don’t expect any potential pitfalls. All investor seek minimal loss strategies, but learning that comes at a price. CEO of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler, is well acquainted with the investment marketing.

Brad Reifler shared his views in a recent Reuters’s article on “tips that can put the average person well on their way to becoming a successful investor.” Below is a summary of the article:

Don’t invest all your funds in stock markets. Potential investors should consider the safety of their money as a crucial factor.

Build a relationship with your fund manager as it is paramount to know who is handling your funds.

Find out what is triggering you to invest in specific industries and your objectives. If a particular field is thriving, capitalize on it.

Mr. Reifler’s past experiences made him realize middle-class investors have limited investment options because the government doesn’t always accredit their plans. Currently, Mr. Reifler only focuses on non-accredited investors who are neglected by the investment world and considered as not being knowledgeable enough to participate.

After three decades the SEC has now realized that people are more interested in issues that concern investments and shareholders need protection from unpredictable investments like the stock market.

Mr. Reifler’s company, Forefront Capital, now takes the initiative of drowning the fears of investors who suffered the 2008 crisis by being a firm for the people. He holds strong faith in the idea of offering compound returns with numerous investment options for average investors who could witness a small business grow substantially.

Mr. Reifler’s History in Finance

Mr. Reifler holds a degree in Economics and political science from Bowdoin College. After college, he discovered the Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982 which was later acquired by Refco. Mr. Reifler found other companies like Forefront Capital and Pali Capital.

After 13 years as Pali’s CEO, he founded Forefront Capital. This company was as a result of support from bankers, business leaders, and trusted investment advisers. Forefront Capital maintains different lines of services like Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory.

The Forefront Income Trust Initiative

Mr. Reifler noted that the average investors were unwilling to invest and those who wanted to do it found restrictive measures in place. To counter this, Brad Reifer started the Forefront Income Trust initiative. The program allowed unaccredited members to invest four times in a year and this spread the risk down the year.

Even as a CEO, Reifler made it his duty to educate infant investors about investing. He noted that lack of understanding and information hindered the middle income earning people from investing and with the financial crisis in 2008 causing a wealth of worries.

A Continuous Effort in the Field

Brad Reifler’s career includes more than discovering companies. He has served on many advisory boards like the European American Investment Bank. He also served as a director for lots of successful organizations like Sino Mercury Acquisition Corporation and Wins Finance Holdings Incorporated. Mr. Reifler has been celebrated for his all his efforts.

About Brad Reifler

Mr. Reifler’s career started in the 80s when he discovered Reifler Trading. The company managed millions of dollars in discretionary accounts. After garnering knowledge, Brad Reifler switched to information dissemination, institutional research, execution services, and global derivative advisory.

With years of success as an investor and entrepreneur, Mr. Reifler has achieved what most companies in his line of trade have not made. After strategically working his way to success, he now runs Forefront Capital, a company which has helped many Americans with their investments.